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  1. Its 8 years since first announcement in 2014 about MiG-15 family in 48th scale, good thing is that we are back to three/four totally new toolings from Eduard yearly( Zero, Wildcat, S 199 anf 21F-13), there are plenty of announced subjects that are in the pipeline Me 262, Mosquito, Hurricane, F4U etc..etc..
  2. Regarding Zero and Wildcat retail list for 2022 " new tooled-cooperation", cooperation with whom aside from Eduard?..., if that is not the case than what are the odds of two mainsteam companies releasing the same two subjects in the same year?...Academy sends before Nürnberg detailed info on quaterly releases-we'll know for sure in 2 weeks time.
  3. Way too much work to do 206B.III, and due to sloopy research they thought they could pull one out of stock ESCI -58A, and even did sprue with cable cutters and new instrument panel-its cancelled. Biggest mourning on my part would be Jaguar in 48th cancellation.
  4. Still cannot grasp that Airfix did not tool and release new Spitfire Mk.I in 1/24 for 80th anniversary of BoB and 50th anniversary of old Mk.I tooling in 2020, biggest omission in my view and hope that new Mk.I is on its way. As for pricing, they better vastly improve both styrene quality and QC, rrp for what one gets in the box is already too high.
  5. Italeri ( Rafale+53) and Eduard( Zero, Wildcat) re-boxings + A-10 as totally new tooled-great news due to fair pricing policies Academy sticks to, unlike Tamiya and GWH.
  6. Italeri usually presents new releases at Nürnberg or few days before, as there were some changes in menagement and sales deptments, as well as new investments in tech, maybe 2023 will see better days for the brand, first two months no new tools( like F-35B), and as mentioned host of '21 kits still to be released. Looking foreward to 40th Falklands Anniversary( hopeful for HAS.3 and HU.5 Wessex re-issues)
  7. With superlative research/degree of detail they ( IBG ) did, expect Dora both in 48th and 32nd scale, no manufacturer would go/ went through such meticulous research to cover just "lowest" price range/scale of certain subject.
  8. Bold release, since Tamiya's effort is one of their best, at the same time big smack to Eduard and their laxed new tool 48th release schedule in the last few years.
  9. I cited latest re-release date, of course that they are old toolings.
  10. Outstanding, beyond good news, after three less than stellar 48th kits, seems that Zvezda has a winner.
  11. Christmas announcements had special allure, shame that tradition did not continue.
  12. Totally new design, not linked to any older model, part of the Frogfoot family, Su-25,Su-25K will be out of the this box, SM iterations coming later, UB/UBK too, when I don't know
  13. Even if they go the route of simplified tooling, it will without doubt be the best 48th Frogfoot yet, and no doubt very accurate. As a failsafe measure while Trumpeter/HB is still in its hibernation waiting for government subsidies to find their way, as with Mi-24, maybe with Zvezda's release they will find incentive to downscale their 32nd '25....
  14. 'HG.III was supposed to be transonic research plane, and definitely valid project at war's end, p.1112 HG II with V-tail was supposed to be final Me project to field second gen.jet around 1947-48, because Ta 183 in both iterations, second probably being serial prod. was seen as optimal interim day fighter,can't wait do have mine.
  15. Lets not jump to conclusions or mix our expectations with reality, no one knows nothing yet, except that in 2023/4 will get Hurricane family.
  16. Just as Hasegawa re-invented or better said hugely expanded 48th.scale from late 80's due to ( at the time and today) very fine engraved detail, since 2013 and their Spitfire Mk.IX kit Eduard set another kit revolution with surface detail in 48th scale and and its here to stay.
  17. Another calculation=2€ less than Eduard's Profipack P-51D in 48th scale with BFC discount of 20%!
  18. Italeri's core business is proverbial cherry on top, using or better said cleverly utilising infrastructure of what was 10x times bigger company up to mid 1990's- they don't solely rely on selling kits for their income. None the less, its devastating to see not only relative lack of new toolings, but more so essentially not utilising their own portfolio or tooling bank because (as in numerous other cases) having wrong people at wrong positions, literally not knowing what and when. At the same time their high value products like 35th scale boats, 32nd scale aircraft abd 1/12 cars are still great sellers, but as with numerous examples lately prices are skyrocketing, as well production runs being highly conservative making most Italeri kits essentially limited releases. Lancia Delta in 1/12 for app.170-200€ per box is mind boggling, as for other new tools, F-35B in 48th scale( great decision in my view) slated for December release is again postponed, first new 48th airplane tooling in 12 years!...all in all not good-complacency set in -in a big way. P.S. several toolings that are still unsurpassed H-19 latest box released 2002 H-21 latest box released 2011 Hs 129.....2010 Me 210.....2012 Me 323.....2010 DUKW.......2014 LVT 1/2...........2001/2008 etc...etc..
  19. Incredible to think that H-19 was not re-issued to mark Korean War anniversary, its been more than fifteen years since last boxings....
  20. no no, they are quite adamant about their own tooling, scroll trough modelforum.cz and ipmsnymburk.com to see all the conversation, as for me, prefer Eduard to current Arma every day, not to say that Arma quality won't evolve.
  21. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=34545 for those who maybe don't know above is the link for Q and A topic involving V.Šulc CEO of Eduard, within the topic Mustangs were mentioned for years , both D and B/C in both scales, but as with anything Eduard it may take few years, cooperation with Special Hobby may speed up release schedule of 72nd.kits.
  22. They should they price it 24€ or even 36€ then , as you say components " become several times more expensive", as we all in the know-know " these components" make most of kits price-right. Pushing agenda that is legitimate from manufacturers viewpoint but definitely not from fellow modellers or buyers-not nice in my view, I refrained going "ad hominem" long time but your " insights" and " knowledge" are highly in line of covert advertising, which as said you have every right to do-but so do others to rebuke.
  23. Their PZL.23 costs around 12-14€, plane the size of D-9 should not cost more than that.
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