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  1. Thanks Giorgio, it was fun trying to remember how to spray LOL. Nowt done today but I did manage to get a couple of bits done last night. Wings together, including the front wheel bay bulkhead, that was a little reticent at first. And also the I.P. had it`s decal added. She is coming along just nicely, at the moment. Stay safe. Simon
  2. I wondered where you had gone, I thought you had gone skiing. Simon
  3. It was usually the blackboard rubber being thrown at me!!!! Nice work on the canopy Tony. Stay safe. Simon
  4. Very observant Chris. Here`s the plans. Good old Airfix. Simon.
  5. A look around the "Walkaround" section shows dark green. I know that they are usually Grey/green but I am following the instructions on this one as I stated earlier in the build, just for peace of mind. Stay safe. Simon.
  6. Welcome down south Alistair. Well , a bit more done this afternoon. Control column first. I.P. next, ready for decal, maybe tonight? Cockpit internals (for what you will see once buttoned up and pilot fitted. A bit of silver around the U/C legs. Leave to dry, and coffee time. Simon.
  7. Welcome sir, kettle is on. I am glad that I am not the only one to build at glacial speed. Wow, I got some stuff today. Out with the RAF Dark Green and away I went. Sky next. Let that dry for a while and see if I can get some hairy stick work done, Stay safe. Simon.
  8. Welcome good fellows. OK , me and my big mouth. Here it is Saturday and nowt really done... Life sucks at times. Anyhow I did manage to sort things out for spraying. And. Spray booth cleared of rubbish etc. I have also come to a decision, no more promises of next day posts. Anyhow, have a great weekend. Simon.
  9. Stencils can be a pain at times but add to the build. Looking lovely mate. Simon.
  10. All nice and tidy too!!!! You cannot beat a bit of brass rod for reinforcement. Simon
  11. Spookytooth

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Sadly, yet another one passes, a sure that we are getting older when the bands/artists we used to watch as teenagers start ending up in the obituary columns. I remember buying Bat out of Hell when it came out, an amazing album, so different to the other music around. RIP sir. Simon.
  12. They never give an inch mate. Good old NATO Black, where would we be without that colour. Looking OK from here Alistair. Simon.
  13. TBH, we all see the prices of everyday stuff going up while our income remains rather static, so therefore one has to cut one`s cloth to one`s budget. We should feel fortunate enough that this hobby is one of the most cost effective ways of amusing oneself in comparison with other things in life. I am fortunate to have a reasonable stash to go to, but again I purchased kits when they were a good price (mainly deals at Modelzone) when they were going. Modelling is about have fun and enjoying yourself and not bleating on about the price of the latest offerings. Simon.
  14. Pull up a seat dear chaps, you are welcome. I have done Giorgio, and the best regards to your family as well. This could be a slow build, but I have decided to follow the colour call outs in the instructions just for my sanity. I will hopefully post some work tomorrow. Stay safe. Simon.
  15. Hi Alistair, I have caught this build towards the tail end, and have to admit that she is looking good. Two light coats are better than one I find, which ever medium you use. Looking forward to seeing her finished. Simon.
  16. OK folks, first of all I am sorry for my absence from this forum for a while. Major MOJO failure, along with life etc kept me away from the bench. So, to get myself going again I have decided to take on the Hurricane that my good wife started but she lost interest in the hobby (Building the kits), although she supports me fully. This is where she left it. A quick look shows that all is there and heading in the right direction. Off for a smoke and cuppa. Stay safe. Simon.
  17. I remember doing the monitors for them, they were loud on stage, his bass amp speaker cloth was flapping around like a pair of drawers in the wind. Simon
  18. So very true sir. Simon.
  19. All gone now Rick sadly LOL At least we have memories of those days. Simon.
  20. Sad news, Burke Shelley passed away yesterday in hospital. The bass player and vocalist in Budgie one of the defining rock bands of the 70`s stopped touring in 2010 when he had to have a life saving operation. They never played live again sadly although I did the monitors for them a couple of times before then, and they were LOUD. RIP Burke. Simon.
  21. Cheers Tony, so far so good with this computer. Just the fine tuning of her. I agree about the wing fixings, better made from brass for strength. Stay safe. Simon.
  22. Wow, mega catch up Tony, I have been off line for a month with a dead computer and now playing the proverbial catch up on the builds I was following. Those engines look so sweet sir. Stay safe. Simon.
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