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  1. Another calculation=2€ less than Eduard's Profipack P-51D in 48th scale with BFC discount of 20%!
  2. Italeri's core business is proverbial cherry on top, using or better said cleverly utilising infrastructure of what was 10x times bigger company up to mid 1990's- they don't solely rely on selling kits for their income. None the less, its devastating to see not only relative lack of new toolings, but more so essentially not utilising their own portfolio or tooling bank because (as in numerous other cases) having wrong people at wrong positions, literally not knowing what and when. At the same time their high value products like 35th scale boats, 32nd scale aircraft abd 1/12 cars are still great sellers, but as with numerous examples lately prices are skyrocketing, as well production runs being highly conservative making most Italeri kits essentially limited releases. Lancia Delta in 1/12 for app.170-200€ per box is mind boggling, as for other new tools, F-35B in 48th scale( great decision in my view) slated for December release is again postponed, first new 48th airplane tooling in 12 years!...all in all not good-complacency set in -in a big way. P.S. several toolings that are still unsurpassed H-19 latest box released 2002 H-21 latest box released 2011 Hs 129.....2010 Me 210.....2012 Me 323.....2010 DUKW.......2014 LVT 1/2...........2001/2008 etc...etc..
  3. Incredible to think that H-19 was not re-issued to mark Korean War anniversary, its been more than fifteen years since last boxings....
  4. no no, they are quite adamant about their own tooling, scroll trough modelforum.cz and ipmsnymburk.com to see all the conversation, as for me, prefer Eduard to current Arma every day, not to say that Arma quality won't evolve.
  5. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=34545 for those who maybe don't know above is the link for Q and A topic involving V.Šulc CEO of Eduard, within the topic Mustangs were mentioned for years , both D and B/C in both scales, but as with anything Eduard it may take few years, cooperation with Special Hobby may speed up release schedule of 72nd.kits.
  6. They should they price it 24€ or even 36€ then , as you say components " become several times more expensive", as we all in the know-know " these components" make most of kits price-right. Pushing agenda that is legitimate from manufacturers viewpoint but definitely not from fellow modellers or buyers-not nice in my view, I refrained going "ad hominem" long time but your " insights" and " knowledge" are highly in line of covert advertising, which as said you have every right to do-but so do others to rebuke.
  7. Their PZL.23 costs around 12-14€, plane the size of D-9 should not cost more than that.
  8. We' ve ranted enough about rising prices, but current Trumpeter/HB prices are beyond reason, with official mrsp set at 80€, better wait for logistical problems to subside from mid-late next year and with it main reasoning or dare I say( to larger extent) alibi for such prices to dissapear.
  9. Beautiful, this will no doubt be a great success for IBG,can't wait for it to arrive, and can I dare to say that after covered reasearch we might see others scales too( 32nd), but am perfectly happy with 72nd if ( and it seems so) they got it right.
  10. Prudent decision, if planned to incorporate both D-11 and D-13, all current kits have smaller or bigger omissions, and with mentioned above 7-8 different boxings can be easily achieved-smart decision by IBG.
  11. Long term project around two-three years-whole family planned, as said by Mr.Sulc on modelforum.cz
  12. Long long time ago Dual Combos meant between 35-50% price reduction on the second kit , today its at best 15%, but they are selling great none the less, in fact Eduard " Limited Edition" kits are highly sought after by collectors( what majority of buyers are). On the negative side, most of current ones or in the last 2-3 years are devoid of imagination, aside from VLR Mustangs and Jabo Fw's there is almost no variation, no special boxings including variants/parts that cannot be found outside from LE boxes, as was before. No Russian Mk.IX's, French Mk.IX's, FR.IX's, night fighting Fw 190's etc...etc...
  13. Primary being flash, in the last few years lots of Revell kits have lots of flash, now given how almost all Revell tools are made from very high quality steel moulds( that can last very long time) its due to either non proper storage thus maintenance, or even lack of repair when needed, or lack of knowledge by machine operator. Others being air pockets on transparent parts, warping and sink marks, mostly due to improper pressure and or improper cooling time-joys of outsourcing.
