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  1. Looks very nice, though a little strange to my eyes to see an RAAF Macchi in grey . As to why the kit is moulded in orange, I think it's because the Italian MB.326's were painted orange (and the RAAF orange and white) -- kinda like Red Arrows Hawks from any manufacturer being moulded in red. Any other colour scheme is the responsibility of the modeller, to their minds.
  2. Tarkas

    1:1400 Enterprise E photoetch

    Oh, yes... I'd be interested. I'm a bit surprised that you've had so much trouble getting the ParaGrafix etch, though, as I've found them to be good people to order from direct. Having said that, I found that Above and Beyond, the UK seller they mention on their website, doesn't have that set at the moment, but Modellbau Koenig in Germany does, for 25.50 Euros.
  3. Tarkas

    Enterprise D refit!

    Looks very good, but I have to ask: how are the lights in the warp nacelles connected to the power supply. If this is the same kit as I have had in the stash for nearly 30 years (I know, I know...) the pylons are both part of a single piece of the secondary hull, and there's nowhere to hide the wires. I remember seeing a description of a build in which the modeller carved a trench into the (rather thin) pylon to run the wires along and then cover it over; didn't really like the thought of that. What did you do?
  4. They were, and they looked great -- both lots. Nice work.
  5. That looks brilliant, Karl. I've been following this build from the start (well, from when you started posting about it), and the Hawk has come out a treat! Bravo!
  6. It's looking good. The older pre-low-vis grey schemes, whether RN or USN, just look so much better on a Tomcat. For that matter, the 1940s memorial schemes of recent years also look great on RAF aircraft. I loved that Typhoon in BoB camo, and the other aircraft in similar paint jobs (Hawk in 19 Sqn livery, c.1938, and a Tucano celebrating 100 years of 72 Sqn) looked great as well. And Vitaliy, if the RN bought Tomcats, I could easily imagine the RAF getting them in place of Tornado ADVs (F.2 and F.3 versions). British Aerospace, as it was then, would have complained bitterly, but the Treasury would have argued that a larger Tomcat buy was cheaper than developing the ADV solely for the RAF. Given the timescale, they'd have likely been A models because the F110 engine hadn't been developed yet, so they would have been known as the Tomcat F.3 in RAF service. The RAF would have wanted the Phoenix from the outset, as the aircraft's primary role would have been bomber-busting. They might have been upgraded to F-14B standard later, and could have been equipped with the TARPS pod and possibly fitted with the AN/APG-71 radar as well, in which case the Tomcat FR.4 would have been a very useful aircraft. The FGR.5 version, equivalent to a late service "Bombcat", would have been even more so. Nice dream...
  7. Other way round! The British system doesn't allocate a designation to each aircraft type the way the US one does (e.g., F-14, F-18, A-6, B-52, etc.); the code letters are descriptors showing the role(s) that the aircraft is used for, and the name comes first! Different types can have the same descriptors because they do the same job, as in the Harrier GR.1, the Jaguar GR.1 and the Tornado GR.1. So the name of the RN F-14 aircraft would be "Tomcat FRS.1". The Phoenix-armed version would either be Tomcat FRS.1A, the A indicating a systems upgrade but no major changes to the airframe (as in Tornado GR.1A and Jaguar GR.1A) or Tomcat FRS.2. Actually, depending on exact timescale, the FRS.2 could have become the Tomcat FA.2 by now, just as happened to the Sea Harrier FRS.2. And it could well have the unofficial designations of F-14K and M just like the Phantom, which were given the F-4K and M designations by McDonnell-Douglas. But, regardless of what it's called, I look forward to seeing the beast when it's done. Keep up the good work.
  8. We didn't really have a choice, and frankly, were glad that someone had actually made a kit; it wasn't likely that there was going to be another one (the idea that there might be, somewhere else in the world, was simply outside of most people's experience). Some of these toy/kits were worse than others, The Seaview doesn't look too bad -- is it me, or is it a bit on the short side? My idea of what a model should look like comes from the old Aurora model, so it could be out just as much. Regardless, you're doing a good job here and I look forward to seeing that excellent base with the Seaview on it.
  9. This is looking good. Having a decent-sized fleet of 1/3788 wargame miniatures of the Franz Joseph ships, I can appreciate the work you have to do to convert a twin-nacelle Constitution-class ship to a single-nacelle Hermes/Saladin-class. Purely for interest's sake, you might be interested to know that, according to a set of unofficial blueprints of the Saladin class (similar in style to the original FJ Constitution Deck Plans), the ship has two small-ish shuttlebays in the saucer with the doors on the underside, located either side of the planetary sensor dome, about 2/3rds of the way out towards the rim. Having said that, your idea is at least as good, if not better from a practical point of view, and I have always thought that the Engineering section on the Hermes/Saladin ought to be bigger as well, since it would need to include both warp and impulse engineering, which are separated in the Connie. So good work, and I look forward to seeing more of it.
  10. Looks pretty good, actually. Definitely nothing like as over-done as, say, the 1994(?) "restoration" of the 11-foot Enterprise -- now, that was overdone! They've fixed it now, but it was dreadful. Your work, OTOH, looks to be nicely understated and just enough to make the point that the section of nacelle are there, which is what you really want IMO. I look forward to seeing this completed. Go for it!
  11. 'Fraid not. They have been lost to the ravages of time. Also the Stingray kit (which wasn't Airfix IIRC). A great shame, but there it is.
  12. Tarkas

