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  1. Hi there 487 Lovely work on da Mossie - TWO WEEKS??! Aye caramba - now that's what I call fast work. considering you've not built a kit for 20 years, that's a dang impressive comeback - nothing like doing it in style! It'll be interesting to see how your next one turns out. Cheers from the 'Tron Mike A (p.s. whereabouts in Aotearoa are you?)
  2. Hi Guys contemplating doing a Lysander on ASY duties during the BoB, and having no joy in finding any useful info on the 'net. So... specific q's... did they carry a life jettisonable liferaft, if so, how and where? Where they from Coastal Comand or other services? Colours schemes and markings? Standard or "special"? More importantly, anyone have any pics of them or other "hard" data as to serials, codes etc? Cheers from Aotearoa Mike
  3. Kia Ora peeps This year has been somewhat more prolific than usual, and I've had the pleasure of doing some neat kits along the way. In no particular order they are... Revell 1/48 Mossie Italeri Wessex Planet's Flying Pancake Hobby Boss Wildcat Italeri Re2000 (This was my first attempt at mottling, so I was rather pleased with the outcome) AZ Models Vanguard Revell's "old" Bf109K - built OOB just for fun and 'cause I had the decals. Airfix PR XIX Spittie And lastly, Monogram's B-24 with Aero/ErrorMaster decals, QB engines, and scratchbuilt bomb bay details.
  4. Looks flippin awesome, thanks for posting the pics. I wonder if there are any plans to release the bomber version as well? From the parts breakdown I'd say it's perfectly feasible - and I think they'd be onto a winner Mike A
  5. Kia Ora good people Well, the paint is barely dry off the last project and I'm thinking of the next one, namely the Italeri A-20G. I'm thinking of doing it in the kit markings of "La France Libre" with the invasion stripes. What I'm having trouble coming to terms with is the lack of Medium Green splotches noted on the painting instructions - my understanding is that the Medium Green was a pretty much standard affair for that period and type of aircraft - allowing, of course, that there are ALWAYS exceptions. So, I guess the upshot of my question is, should this aircraft have Med Green over
  6. Kia Ora Jocke Well, for a beginner you really have made a spectacular start! Looks very well done, and the paint scheme is very interesting. Did the deals come with the kit or are they aftermarket? BTW, what sort of biking are you into? Road or MTB? Cheers from Aotearoa Mike A
  7. Well, that is a very classy piece of work there sir! I (being something of an ignoramus when it comes to Hellcats) never knew they had cameras mounted in them, and the attention to the little details like the vanes in from of the ports makes it all the more convincing. Cheers from Aotearoa Mike A
  8. I think you caught me on one of my more savvy days! Cheers Mike
  9. Tena koe, Jonners Thanks for the compliments (reverting back to Unglish now), you're right about the armour plating - it's still in the box - there are still a few items that need to be fixed on it like missing aerials and pitots. A Macs Gold would be a far better option, but seeing as it's winter I'll wait till summer! Cheers Mike
  10. Kei te pai ahau! Chur bro', thanks for the compliments. Kinda pleased with how it came out, but still room for improvement! Chur Mike A
  11. Kia Ora peeps Attached are a couple of piccies of my latest almost-finished Bf109; this has been built just as an exercise in learning how to do mottling. Slowly getting the hang of it, but still a few things to nail down yet. It's the old Revell 1/48 G10/K4 finished with a mix of Ventura and Microscal decals, painted with Model Master acrylics for the uppers and home brewed mix of enamels for the RLM76. The reason for the home brew mis was simply that my tin of Xtracolour had dried out. To the rescue came a bottle of MM "Anthracite Gray" and Humbrol "Beige-Green" - mix togther et voila - "R
  12. Kia Ora, Welcome to the forums and back to modelling! The Libby interior is looking superb, the IP in particular looks fantastic. I'll be keeping an eye on this build, if you carry o in the same manner that you've started then it should be a stunner! I like your "new toy", I didn't know Dawes were still making bikes. It seems like a rather small size frame? I prefer mountain biking meself, but cruising on the roads can be very enjoyable. Apart from a few motorists. Some of them need a good swift kick up the bum. Cheers from Aotearoa Mike
  13. Hi Mike It's the little itty-bitty 1/72 one.... now I remember why I prefer 48th... Cheers Mike A
  14. G'day Nick Nothing major that can't be solved with patience! Mine had a large gap at the wing roots, and unless you make the base of the tail feathers concave you'll need filler there too. Instructions are a bit vague in places but just let common sense prevail! It's more just having the patience to get a nice smooth finish than it being onerously difficult. Cheers Mike
  15. Kia Ora peeps Finally, after what has seemed like an eternity, my little Vanguard is finally done and dusted. For a small kit this presented a few challenges, but nothing that a bit o' common sense and filler couldn't fix. First time NMF for me (apart from a disastrous Lightning some years back), painted using Model master buffing metallizers and Humbrol enamels. Cheers from Aotearoa Mike A
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