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  1. 25 minutes ago, Paul J said:

    I'm just saying the images of the proposed interior and exterior roof top fittings look the same. NOT complaining.!!!  But  would like to see a civilian alternative rather than military all the time.

    Oh ok Paul that is great, just thought you may have known something different.

    I think we are all pleased with this, and I am sure that the guys at Dora will offer some alternatives, they are already looking into the various float options as we have seen.

    I made some enquiries myself to get information and drawings on this but it is not easy to get good definitive information.


  2. I take the comments by both of you above, npb748r and Sabrejet (who I admire for you knowledge and help to guys with regards to Sabre), however I do think my assessment was and is fair (the Vampire just does not have surface texture as shown) and I am entitled to my opinion. If the kit meets up well in other areas and depending on the cost I may change my mind, which is how I started my thread, I would like to see more.
    If you read carefully I said I may succumb to one, with a smiley face after, I also did state some guys would be quite happy with it as it is, added to that I do have a small model company, I am certainly not perfect in all I do but I do try, at the same time I do get critiqued on things that I do ‘wrong’ or do not meet expectations, but sometimes those need to be taken as part of learning. 
    Enjoy your modelling, and have fun doing it. I certainly look forward to seeing some Vampires getting built soon.

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  3. 5 hours ago, hopkp said:

    I completely agree. I would absolutely love a 1/32 Vampire, but for me that completely over-done surface detail would be a real deal-breaker. As you suggest, many will argue that it can be filled/sanded, but I've never had much success doing that and frankly these days I don't have either the time or the inclination to do so, especially when there are so many really good kits in the stash waiting to be built. I also can't help but think that if this kit was by - for example - Trumpeter or Hobby Boss that there would be a lot more in the way of negative comment about it - though maybe that's just me getting old and cynical!

    Agree with you removing soft over done panels is not easy, and or to match up to them as you need big blunt tools not sharp pins and scribing tools.  I am hoping the shape will be correct where far to many Trumpeter / Hobby Boss have a nice feel to them as far as details go but the shape or major errors are far to common place.

    Maybe we are all getting too old and cynical and critical, I need to tread carefully being a small manufacturer myself, but I am inclined as with most to go for kits that look and feel right from the outset.

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  4. Looking forward to seeing this kit a little more closely, the over done rivets puts me off personally. I know all the arguments that they can be sanded and or filled or many will not even care about them. I got one of the Helldiver’s because I really like the aircraft, but after looking at it for a few days I moved it on because I just thought this is going to be HARD WORK. As much as I would love a 1/32 Vampire, I have a horrible feeling this will be the same, which is great pity as the future subjects really interest me as well, but the soft details and over emphasised surface details just make me think twice…..but I may succumb :)

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  5. Thank you for the reply John, I shall be purchasing these, as I still want to create more NEW Canberra sets, well a few big plans in my head, for future Aerocraft Model releases…..I need real aircraft information and not ‘model’ related information so glad you have produced two volumes that would seem to be packed with the ‘RIGHT STUFF’.


    cheers Ali

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  6. These look amazing, what more can you tell us John. Will these be well suited to modellers, diagrams and or drawings etc? I am sure there is mine full of information within. For me up in Scotland what would you suggest, order through the pre-order link you have posted up. 

    cheers Ali

  7. On 5/14/2022 at 5:42 PM, Paul Thompson said:

    Now I'm wondering if these could be adjusted to fit the Echelon kit. One of the reasons I've parked this on the shelf of doom again is the smoked yellow actetate of the aged vac canopy. Since I'd be doing it canopy open, only the windshield would need to fit the kit.......... Bit of a gamble though.



    Hi Paul


    no they cannot be easily adjusted. However I intend to do a canopy set for the Echelon kit, so just wait a little longer.


    cheers Ali

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  8. Hi Guys

    This is a response I posted on a similar topic on LSP earlier today.

    I have seen what resin2detail is proposing and obviously he is moving a lot quicker than I, well to be honest if I had pushed on it would have been completed by now. I wish him all the best with the project the way he is tackling it, and I never want to speak against another after market retailer or model producer, as each has their own ideas and need to generate sales.

    One of the main reasons that I stalled on this project was the huge task and cost it would be. With all the things that need changing and correcting you would be buying the base kit for say at least £100.00 in the U.K. and then from that you may salvage the rear fuselage and tail, and a few other pieces!! Which makes it a very expensive way to get a rear fuselage.
    The way that it stacks up in my book is that it would be more cost effective, and a better model would result from starting from scratch with an entirely new resin cast and 3D printed kit, along with brass u/c etc.

    I have no idea of cost and or full implementation but would there be any interest in such a plan? 

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  9. Guys 


    Here is my plan for the undercarriage parts for the kits. I decided to get the best results ‘hopefully’ price, details and strength I would redraw the main parts so that I can offer a set that will have brass parts and 3D printed parts that can be used with the kit parts, and the obviously further detailed and upgraded by the modellers that choose to do that.

    The first picture shows some of the parts from my first trial print. The final brass parts will be developed from the final 3D printed parts and cast by the brass casting company, the grey parts will be supplied as 3D printed parts. Final tweaks still and details need to be made and more parts will be added to the 3D resin parts to complete the sets.

    I hope to have these available within June.

    I anticipate the price will be in the region of £25.00 to £30.00 per set, with no fixed obligation on your part an email on your interest in any of the sets would assist me greatly for planning 

    please email me at aerocraftmodels@gmail.com


    you will have 4 choices

    Tamiya standard configuration 

    Tamiya launch configuration 

    Trumpeter standard configuration 

    Trumpeter launch configuration 

    A927F56F-6A7A-4447-A954-CEE04AC521B6 D77357AC-3245-44D4-8352-8F55FFC3152A 54D7FA22-CF5D-44A0-936D-F0B90D19B327 F3C8EADC-CA1C-43E2-8CEE-2EF9B303D1D4 AC6D2CAF-F970-447D-935A-11F5ED05B0F7 B5578AB4-3657-4017-B68C-EDA50523D505 4AE1BDA9-D851-4DDD-B75E-B365DCC7AC14


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  10. 1 hour ago, Sabrejet said:

    I'd save your money: the Aerocraft exhausts look like an accurate portrayal of the three-strake exhausts. Resin2 Detail appear to have misinterpreted photos of the night-fighter exhausts and delicate though they are, they are not representative of the original.






    Oh thank you so much for posting these very clear images. I too did not have super clear images to work from but i between what I had and using the kit supplied parts as a guide I reached my conclusion. 
    thank you for the support of my product as well, always appreciated.

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