  14. While there can be debate regarding this latest COVID related rise ( taking into account that majority ( aside from tooling production ) of proactivity is again EU sourced. -no shipping from xy Far Eastern country( aside from few toolings that are of Korean origin ) Problem lies in consecutive rises from Hobbico takeover till today, or way way before C19, and with latest increase prices being 70-100% more expensive than 8 years ago, and as said before, production quality (QC included) dropped sharply at the same time. Revell does still have one of the best retail networks, both in the USA and in throughout EU, but even with such advantage things don't look good in the long term. Revell kits sold outstandingly well due to almost perfect quality/ price ratio, that is not the case since 2013( due to Hobbico's policy of dumping prices in the USA and compensating in the EU).
  15. forget about it, 1/48 AZ kits were big flops( maybe MS 406 being excluded), there is no hint, news or any indication about any new Trojan AZ/KP kit, don't have any insider info but Roden or Clearprop would be my bet for early Trojans including proper COIN subtypes.
  16. While Italeri does have more than its share of idiosyncrasies, doubt they will pass up the opportunity to re-release under " 40th Falklands War Anniversary" FRS.1 and GR.3 as well as Wessex HU.5 and or HAS.3, as they did in 2012 in 1/72 and than as new tooled 1/48 Wessex HU.5 and year later HAS.3, latter being very quickly sold out by Italeri at the time.
  17. -We are not speaking about latest announcement for 2022 or 15% of this September, after Hobbico and latest aquisition prices went up between 70-80% in the last 8 years in hikes of 15-20% yearly, that is all well before Corona and its consequences. Container prices went 10-12 times the amount of money, if it cost 900€ to ship Tamiya than today it costs 9000€, but there are alternative ways like train that cost twice as before, and again well before Corona Far Eastern manufacturers went into overdrive( remember 2009, Dragon and Hasegawa and where are they now), almost all PRC manufacturers did the same, coupled with 40% overhead by some distributors, no surprise that everything aside from online retailers is slowely fading away. Revell aside from tooling production to my knowledge gets everything from inside the EU, and styrene cost, as said before are negligible, not saying that in 7-9 last years the costs did not go up, but nowhere near to validate such hikes, but to be more precise one 1/32nd scale prop fighter cost 19,99 € in 2014, today its 39,99 depending on different VAT rates, at the same time production quality has fallen, and QC with it.
  18. they went 15% up this September, coupled with last year increase Revell will soon find themselves priced out of the market, at the same time both manufacturing process and quality control have been at their worst since early 90's, vote or influence with you wallet, that is the only message new age( extra extra profit ) menagements understand.
  19. So called alleged errors( especially NACA Profile) can be found on almost any kit, just no one bothers checking-one cannot just downsize real aircraft( as some think), its a great kit, and 99% of its omissions can be easily dealt with.
  20. I just hope they start releasing Val, Cmelak, Blanik and Vampire, too many announcements, too few releases.
  21. From my source Its totally new tooled kit, however due to its provenance would wait for first reviews or at least pics before purchasing.
  22. in EU ( with VAT differencies ) WnW kit was supposed to cost between 340-370€, how ( taken all the logistics problems into account )did we reach almost 600€, 80% price hike...and about finishing the model by Border, at Telford when it was still WnW project it was 90% ready, tooling itself was done, tweaking was necessary but stating that Border needed lots of time and effort is.... At the time and today one can get 2x Airfix Typhoons for app.240-260€, or for app.340-360€ two Tamiya Mosquitos, asking around 550-600€ for Lancaster sized model is beyond ludicrous.
  23. Again me being grumpy and non sociable, there are at least few people on this forum that scan all the possible news outlets from farflung websites, forums, blogs, social media for any news and updates, and in most cases it takes them less than an hour to bring that news to this forum. Lately there is almost once a day " any news?" bringing alive old topics, in my highly subjective view this equals to trolling-lite...if there is any news on a certain subject, it will be on Rumormonger in tens of minutes, if not hours, certainly less than half a day, so for anyone reading this rant, if you dont have any news of your own to bring to the topic, please don't resurrect dormant topics, thank you in advance-rant over. P.S. Facebook Clear Prop page is the best source for news updates regarding the brand.
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