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  1. Hi Alan, According to the destructions the turrets are fitted after the two halves of the fuselage are glued together. As for the guns themselves , they are moulded into the "Holding" part that attaches to the turret bottom. I will post a pic later. Simon.
  2. She is coming together very nicely Alistair. Really colourful office. Simon.
  3. All looks well from here Alistair. Keep up the nice work. Simon. All looks well from here Alistair. Keep up the nice work. Simon.
  4. My word Tony, you have/are creating a piece of art worthy of the Tate. Remarkable what can be done with a little bit of know how and one hell of a lot of skill. Simon
  5. She is looking good John, keep up the great work. Simon.
  6. Happy Birthday Roy. Simon
  7. We had Garlic and cheese flatbread with our`s. Thanks @cobraleader, @amos brierley, @elger, @Hamden, @CH-53D, and @dogsbody. After having a battle with the side windows I managed to get around to gluing on the appenges . Just leaves me to block any holes up Fnar and give her a coat of primer. Simon.
  8. I would post the track but forum mods would of had kittens. Simon.
  9. Coming together very nicely Roger. It won`t be long til she is fully together ready for some dirt? Simon.
  10. Coming along nicely Alistair. I see that you will painting balls again? Simon.
  11. A bit slower at the moment Alistair but getting closer each day. Thanks @Hamden, @dogsbody, @elger, @amos brierley and @Stew Dapple. Bomb aimers window fitted. Seam filled and sanded. Window added. Engines together ready for mounting (Fnar). Firewalls added, but I cannot see why they detailed them, nowt can be seen once the nacelles are fitted. Tail wheel done. Time for tea, Lasagne... Simon.
  12. The office is looking sweet Alistair. The Russians surprize me with their Turquoise/Cyan colour cockpits. Simon.
  13. Is it true that Scotland has had it`s share of sunshine. All looking good from here. Simon.
  14. Nice going John, the Tamiya kit is not that bad if I remember having built it quite a few years ago. As for the airbrush woes if you have checked the airbrush it might be worth checking the compressor and air flow from there. Simon
  15. Cheers Alistair, she is getting there. Thanks @Hamden, @dogsbody, @elger, @cobraleader and @Stew Dapple. After re-gluing some sections of the underside it was time to apply filler. Topside done and cockpit canopy in place. Side windows and bomb aimer position masked. Undercarriage painted. One of the "Upper legs was sort moulded but no problems there. And tailwheel painted. Just need to touch up the tyre. Simon.
  16. I think I will watch from the wing on this one Alistair. Simon.
  17. Very nice Alistair, wonderful finish. As for "Correct" colours, they sometimes just painted them with what ever they had around. Simon.
  18. I had similar with Mr Colour Thom. Mixed it with IPA and it turned to sludge. Mixed it with Cellulose Thinners and went down a treat. Simon.
  19. Cheers Alistair you won`t have to wait any longer. Thanks @Chuck1945, @dogsbody, @CH-53D, @Hamden, @elger, @Stew Dapple and @cobraleader. Well folks she is together, fuselage that is. A few seams to see too, but that is what I expected. The only thing I did not put in was the Nav`s seat, warped to heck. I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine folks. Simon.
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