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  1. Arma is nowhere near finesse of surface detail of Eduard, also their capacity of producing new kits or variation of is again heavily not in their favour( for now), again as said Eduard and Arma are cooperating as well being competitors( P-51D), but given strong Eduard position in 48th scale and ability to cover lot of ground very quickly( all marks) makes no sense, as well quality being not the same, since topic of pricing is forbidden, we wont go there, but of course it will play its part, definitely not in Arma's favour ( just as Airfix 05xxx Spitfires and Mustangs after Eduard Weekend boxings of the same subjects, not to mention Ovetrees).
  2. Their Su-25 is absolute bestseller, Mi-24 family big flop, Zvezda is still being normally imported by their EU distributor Hobby Pro from Graz, but sales have been down since Russian agression.
  3. Eduard announced their Hurricane family( I-IV+ Sea Hurricane dozen times througout last three years, again recently confirmed on modelforum.cz, how and why will Arma compete with Eduard in 48th scale...
  4. And to be completly honest I'm fed up with people taking things at face value as well as being served being lots of b.. by people who have more than a passing interest in the company and are more than biased...within 23 pages of this topic, there should be place for every aspect of the brand-pricing included, but in time when some are willing to fork out 600€ for Lancaster, 110€ for Spitfire or 26€ for Airacobra , in the future we will all get what we deserve-overhyped, overpriced products. Rant over.
  5. Special Hobby( mainstream toolings), Revell, Airfix, AZ, Sword, all of them are to bigger or smaller extent outsourcing their production, and no one is charging 25€ for a single engined WW2 fighter, not to mention that mentioned outsource do to lower cost of final product, not higher one. While its huge advantage to have whole production " in house" and of course it lowers per item cost, today with runs of 2500-6000 for mainstream kit being new normal,per item price difference is not big between outsourced and ones own product - tooling parks/factory machinery cost a lot of money, taken that into account Eduard should be charging far more to amortize their investements...( although to be fair- they did get some sums from EU funds).
  6. 1/32 Fw 190D-9 1/48 F-22A 1/35 DUKW 1/48 Cletrac 1/72 Fi 156
  7. Arma overpriced their products when they were resin producer, and are still doing it today, there is no objective reason ( even in this time) why mainstream kit of a WW2 single engined fighter costs 25€, they had the brains to see that 72nd scale market has been neglected, and profited from it, and they have every right to do so. My problem is that others have seen ( at least in theory)that people are willing to pay such ludicrous prices ( Clearprop included )and are following with similar pricing policies for both new tooled and older repops. In the long run, such overpricing won't do good to no one-both buyers and Arma.
  8. AH-1Z was/is absolute bestseller, and have no doubt that with the same quality and similar fair pricing Academy Apache would outsell even Zulu, Kangnam was quite poor, and definitely not only inaccurate but quite a struggle to build-yes, very poor seller.
  9. Oh how I wish it to be Academy instead, with full licensing and full access to KAI and RoKA examples, or US Army ones, have doubts that Takom will capture Apache properly.
  10. Seriously overexpensive for size and detail, have no doubt it will be superb, but this is entering Tamiya street price( without engine), should not be more than 60-70€, at worst.
  11. We have to be thankful to Modelsvit for that, SH had to up the game, but seeing pics still find it quite lacking in detail in most places, all will depend on price, if properly priced will do well...
  12. Great choice since Academy is 24 years old and many other marks were not covered, but 24,5€ for P-39, no way( least for me).
  13. Take everything what SH says with more than a grain of salt, unfortunately they are pioneers of term " cornering the market", number of announcements far outweights number of released kits, with 1/3 never being tooled, rest taking in some cases almost a decade.
  14. While I have no doubt that KP botched something, would also like to know provenance of the plans , way too often kits are trashed based on innacurate drawings.
  15. As mentioned before by Mr.Šulc, Seafires I.b, II, III, PR.IV, PR.XI, PR.XIX, XII, before Griffon Spits( that for now have been dismissed). Although one has to take all mentioned with a bit of salt regarding possible timeframes, it took Eduard seven years ( 2013-2020) between Late and Early Merlins , and taking into account that Mk.Vc has just been released + ambitious schedule, we may not wait seven years but few more years before another family is tooled.
  16. Quite bald statement to say that only 1% of persons questioning model accuracy have any idea what they are saying, no matter being it a hyperbole or not. Its scale modelling-quite exact science, not approximative rendition, and yes should be obligation since plenty of manufacturers take quite laxed stance on accuracy.
  17. If they sold stated 2400 kits, that is everything but bad sales in timeframe since kits release, full run kits in bigger scales seldom reach more than 10k in their first few years, and their popularity is far surpassing limited injection moulding kits of second tier subjects. And if mentioned number is correct, taking their provenance into account , they amortized costs early down the run. For 100€ people expect premium quality, while having nice surface details, its still short run kit. But even as such I have no doubt that it made/ will make money for HpH.
  18. In its heyday, Hasegawa released all F-4 family in 1/72 scale in one year ( 1990 ), till unfortunate change of focus in 2009 they produced between 6-8 totally new aircraft toolings annualy, not counting subtypes . In my view I compare Eduard to Hasegawa, they both heralded new level of quality in scale modelling, but again unfortunately Eduard does not have the numbers, number of kits announced( most unofficialy) surpasses twenty, with some like F4U, Me 262, MiG-15 being 6-8 year old " news", they have all the neccessary to issue far more, jets in the broadest sense are definitely what is lacking, from F-86 family, F-105, F-100 to quality Eurofighter, Gripen or F-35...
  19. Hobby 2000 reboxed Hasegawa recently, as for any MikroMir kits, looks nice in CAD stage, looks sub standard on sprues, is difficult to build.
  20. Given kits provenance and link between subject and ongoing events( timing), although being firmly and fully against PC culture, and without wish to start any problems, will say what I said for Heydrich's Emil boxing, they can shov...pardon my language.
  21. Before any new F-14 from GWH, would be nice that they re-tool inaccurate or poorly moulded F-15C/E parts( mainly canopy and exhausts) as they promised several times on their Facebook page with words " imminent " , " in the works", " asap",...as for F-14, Tamiya is in my opinion underdetailed for asking price, AMK has its share of inaccuracies so bring it on....
  22. One really has to have lack of social intelligence to release Heydrich's plane as a subject.
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