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  1. The Airfix one? This Eduard one looks like she going together a treat Alistair. Simon
  2. Yep, one of those things Alistair. I think we all look at the instruction and see if the U/C can be fitted at a later date. Sometimes it can, sometimes it`s a no way baby. Still, as you said, just be careful. Simon.
  3. Nice and steady work Alistair. The U/C is a fiddly so and so, try doing it on 1/72. But it looks so good once done. Simon.
  4. Cheers Alistair, the more I get going on her the more I find out that I have to paint areas that would be hard to get later, especially behind the air intakes. Out tomorrow, but hope to get a bit more done once I get back. Simon.
  5. Thanks @PeteH1969, @Marlin. On with the show, side panels together with rear bulkhead and front U/C bay. IP fitted to the floor. Then after some choice anglo/saxon words and a bit of fettling I managed to get the front end together. The nose cone was just used for alignment. I going to let that set. Simon.
  6. A nice start Thom, a bit of reinforcement doesn`t harm, some kits are well known for flimsiness at major joins. I will tag along mate. Simon.
  7. Thank you sir, I have been looking at the Revell instructions and they as clear as mud concerning the air intakes and exhausts. But these make a lot more sense. I have downloaded them and will print the ones needed. Simon. Once again a big thank you.
  8. A nice job on those tail hinges Chris, and I agree, the tail boom walls need to be thinned a little. As above condolences to you and your family. Simon.
  9. Well Alistair, you are not hanging around. Looking good mate. Simon.
  10. Thanks lads, I am reasonably happy with her so far. Yep Giorgio, they made an error on the sheet or in the destructions with the numbering. The are also a bit thick to, especially over any raised details. I did give them the "Micro set/sol treatment. Simon.
  11. True Roger, true. Well after seeing my mum off on the train and doing some shopping I was able to set forth on the Foxbat. Paint arrived this morning so gave bits a spray , then after lunch started to play. Seat done. No seat belts sadly, they had them for sale with other P.E. for the office but you can`t see naff al once closed up. And some decals applied, which to honest were a pain. I still have to paint the throttle lever. The IP one is a horror and I would suggest cutting up into the various panels in hindsight. Also they made a boo boo with the IP that I had to sort out. A coat of satin varnish next then leave to dry overnight. Keep dry. Simon.
  12. No plastic but some supplies for the cave. The paint is for the Foxbat, the sanding sponge is a try out. Simon.
  13. Those tail fins turned out OK in the end Alistair. Nice work and perseverance. Simon.
  14. A very nice build Alistair, memories flooding back Well done sir. Simon.
  15. Oh yes Alistair, the Wildcat or Martlet as the RN called it. I did the Airfix 1/72 version a few years ago and it was a lovely kit. This should be a cracker mate. Simon.
  16. Said the actress to the Bishop... Cheers Roger, but slow today. Thanks @cobraleader Not much to post today just priming and cleaning. Simon. Paint arrives tomorrow.
  17. Not much more today Alistair. Wings together apart from pylons underneath to fit tomorrow. Drop tank is slightly big. So are the main wheels. I have finished for the day. Simon.
  18. Who doesn`t like pussy CC. I also did her in 1/48 years ago. Simon.
  19. Luckily I have a spare pot of the main body colour LOL. Simon.
  20. Well after a priming session I was able to paint up a few bits. Dark Iron on the pipes and burners. Silver on the burners and compressor blades. Put together. And fitted into parts of the tail pipes. Green nipples on the front compressors. And fitted. Coffee break. Simon.
  21. I think that I will have painting her LOL I am going to need a bigger spray booth. Simon.
  22. Thank you lads, it boosted my confidence a lot. So true about the P.E. and glue George but I succeeded this time LOL Simon.
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