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  1. Evidence is in every Airfix box aside from few with " Made in UK " printed on them, when as a consequence of better quality material and injection process even mediocre toolings like Defiant dont suffer from warped parts, poor transparent ones etc... Its not question of India vs UK or any other place its going to the lowest bidder, nothing good comes of it. How competitive ( outside of UK )will this Tempest be when Eduard formally announes theirs?
  2. Of course not, but what upper menagement echelons unfortunately do is to allocate meagre tooling funds to already lower end of tooling production and injection moulding process chain, set up to maximize income without much thought to long term profitability and brand position compared to competition.
  3. Unfortunately, the image presents how the model will look.
  4. Somehow have mixed feelings about this one, still remember 1989 release of Heller kit in the Aircraft Of The Aces series and complete sellout in half an hour of putting boxes on the shelves,while being first new Tempest in 1/72 to be released in two decades undoubtedly will prove to be a success, in 2021 to see CAD and such thick trailing edges, beyond belief, both Eduard and ICM, come to think of it even Italeri and Revell have stepped up the game in last 10-15 years in 72nd scale, not to mention others,Airfix truly does deserve better owner.
  5. While it definitely not a bad release list, for the first time in about a decade there is no unannounced new tooling, . Tempest II, Camel, S-199 were known for at least two years, renders being shown online for a while. There is definitely slowdown of new toolings by Eduard. Why they did not retool Emil is beyond comprehension. Announced but still not released kits P-40/H-75 Family Me 262 Mosquito P-51B/C Spitfire Mk.Vc/VI and Seafires I-III Hurricane MiG-15 Wildcat Corsair MiG-21F-13 and UM
  6. Very happy, hope they make F.1 down the line too, finally proper 1/48 Vampire!...but Series 6
  7. Czech market alone being one of the biggest in Europe plenty of market for both Airfix and SH, given how Beaufort looks would prefer SH to Airfix.
  8. Hi all, finally decided to start building Korean War B-26B, upon dry fitting parts something looked very wrong with the length of the nose, comparing to online photographs, Squadron/Signal and old Monogram kit, the nose is approximately 5mm too short, did anyone else come to the same conclusion..., again 5mm is my approximation, could be even shorter, would appreciate anyone who tackled the subject giving his view... Best regards Tom
  9. Given similarity Go 244 is in my opinion certain, regarding Horsa, Bronco kit is superlative, but as anyone who has purchased the kit can attest-its enormous, so new 72nd or 48th scale would be more than welcome, as ICM does read forums I would like to see Me 321/323 and DFS 230 in the future, He 111Z already being tooled
  10. Did not want to be overly pessimistic and provocative, but fully agree, all of the three mentioned- poor management+outsourcing equals poor output in time when putting new model kit on the market has never been simpler and cheaper.
  11. Puts former big league like Italeri and Revell to shame, outstanding list and variety, big congratulations to ICM!
  12. Great to see first traces of slide moulding tech in Eduard kits ( wheel bay ), somehow I am more than sure they will get S-199 right.
  13. https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2021/info-eduard-2021-01cz-m9f.pdf tomorrow,6th Jan. in English.
  14. Unlike Me 262 HG.III, this is another case of poor research where every German paper project, no matter when concieved, and more importantly cancelled is labelled as Luft'46 subject. Real Stuka or better Fw190F-8/9 post 1946 ground attack replacement was Henschel 132, one prototype built and fell into Soviet hands, with prone pilot position being replaced with highly reclined ejection seat, Hs 132 is a real project that could have entered production, Ju 187 being cancelled in 1943.
