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    weston super mare
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    my interests are steam rail or road live steam models.i also love to build trucks and any thing motorsport from f1 to rally classic to modern day <br /><br /><br />

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  1. put any more paint and crap on that and you need to put another engine on it to blast it up the strip
  2. will it lift off the cutting board dave or have you stupid glue it there.
  3. how many ferraris have you made to date and how many have you left to do ? I have finnished elleven and have another fourty to do , ten of which are f one cars .
  4. a man after my own heart . ferrari.ferrari.ferrari.i too have a passion for these cars , will post some up soon, keep up the good work
  5. Yes a lovely job, i new this group build was coming ,but unfortunately i have recently moved and new kitchen etc,has put a full stop on the modelling front.gutted. I have been collecting ferrari kits for about three years or more now,cant quite remember, Think im one short of fourty cars now, not started them until last week ,when the good lady wasnt looking. jerry
  6. blimee, there really are more decal sets out there ,who makes that one rich?
  7. didnt realise there where more , yes i could keep on building esci till me hands fell off, but have thirty seven ish ferrari,s that i cant wait to get started on. so many cars, so little time
  8. More progress with the esci,mainly paint and decals I have done almost all the after market esci decs now just the belga one left waiting in the stash. hope you like them all.
  9. Yes shame it wasnt in 1,24th scale as i would have had one of them as well. Would of been hooooooooooge though.
  10. im not worried mock me all you want , i did leave myself wide open i guess. Well i wont be stuck for choice. :shithappens:
  12. there are loads out there trust me, Ive now got about thirty five of them, and ive not started any yet, so go on help me out here get me started. And no they dont all have to be red.
  13. Have had a week off work, but in the middle of house move,so still having to juggle time spots.We did however manage to go off for a few days caravaning to test out the new toy, I managed to do some of the escort too. Thats it for now,hope to get some primer on later to day.cheers for now. jerry
  14. ive had lots of stuff from you over the years and have been always satisfied with youre products , keep up the good work , jerry.
  15. gonna do this one coz my other two escorts are getting lonely gonna start work on it soon
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