    Vanguard Class SSBN 1/350

    Looking good. To bring this thread back on course , was there much of a problem with the seam where the hull halves were joined? I once built a Hobby Boss 1/700 Typhoon, and the thing that I hated was the pattern of raised lines denoting the anechoic tiles on the hull. How you were supposed to hide the hull seam with that there, deponent knoweth not. Luckily, I didn't have to worry about it because I was using the hull for something else and masked the seam, but I am interested in what might need to be done about the seam if and when I actually build a sub -- like the 1/350 Astute that I have in the stash...
  13. The problem with the Foundation books as far as making them into a series is that they were written piecemeal in different lengths -- short stories, novellas, full (and quite long) novels -- at times separated by decades, the latter of which affects the writing, the length, the focus of the plots, etc. It would take a lot of work to make them consistent enough for a TV series of any sort. And where do you start? To understand the denouement of Foundation and Earth, you have to know about Solaria, which means the Lije Baley novels... and on it goes. Asimov's later attempts to pull all his series together into one huge future history warps the fundamentals of the Foundation tales. The post-trilogy stories (in terms of when they were written, that is) are based on the ever-present guiding hand of R Daneel Olivaw, who's not mentioned or seen in any way in the original trilogy. It's an interesting question (and probably moot, so I'm not going to bother looking it up) as to whether Daneel had been thought of when the Foundation was first created, so having him (and other robots like Dors) in the background completely changes the significance of Seldon's work and what results from it, as does Gaia. I always felt that introducing the latter showed that he'd become disenchanted with his earlier work, or with humanity in general. Regardless of that, adding the later books reduces the original trilogy to a mere bit part in the History of R Daneel Olivaw, Guardian of Humanity. I don't know about you, but I don't like that and wouldn't want to watch it. The Foundation(s), yes, but not all the rest, because it makes the classic stories into Chapters 15-22 of a 30+-chapter epic, and they get lost. Don't get me wrong, though: if someone actually does this and remains true to Asimov's work -- so no 2-hour space battles, "grim'n'gritty" re-imaginings or anything like that -- I think it could be great. The way to go is probably to imitate the books: have a mini-series or season based on each book. Season 1 would be Foundation, with one or more episodes dealing with each of the five short stories/novellas that make up the book; that could run to a ten- or twelve-episode season. Then do Foundation and Empire as season 2, with longer arcs reflecting the longer parts and telling the story of the meeting of the Foundation and what is left of the Empire, and then the initial rise of the Mule. The end of F&E is a good place to stop the season, just as it was for the books, and the arc can be picked up again for season 3 as it tells the saga of Second Foundation. The other books could be added later as prequels and sequels, as has been done with many an SF property in the past, if the main series was successful enough. That way, the original trilogy could stand on its own merits and not be buried by retcons and the like, and we'd hopefully have some pretty darn good TV. Heck, I've even thought of a theme tune for the show: back in the early 70s, an Australian band called Missisippi put out a song "Kings of the World". The first time I heard that, I thought that it would make an great theme for a Foundation show. Be great to see if I was right.
  14. Tarkas

    Sevan's 1\5 Movie Dalek

  15. That looks great! I'm looking forward to doing mine in a similar scheme. It was interesting to learn that the mostly white scheme was from pre-production artwork -- guess that explains where Airfix got the scheme from. As Brian Johnson has said, it was a shame that the show never had the budget to add some Hawks to Alpha's Eagles -- plus whatever the intriguing-sounding Ultra Hawk might have been. I rather hope that Round 2 will do the promised 1/72 Eagle to go with it...