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  1. Thanks lads, the comments are most welcome. Thanks @TheBaron AND @elger. Off to work we go, rubber black loaded and used, Cockpit floor. Tyres. Then masking.. Before letting loose with some home made interior green XF 77 + XF3. The seat. And finally the U/C roof bit, it becomes part of the cockpit floor. Let that lot dry before figuring out what next to do. Until then, another blast from the past. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JvHroG3u5E Stay safe. Simon.
  2. The health bit is just one of those things Tony, I had suffered from it since 96 so have got use to it. The kit is slowly getting there, I think. They come nicely moulded Giorgio. Thanks @Hamden Time for that infamous "Scotch Paint" the Black Wash.... Rad. And rad roof. Cockpit walls. And tail wheel bay. I then dotted some liquid mask Mr Neo on the seat. And cockpit floor/ front. Hopefully a bit more could be done tomorrow. Stay safe. Simon.
  3. Thanks lads, hopefully I will be able to replace it, also the tail wheel leg has disappeared to.... Thanks @Hamden. Had time this lunchtime t spray some gloss varnish around (W&N ) Cockpit walls. Seat and radiator. Radiator roof? Then added some clear red/orange/yellow and thinned a bit more for the cockpit floor staining. Said mix. I also fixed some parts to the inside of the lower wing. But numbnutz her got the colours the wrong way around. That`s all for now. Stay safe. Simon.
  4. Everyone has their own way of doing things and getting the results they want. You have got that sorted Giorgio. Nice work BTW. Stay safe. Simon.
  5. Looking good Alistair, in fact very nice. And that fit is great, other companies take note. Stay safe. Simon.
  6. Looking smart Alistair. I have got to finish off the cockpit floor on my build.... Stay safe. Simon.
  7. One day in artillery instruction, a colonel came to inspect our class. First up was Private O'Hara. The colonel got in his face and asked him what reading he had on his 105-mm howitzer. "Two-nine-oh-seven, sir," was the reply. "Soldier," said the colonel, "don't you know you never say 'oh' in the artillery? You say 'zero.' What's your name, soldier?" "Zero Hara, sir," answered the private. Simon.
  8. Looking great Alistair, nice wear work showing. Office looking fine. Keep steady mate. Stay safe. Simon.
  9. Nor have I sir, just about brushable, with care. Keep going Ced, you know you can beat them. Simon.
  10. Nor mine Alistair, But it came with PCM`s so I used the spare ones to do the inside of the canopy as well. Thanks @elger and @giemme. Hairy stick out and Clears added. And while waiting for those to dry I spotted that I had lost a bit out of the U/C bay. Yep, inner left. But as I had not glued them in place was able to remove its mirror image. So at least I have a template to work to. Silver out next for I.D. lights and cockpit lights too The roughness won`t show on the I.D. lights as its the reverse side. Stay safe. Simon.
  11. Thanks @giemme, @AliGauld and @elger. Masking mojo today. I decided to mask in and out. Did the outside of the windscreen then used the remaining mask as a template. You get the picture. Then the good lady wife brought me light refreshments. Once refreshed I finished off the masking. Windscreen. And canopy. Another break then on with a bit more I hope. A little audio entertainment while I sort out what next. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9uvpr_gm64 Stay safe. Simon.
  12. Wing it !!! that`s the way to go, it`s your build Alistair. A nice nod to Floyd sir, one of my fav bands. Enjoy the build mate, it will be fun. Stay safe. Simon.
  13. Cheers lads, just a pita for now. Thanks @elger and @Hamden. Little bit more done today. Cockpit walls finished and fixed to fuselage halves. Hairy stick out. Silver on the "Gas" bottle. Tan on theses "Cables" Olive drab on the oxygen pipe. And matt black on these little bits for the "Parcel Shelf" I may be able to get some more done tomorrow, who knows? Stay safe. Simon.
  14. Anyone want to guess the date of publication? Late 50`s very early 60`s? Simon.
  15. Ditto above Ced, the joys of a double build.... Keep going mate doing well. Stay safe. Simon.
  16. They look wonderful Alistair, done yourself proud mate. Great to see them together too. Simon.
  17. New reference book. Should please the rivet counters. LOL Simon.
  18. The same as @bigbadbadge above, she will look great paired up with the V1 Next one? What? Stay safe. Simon.
  19. Finishing straight ahead Alistair. Looking just fine from here sir. The V1 looks smart too I should add. Stay safe. Simon.
  20. Thanks @giemme, @The Spadgent, @AliGauld, @Hamden and @elger. Sorry for not posting recently on the build but "Mother Nature" crept in ending up with 4 days in the local hospital (my AF went berserk) . Now back at home catching up on various threads while waiting for a date for a DCC (Bump Start) Anyhow some P.E. done this evening. Some handles bent while still attached to the frame ten glued together. Another piece added to the left hand side of the centre console. The handles? One fitted the other one I gave up on for now, and will make one tomorrow hopefully. And a couple on the back box? I will see what I can do this weekend. Stay safe. Simon.
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