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  1. Some people have said using a retardent helps the matter,cannot remember at the mo what it is called but someone will tell you. I have been using an airbrush now so it`s not so bad. Good luck Jaffa , I am looking forward to the finished build.
  2. Very nice indeed. as above great photo`s as well. I like thw weathering,no to over done, and the figures are well done as well.
  3. The only problem I have had with brushing Tamiya paints is that it drys so quickly but saying that I have just got back into the hobby so am still learning, Will follow the build as I have to Lancs in the stash.
  4. Looking nice Tom, Cannot wait to see in the Ready For Inspection posts.
  5. Damn fine work so far, I will keep a look out for the further pics.
  6. Cool, I have a soft spot for the Phantom and have a couple in my stash to build at some stage. Great pics by the way.
  7. Just be careful that the battery does not catch fire? Nice job though.
  8. Khaki Drab? Tamiya XF 51?
  9. Thanks Giorgio, like khaki? or similar?
  10. A silly question but what colour are the seat belts , I am starting to build the Academy 1/72 F 84 / E and as there no seat belts I was going to add some , made out of masking tape. Ta very Simon
  11. Not bad for your first posting, nice and clean. Something for the little man to look up to as well.
  12. Very nicely done, it captures a scene played out many times in North Africa.
  13. Its a shame that it had to happen, it was one of the reasons that I got back into this hobby. As for the staff I would just like to say that I hope that they all find employment in this tight times. I know that my local store all but one have. But the closing of MZ will not deter me from continueing this hobby, there are other shops around and with the web as well I think our hobby will be safe.
  14. You lucky man. I saw that kit many years ago and thought Yes Please but my parents said No !! I will follow closely.
  15. Totally incredible , top marks sir. You must of had the patience of a saint.
  16. Cheers Chris, I will remember this for the next time. I think that I shall have to do a bit more research in the future.
  17. Go for it !!! From what I have seen it will be a beaut!! I will follow with interest.
  18. A nice build, it proves that one does not have to spend lots of money to produce a fine build.
  19. Cheers Joachim, I will pay more attention to the research side. Your advice is well taken.
  20. Cheers good people, your advice has been taken on board.
  21. Thanks to all for the comments, I have taken on board what has been posted and yes I did have a problem with the varnish ho hum. And next time I will get the gun covers the right way around as well.
  22. Cheers Joachim, the camo was my first go at free hand spraying. And the weathering is a bit heavy in places I will admit but I have taken on board and will learn.
  23. Well here it goes, my first posting. One Airfix Typhoon built oob, painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathering powders. I know it has got its faults but I am willing to learn.
  24. Great , just what the Dr. ordered. It is a pity that their ground figures are in that horrid polythene type plastic.
  25. I am thinking aboutusing Humbrol Metalcote to spray a F84 with. But I am not sure when it comes to putting the decals on wether I should apply gloss varnish first. Also how should one seal the completed job. I have not got any Klear/Future!! Any suggestions please. From a newbie trying out different finishes.
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