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  1. fallmonk

    Glasgow 2021

    It is with deep regret that we have to announce that the Glasgow ipms show this year isn't going to go ahead. Unfortunately we have made this decision after discussions with other clubs and traders. We hope(once again) to see you all again next year.
  2. It is with deep regret that the organising team have taken the decision to cancel The Scottish National Scale Model Show 2021. This was a very difficult decision to make on a number of levels but considering the escalation of the current situation due to Covid 19 we believe that this was the correct decision to make for everyone's well being, health and safety. We feel that even if ScotGov were to have a change of heart re large gatherings too few of the likely attendees will have been vaccinated in time for our usual April show to ensure that we can hold it safely and to make the event
  3. Its is with deep regret we have to announce the cancellation of this years Glasgow ipms show 2020. Giving the world situation and the age group of most our members and fellow modelers we feel it's the safest for all involved. We hope you and your family are safe and well and look forward to seeing you back next year. Previous competition winners will be contacted in due time with regard returning winning trophies. Many thanks from all involved in the Glasgow show.
  4. fallmonk

    Perth show.

    ********Scottish Nationals ********** 'It is with great regret that we have to announce that the 2020 Scottish National Scale Model Show is now cancelled. The latest Scottish Government restrictions on social gatherings clearly make it impossible for large public gatherings to go ahead. A number of other model shows may also have to be cancelled and we will try and keep all modellers advised of any further cancellations. We look forward to welcoming you all in 2021 .
  5. fallmonk

    Perth show.

    ******** update ******* Despite the First Minister's announcement yesterday about public gatherings of more than 500 people in Scotland should not go ahead from Monday, the organising team continues to plan for the Scottish Nationals to go ahead at the end of April. Our venue, the Dewar's Centre advise that the current interpretation of events that will be affected by the announcement are those that will have a resource impact on emergency services such as the ambulance service or police. The Scottish Nationals does not have any such impact and they are therefore still happy
  6. fallmonk

    Perth show.

    Scot nats 2020 https://imgur.com/gallery/808If30
  7. fallmonk

    Perth show.

    Scottish nats 2020 pt2 https://imgur.com/gallery/dwsFLGt
  8. fallmonk

    Perth show.

    £10 gets you entry for both days.
  9. fallmonk

    Perth show.

    With regards to this years show, due to circumstances beyond our control. The Scottish nationals have been forced to increase prices going forward. Prices now are £10 for adults, £5 concessions, (still very good value for money am sure you will agree) BUT this gets you entry valid for both days.The Show organising team regrets the necessity of increasing entry prices but are now having to pay 58% more for the hire of the venue ,as you can understand this price increase is untenable at current prices. We hope to see you all there many thanks all from the organisers of the Scottish n
  10. I never tend to haggle with traders, as knowing some of the prices they get charged is scary. I actually dont think there is many bargains there but what there is , is CHOICE chances are if looking for a kit or a modification to a kit etc it will be there! Had a great show (with ipms Glasgow) very tired by Sunday , Only down side for us was Sunday morning, the rear carpark for traders and exhibitors was full????? Cant understand this as you need passes to get in (2 per club) so no way should it be full especially at 08.45 on a Sunday, Sent around to the front and ch
  11. My 1st time at Telford that was the advice I was given, by club members, kits can just disappear and especially if its not a newer kit.
  12. Thanks for the compliments, tables was delivered Friday afternoon and some of the guys actually went in on Friday night to start set up, and break the back of it. As a result wee had it all done for 8:30am (a minor miracle for us) Lets traders and clubs just have that little more time to get organized on there own tables, and dare in say it look for early morning bargins of traders lol. Was a good show, foot traffic was up ,and what was also good to see was a lot more children and female punters. It was a long day but worth it, home for a few drinks and a early night ,ro
  13. A BIG thank you to all who attended, either as a club or as a paying punter. On the whole it went of without any major dramas , competition went well and no one complained (publicly)so thats always a bonus. Judges had a near impossible time as the standard (as always) was so high, hopefully we called it right. One thing we did get positive feedback was about splitting the junior category. Hope everyone had a great time look forward to seeing you back next year.
  14. Think its a double edged sword duncan, Glasgow has always kinda resisted them as the shows are nothing with out the traders, and Bruce ans Geoff always try to keep the mix right so any trader travelling hopefully will have a good profitable day(and come back) . That said unfortunately we have had a few members die and leave large stashes! The kits that normally end up in swaps aren't what most traders have as stock. So hopefully we dont step on each others toes.
  15. There is a kit swap, i belive its £1 entry for 10 kits (might more kits) plus 10% of all sales go to the club organisation. Its a great way of getting rid kits you will never build AND picking up ones that you dont see in the shops/with traders .
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