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  1. A lovely job done there Ray. I found the kit to be precise fitting . And unlike me you got the cannon cover on the right way.
  2. Stunning build , lovely paint job, I just noticed your avatar " Salty Dog " by any chance?
  3. Nice build sir, it has been a long time since I have seen a Wimpy . Great photo`s as well, very realistic indeed.
  4. I have got Sir Alex Ferguson for hot air heat and JD for comfort!!! I just looked online at the big H, and will order up some A/M decals . 1, it will probably be safer. 2. it will be different markings. Cheers for the heads up though DR gn
  5. On a similar thread, did the Mustangs keep the yellow leading edge markings ?
  6. Sad day . Portsmouth branch closed today, remaining stock to be passed on to the few stores left. Cheers lads and lasses, I ope all go well for you in the future.
  7. Great build there Stuart , hope you win the prize. You said there were no real issues with kit, thats good as well. I got the kit last weekend and I am now looking forward to building soon.
  8. Still looking good though. I have got that beast to build,as and when I have the confidence too!! Will look out for updates.
  9. Damn stuff, it`s ok for 2 days the you have to be careful, I have found it to get stuck in any gaps which is fine to stop spray getting inside but a right pig to get off again. And it does your brushes no good, I use cheap poundland ones now for it.
  10. To all of you that replied a big thank you. After checking the other parts sprayed, it seems that I was to far away, oh well more remedial work coming up. I have got some micro mesh pads as well so may try that first. Again thank you. Simon
  11. It was primed with Tamiya and I shook that can for 2 mins. As Helo man pointed out I probably held the can to far away.
  12. Can anybody help me, I have sprayed my Mustang III in Humbrol Metalcote and the finish is rough as sandpaper. Have pics below to show.
  13. COOOOOOL!!! A lovely finish, nice base to. You said you had probs with the decals, bugger, I am building the same kit at the mo. But notice when I went to put the the instrument panel decal on but it was thick. So I left it off and hand painted mine. I just hope mine comes out 1/110th as good as your`s.
  14. Some people have said using a retardent helps the matter,cannot remember at the mo what it is called but someone will tell you. I have been using an airbrush now so it`s not so bad. Good luck Jaffa , I am looking forward to the finished build.
  15. Very nice indeed. as above great photo`s as well. I like thw weathering,no to over done, and the figures are well done as well.
  16. The only problem I have had with brushing Tamiya paints is that it drys so quickly but saying that I have just got back into the hobby so am still learning, Will follow the build as I have to Lancs in the stash.
  17. Looking nice Tom, Cannot wait to see in the Ready For Inspection posts.
  18. Damn fine work so far, I will keep a look out for the further pics.
  19. Cool, I have a soft spot for the Phantom and have a couple in my stash to build at some stage. Great pics by the way.
  20. Just be careful that the battery does not catch fire? Nice job though.
  21. Thanks Giorgio, like khaki? or similar?
  22. A silly question but what colour are the seat belts , I am starting to build the Academy 1/72 F 84 / E and as there no seat belts I was going to add some , made out of masking tape. Ta very Simon
  23. Not bad for your first posting, nice and clean. Something for the little man to look up to as well.
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