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  1. Not bad so far Giorgio, typical of Eduard I suppose. The locating pins are quite small though so care needed. Simon.
  2. Thank you @elger, @Biggles87, @giemme and @Hamden. Not much done as such but progress needless to say. Main U/C . 7 pieces. To make this. And the other one. Tail wheel bay added to both sides. Plus a cover added up front too. Time is getting on now, so will leave until I get some time to myself. Stay safe. Simon.
  3. Final posting for tonight. Added some bits to the inside of the fuselage, (Typical me, glue print already) Quickly sanded. Then started to add bits to the cockpit walls, fun Not when you had to remove the details for the P.E. So I traced around the panel and then cut and trimmed a bit of stock card. Still a lot to do on this cockpit wall, and the other one but both can wait until another day. Stay safe. Simon.
  4. That is what I am going to use Steve. I like the idea of the ink on the P.C.M.`s Simon.
  5. You are more than welcome Roger, there`s plenty of room, and tea/coffee, maybe some sandwiches too. Simon.
  6. OK folks, about the title, the first Mustangs were powered by Allision engines which poked out about 1100 H.P., which was passable but lacked badly at higher altitudes. Then they fitted a Packard built Merlin and the rest is history they say. A quick glance at the major parts shows some very subtle engravings and rivets. A nice touch by Eduard , the gun bays have been marked out ready for the addition of A/M ... First job up was to create enough space to fit the seat belts after painting, so out with my trusty 1 mm chisel and this. The seat glued together, 6 parts in total. Going to let that set overnight before priming. Stay safe. Simon.
  7. Thanks Jont, she has been a nice warm up. Thanks @giemme, @ModelingEdmontonian, @Hamden and @AliGauld. Afternoon peeps, and the final instalment. Matt varnish on. Canopy painted and mast added. I am calling this one done now. I decided not to post in RFI as it`s not good enough. But the practise it has given me is invaluable to say the least. A rare view. Cleared and nearly read for the next build, the Mustang... Everybody stay safe. Simon.
  8. You are both very welcome sirs. It does help and save time. Stay safe. Simon.
  9. Thanks @pabbi, @ModelingEdmontonian, @giemme and @Hamden. Right, U/C on and wheels fitted. Prop fitted now. That just leaves pitot and mast to fit after matt varnish, which will be tomorrow now. Also I have the canopy to hand paint. Stay safe. Simon.
  10. Great to see it in its final resting place Fozzy. It looks splendid sitting in its case. Simon.
  11. I take it that the Maintenance Crew are at the NAFFI then Roger. Nice work there sir. I didn`t realise that the turret was so big, externally that is. I have been told that they are quite cramped inside. Simon.
  12. Thank you Giorgio, at least there were not many of them, though they did need hot water to work, typical of Airfix at that time. Thanks @ModelingEdmontonian, @john-w, And @Hamden. OK folks, nearly there. Goss sealing coat on. Then the Black Wash. Underside. I just wanted to keep it subtle. Allow to dry before sealing and finishing. Stay safe. Simon.
  13. Welcome John, there is light refreshments in the kitchen good sir. Simon.
  14. OK, after a severe lack of mojo due to the Lanc I was building (which is now in a hangar for now) doing my swede in with the loss of computer over December/January which meant following BM was painfully slow due to my phone. But once I had a new computer up and running I was able to follow threads at ease, one of which was Giorgio`s @giemme excellent P51 D. That got my mojo back. It just so happens that I had this beauty in the stash. It was the last kit I purchased from Paul at The Waterlooville Model Centre before he closed. Anyhow the plastic, 6 dark grey runners. And 1 in clear. Being the Profi Pack it had a small fret of P.E. and a shell of P.C.M.`s . Decals for 6 different aircraft. With lots of stencils...Deep Joy, , Maybe. Nice glossy instruction booklet. But I wish that they had made the colour call out notation in a bigger and bolder font though. I am doing this version, as it`s the easiest , less decals and tricky painting. And an idiot sheet to help my feeble memory. I still got work to do on the Hurricane first but it has saved a bit of time later. Stay safe and sane. Simon.
  15. Tony, I have just caught up with this thread again and have to say great save and recovery on the paint job sir. I have had no real problems with Alcad 2 Primers, although I found that the White version was the weaker of the three. I also noticed that the Grey Version is a lighter Grey... I had no problems with it so far. Stay safe. Simon.
  16. Hi Alistair, I have just read this thread and have to say that she is a beauty mate. I like the mottle paint job, one of the things I have to try out (I have a couple of FW 109`s lying around some where.). Stay safe. Simon.
  17. Could be Giorgio, could be... Thanks @AliGauld, @ModelingEdmontonian, @Hamden, @john-w, . Right, I didn`t get to put the decals on last night but this morning instead. Into the airing cupboard now to dry off quicker. (the model that is). Stay safe. Simon.
  18. Sod`s law there Johnny. Thanks all for the likes and comments. Nav lights painted last night and touch ups Fnar. Gloss varnish just now. Allow to dry this afternoon, I have a friend visiting but may get the decals on tonight. Not many of them either. Stay safe. Simon.
  19. Very nice build Johnny , I just found this thread and caught up on her. Keep up the good work mate. Simon.
  20. Nice work Roger, I am not a trackkie person myself (but looking back on it I should of instead of aircraft.(Easier to display LOL)) I will tag along for this one., if I may. Simon.
  21. Looks absolutely wonderful John. A welcome addition to any shelf. Simon.
  22. OK start the music. Masking off. Underside. Some bleed through though. Will touch up later. Stay safe. Simon.
  23. Yes lads, Thanks @Hamden and @ModelingEdmontonian. Well, did not chance to spray yesterday due to the normal reasons , life. But got chance to mask. Then some Dark Green (RAF) XF 81 laid down, with a touch coat soon after. Allow to dry for a while before stripping!!!! the masking off LOL. Coffee and biccies time. Stay safe. Simon.
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