  15. You definitely are missing the point, on your pic Expert Set Hurricane II b/c does not have a price tag, mentioned retails for 21,50€ on Arma's website, compared to between 13,5 to 17€ for Profipack kits ranging from Spitfire/Fw 190 to MiG-21, personal preferences aside, anyone who fondled both can attest to quality of surface detail, as well as quality of PE parts. Aside from fabric rendition on Hurricane which is superb, Arma is still behind Eduard in both before mentioned categories. If someone thinks that paying 21,5€ for a single engined prop is prudent-his money, his choice,cannot say a thing, but here's the key. As before about "hype", when one does start upwards pricing spiral others follow, few months ago we had similar conversation about 1/72 scale Su-25, if one has time and will go check it out. I love Arma and wish them all the best, but as with Clearprop before Seasprite, going too far pricewise does not do longterm favours to the market. One can vote with its vallet, but at that time its usually too late to change anything, prices never go down ( aside from Zvezda's quarterscale Mi-24).
  16. I will do more detailed review of the kit when it arrives, but yes struts too long, slats too deep, some of the issues of Eduard kits, among at least two more, regarding those , will reserve final judgement until I receive the kit. So after years of knowing about the shortcomings of Eduard 32 and 48 kits, as before when pantographed from 32nd into 48th, again same omissions, maybe outsourcing is not paying dividends for SH
  17. You are missing the point guys, if someone is at ease paying 25 euros for small single prop fighter, or 34 euros for not so bigger 48th scale one, to each its own. Problem being that once one company starts upwards pricing spiral others tend to follow, aside from Arma there are plenty of examples in Europe, Revell and Italeri being prime examples, but that is another story.
  18. I have never undestood Arma hype, quality of their toolings are still below current Eduard standard of surface details, and more importantly in my opinion their prices for 72nd. scale are over the top. 34€ price for P.11, same as for Profipack Tempest, which is almost twice as big, abd getting far superior PE than Arma's, as they say sometimes hype is everything...
  19. Don't see the logic, Zvezda has different wholesale pricelists for Russia, for CIS and for other parts of the world. If one finds himself outside Moscow, Zvezda kits are dirt cheap. The key for Zvezda's expansion in recent years has been releasing well detailed but relatively cheap kits. With recent Mi-24 and Su-57 we have lost details, so one part of the( up to recently )winning forumula. At the same time in 35th scale Zvezda continues releasing highly detailed but cheap kits ( Pantsir, Koalitsya, Boomerang etc...) To add, Zvezda has all production in house, no outsourcing thus far lower prod.costs compared to likes of majority of comparable ( subject wise )Far Eastern brands. Before mentioned enabled them to be highly competitive, without skimping on detail or gen.quality. Shortsighted and bad decision.
  20. Have no problem with cockpit, have huge problem with surface detailing, if one compares close ups of the real plane to Zvezda model, its lacking maybe 50% of surface details like panel lines, not even speaking about rivets and smaller detail, very, very dissapointing.
  21. This is beyond belief, its 2020, there are hundreds of hi resolution T-50/Su-57 photos online, not to mention Russian ( Zvezda TV ) that show more or less everything on the outside, and to larger extent inside, this reminds me on Pandas so called F-35. More than certain that Zvezda took a wrong turn as of lately regarding 1/48 scale, I certainly won't buy one. P.S. GWH can produce outstanding current Su-35, with all the detail, but Zvezda is limited in its portray ( does not outsource like GWH, keeping far lower production costs ).
  22. Whoever is following closely anything related to Eduard, from Czech modelling formus to Eduard Info can more or less relate to mentioned sentiments regarding Eduard way of communicating and especially ridiculing anyone who mentions omissions in their kits, and Bf 109 family from E to G being prime example. Why is it so complicated for Eduard to get it right with 109 is beyond me, they have Emil and two Gustavs app.300Km. from Obrnice, and could have easily inspected them, as they did. Where did it go wrong twice for Emil, twice for Gustav....
  23. Tens of thousands of Euros are in question, from personal experience know how devastatingly plagiarism can affect business, as far as Emil goes, two omissions from Eduard kit are present on SH kit, looking from pics slats, while not so deep as on Eduard kit, still appear too deep, other thing that strikes me from built model is another Eduard omission, lading gear strut being too long, but all mentioned can be issue of photography.
  24. "Biggles & Co." is new tooled Sopwith Camel Final chapter in trilogy will be Dual Combo Mk.I/ V " The Sweeps "
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