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  1. Hi Iain


    I trust all is well.

    I remember speaking to you a good while back, and I seem to remember you mentioned that you had part shares or something in a SA. Bulldog, and that you could get me lots of information, am I correct?

    In a first instance do you have any good scale plans at all? If not any and all information that you do possibly have would be most welcome.

    On the QT I have some future plans for a new range of products, but these will be more limited run and I am planning on a whole new way of doing things, and not get bogged down like I did when I had the Alley Cat range. I am now working full time in a joinery shop so all will be a part-time venture.

    Yes this will subject will be going along the lines of a full 1/32 scale kit, and also looking at a few others. If you also have or can get any good details for DH Chipmunk or similar that would be good.

    Nothing is break neck urgent, but would like to know if you were able to assist.


    cheers Ali

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