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  1. As mentioned before by Mr.Šulc, Seafires I.b, II, III, PR.IV, PR.XI, PR.XIX,

    XII, before Griffon Spits( that for now have been dismissed).

    Although one has to take all mentioned with a bit of salt regarding possible timeframes, it took Eduard seven years ( 2013-2020) between Late and Early Merlins , and taking into account that Mk.Vc has just been released + ambitious schedule, we may not wait seven years but few more years before another family is tooled.

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    27 minutes ago, Piotr Mikolajski said:


    Is it any obligation to question the accuracy of the model? Especially since 99% of such cases show that the questioner has no idea what he is writing about?

    Quite bald statement to say that only 1% of persons questioning model accuracy have any idea what they are saying, no matter being it a hyperbole or not.

    Its scale modelling-quite exact science, not approximative rendition, and yes should be obligation since plenty of manufacturers take quite laxed stance on accuracy.

  3. If they sold stated 2400 kits, that is everything but bad sales in timeframe since kits release, full run kits in bigger scales seldom reach more than 10k in their first few years, and their popularity is far surpassing limited injection moulding kits of second tier subjects.

    And if mentioned number is correct, taking their provenance into account , they amortized costs early down the run.

    For 100€ people expect premium quality, while having nice surface details, its still short run kit. But even as such I have no doubt that it made/ will make money for HpH.



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  4. In its heyday, Hasegawa released all F-4 family in 1/72 scale in one year ( 1990 ), till unfortunate change of focus in 2009 they produced between 6-8 totally new aircraft toolings annualy, not counting subtypes .

    In my view I compare Eduard to Hasegawa, they both heralded new level of quality in scale modelling, but again unfortunately Eduard does not have the numbers, number of kits announced( most unofficialy) surpasses twenty, with some like F4U, Me 262, MiG-15 being 6-8 year old " news", they have all the neccessary to issue far more, jets in the broadest sense are definitely what is lacking, from F-86 family, F-105, F-100 to quality Eurofighter, Gripen or F-35...

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  5. Before any new F-14 from GWH, would be nice that they re-tool inaccurate or poorly moulded F-15C/E parts( mainly canopy and exhausts) as they promised several times on their Facebook page with words " imminent " , " in the works", " asap",...as for F-14, Tamiya is in my opinion underdetailed for asking price, AMK has its share of inaccuracies so bring it on....

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  6. AMX is supposed to be new tooling, B 206 was result of bad research thinking one can easily transform ESCI's tooling into B.III, parts were even tooled before they prudently decided to pull the plug.

    Aside from B206 and Jaguar I cannot remember that eventually ( after years ) they did not release what they announced.

    Far bigger problem is that Italeri sits on numerous toolings without re-releasing them for ages, then finding themsevles surprised when the subject is done by other brands.

  7. Price of Italeri's Spitfire will be in between Weekend and Profipack editions, and Eduard is far, far superior kit, it will only make sense for someone who cannot obtain Eduard for different reasons-price aside.


    For all of us waiting F-5A in 72nd, and new tooled F-35B in 48th, first has been postoned and is now June release, Lightning II coming in July.


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  8. 10 hours ago, Tbolt said:


    With the price of petrol/oil, engery and shipping costs being a lot higher now, there's porbably nothing they can do about the small increase in their kit prices if they still actually want to make a profit. Look at the fairly recent increase in the price of ICM kits and that was before the current conflict.

    Their prices were high before all the latest madness,  now paying 24-26€ for smaller single engined fighter with end opening flimsy box-good comparison with IBG, how can they do it better for 20€ max( D-9),  and even that is expensive.

    Arma's products were always overpriced( my own opinion).

  9. Superb kits, but wish more decal options from the period when these Zlin's entered production, so 1950-1970's , way too many schemes of today's planes, especially goes for latest Z-126 boxings.

    Would prefer more factory schemes from the production history.


    Hope this leads to Avia C-2 or better known as Arado 96 ( in my view most important/  forgotten LW aircraft )

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