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  1. POW will go on Victory Jetty (where DIAMOND was today (cudos to the blokes who spent all day Tuesday getting the scaffolding off her so she looked presentable!)). The western jetties did look a bit empty but 3 Basin and Fountain Lake have a good* number of T23s and T45s. *good defined as there are a few there, if not necessarily enough in my opinion.
  2. Saw her in from Southsea Common; one of my colleagues blagged his way onto the Serco boat in your pics.
  3. I would have thought the T42 cities which have been reaffiliated with a T45 or QEC would be last on the list for T26 names, that is until I noticed DEFENDER is already affiliated with Glasgow, wonder whether she will break that link when GLASGOW is commissioned? T45 affiliations (according to Wiki) DARING - Birmingham DAUNTLESS - Newcastle DIAMOND - Coventry DRAGON - Cardiff & York DEFENDER - Exeter & Glasgow DUNCAN - Belfast & Dundee (not T42 names anyway) PRINCE OF WALES - Liverpool
  4. She's looking brilliant. Itching to do another 23 when I finish Atherstone.
  5. Looking forward to the Hurworth, I picked up one of the last batch WEM did and I'm in the process of building her as Atherstone. Any news on what updates the new kit will include? Will the etch/decals be available separately to update the old kits?
  6. Another year of disappointment for the maritime world. Guess more of my cash will be headed to the manufacturers from the far east.
  7. The white truck with a turquoise bonnet makes me think Brighton taxi, to be fair it looks in better condition than some! Brilliant work.
  8. Initially I thought the Sunderland was awesome but the more I scrolled the more and more they dragged me in. All excellent and inventive.
  9. Great looking model, hopefully we'll get to see the real thing in the UK sometime.
  10. I went down the route of carving some small rubber shims from an eraser to fill out the stand a little (white wedge below): They worked well but Trumpeter really should be able to do better given the rest of the kit.
  11. Superb model there, certainly looking grander and happier than the real thing which is looking quite sorry for herself outside my office window! I have two of these myself, one complete OOB on my desk but I must get round the "finishing" the other with added PE'zaz.
  12. Good book, not aware that volumes 2 and 3 were ever written though.
  13. Looking good, wonderful etch work but I think the black on the aft mast may extend a little far down, looks like it stops just below the larger of the two platforms: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:HMS_Illustrious_on_Exercise_Neptune_Warrior._MOD_45146078.jpg
  14. Given the number of T45's Airfix seemed to clear (if the forums are anything to go by) in the Black Friday sale I'd say you'll have more than a few orders for the updated PE! Can I be greedy and humbly suggest a hook up with Hawk Graphics to get their 1:350 Modern RN decals more readily available in the UK? They never seemed to come into stock for WEM and they seem a natural match for your range (plus my HMS Atherstone will never be done without them!!!). Good luck with expanding the business!
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