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  1. Finally did it. Based on an Airfix Mustang IV and Xtradecals. I looked at the 3 Squadron RAAF web site as they have some good images of the firewall cams scheme. However, KH695 seemed to have a reverse firewall. In addition, 3 Squadron felt that all the Mustang IVs would have been painted in the US and used as is over here so instead of the RAF colours, I used the following: XA1112 - ANA613 Olive Drab XA1130 - Gunship Grey FS16118 - nearest to ANA603 Sea Grey XA1137 - Light Gull Grey FS16440 - nearest to ANA602 Light Grey lower surfaces.
  2. H everyone. I am trying to build a little representation of the Banff Strike wing. I am OK with Mosquitos and Beaufighters but am struggling to find anything about the markings and camo of the Mustang III. I think that they were from 65 sqd. flying out of Peterhead but could do with some more info - especially pointers to decals in 1:72. Thanks David
  3. Back in the 1960s my friend Roger scratchbuilt an SAS jeep and the two crew I can't even remember what chassis it was. Anyway, excuse the scratchy image as the photo is so old. All credit to Roger Whittle.
  4. Sorry. Messed about with the settings and got it wrong. It should work now http://www.gsmblog.co.uk David
  5. This took me over a year from start to finish. Glad it is over. For the full story, check out my blog.
  6. Where did you get the plaque made? I need one for a 1/10th bust I have painted. David
  7. Oh, do I remember those wipers! That seems more like I remember. Maybe I need to swap the seat for the standard one and build the sides up. Thanks for your help and your interest. Where were you when Akela had that car? I was in the 31st Streatham Air Scouts.
  8. Not sure. I am talking Cooper Car Company, Crystal Palace here c 1961/62. My scout leader had a hotted up Ford Escort - Not the Mk 1 type but the earlierfifties version, like this: His has uprated suspension, a supercharger and four point static seat belts. Wouldn't the Cooper Car Company use something like that in the early days rather than a three point diagonal one?
  9. So how would the diagonal strap run over the top of the racing seat. There doesn't seem to be anything there to hold it in place so would it just dropdown the side of the seat as the early ones in my Mk1 Escort did?
  10. Thanks. I remember watching the two of them, John Rhodes and John Love at Crystal Palace when I was a lad. best racingI have ever seen, except when Jimmy and Graham got behind the wheel of Lotus Cortinas!
  11. I am making this kit but can't find any information regarding seat belt layout or colour. Does anyone have any ideas please?
  12. Jon at Sphere is a member of my local club. I have a few of his products. My desk workstation was made by him to my specs so he is very flexible. I can heartily recommend him. David
  13. Having owned a model shop I know that there are some topics that only the enthusiasts like. My daughter works at Hobbycraft and has a completely different view from me as to what sells. My guess is that some kits will sell forever whilst others, like the Javelin, are specialist interest and anyone who wanted one already has one.
  14. I have this to go with my Chris Amon/Bruce McLaren version. I have the Denny Hulme Ken Miles in the box ready to go. I will put them all up in their famous finishing pose when all is done. In the meantime, here is the Gurney/Grant one finished. I
  15. Just bought the Tamiya Alfa 155 V6Ti Jaegermeister kit. What do you reckon that this description of the kit means? (Grin)."DTM dedicated reproduction machine realistically Motor sports and involvement each other is deep German brewer, made ??Jaegermeister is the main sponsor, it is the machine which entered from shoe Bell Engineering of Germany to DTM (German Touring Car Championship). Hand is added greatly to racing from the body to the mechanism, the 2.5-liter V-6 engine that exerts 420 horsepower is mounted on the front, it also features was employed full-time 4WD in order to bring out the traction. And M. Bartels drive, which is also piloting experience of F1 machine, the final race of the 1994 season, at the Hockenheimring with the seventh place in the first race, a further 3-position by suppressing the Alfa Romeo 155V6TI force of the works team in the second race plays a prize, it was a lot of attention."
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