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  1. Lovely looking model and a lovely finish. Just one small observation Gilles Villeneuve famously drove with the number 27 (his fatal accident was in a C2). The number 28 was driven initially by Didier Pironi (and later by Mario Andretti). So you might need to change either the driver name on the side of the cockpit or the number. There’s quite a bit of dramatic and ultimately tragic Motor Racing history behind those decals. Regards Mike
  2. I do apologise for the rather intermittent comm’s life is as ever rather hectic! I WILL dig out the photos and draw a diagram or two.... Regards Mike
  3. I’m still about! No, whilst I knew her she had no anchors. Regards Mike
  4. Utmost apologies for the delay Courageous, I have been working abroad over the last few weeks and of course it would have to be highly related to the maritime world! I have sorted out a few photos that show some details and give some indication of the high level of polish and elbow grease that was applied to the SA certainly up to mid eighties. These are just the ones that I had to hand, I need to get up into my loft to search through the loose photo’s up there. i will provide a diagram of the bridge layout. The picture of my Dad in the wheelhouse shows
  5. Thank you for the welcome, I’ve actually been on the site for a few years lurking and modelling vicariously through the extraordinary skills of the modellers who contribute here. I was a fanatical model builder as a kid and have just started to make a few again (Dragon’s Mercury to Apollo stuff) as well as being a quite passionate 1/18th collector (F1 and Aircraft). Back to the SA, the wheelhouse was dominated internally by the Telemotor, Hydraulic steering mechanism (think good sized kitchen table in plan area and about 4 ft high) on top of this was a cover which doubl
  6. I will have a rummage over the weekend and get them over to you. I look forward to seeing picture of the model in a few years ;-D regards Mike
  7. Well this is a surprise, a name that I haven’t heard in quite a while. My Dad was the mate on the SA during the 70’s and 80’s. i spent quite a lot of my Summer holidays on her during the 80’s (when health and safety was applied a little less rigidly and certainly less appropriately!). i have lots of photos from my Dad’s time on the SA including plenty from the wheel house, which by the way was always polished and gleaming. I can answer the question on the two door on the starboard side, one was for cleaning storage and the other was for the heads.
  8. Many thanks for such a prompt answer! Regards Mike
  9. I have a stupid Spitfire question. It's not strictly modelling related and may be more appropriate to Flypast but here goes! Some Mk I's and Mk II's were converted to Mk V's were any of those V's then converted to become Mk IX's? Apologies for possibly being slightly off the modelling topic, although if any were (I kinda doubt it but would like to think that one or two may have evolved thus) it would make an interesting modelling subject! Regards Mike
  10. I am certain that Norwich closed on Thursday the 29th Martin. I popped in on Wednesday and picked up a couple of Dragon Space bits. It is a huge shame, Kellers was a wonderful shop, at least we still have Langleys which of course with the demise of MZ should see an increase in footfall. Regards Mike
  11. Thank you so much for the praise, I have seen your work and I am in awe of your models! Interesting question on the Dragon kit. The fit of the parts is fantastic it's just that especially around the legs I don't think it is terribly accurate. But I enjoyed it that's the main thing for me now (the last time I made models I ended up suffering from it rather than enjoying it). It's LM5 as much as possible I went off internet references in the main rather than the rather bland Dragon painting instructions. The problem is that even over the last 8 weeks prior to launch cladding was being added
  12. Well here you go guys. After a 20 year modelling hiatus I have returned to the fold. I bought a 1/72nd Dragon Saturn V (pre built) from Norwich ModelZone and decided it needed a LM. I came across this fantastic community and quite frankly fell back in love with the hobby. The LM comes from the Dragon Lunar Approach Kit (I will get around to the CSM later) and comes complete with the parts to make the legs in the the stowed and deployed configurations (the instructions and the kit is only meant to be built up as stowed) so I thought I would have a go and enabling it to use both. It can th
  13. Many thanks I will give it a whirl! Regards Mike
  14. And if I could be cheeky as well, it is much appreciated. I'm on their list but have received nothing! Removed Many thanks in advance if someone is able to do it! Regards Mike
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