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  1. Great to see H-34 Pirate, what was essentially first dedicated combat helicopter, just hope they got the load out correct- one MG151+ one M2 on starboard side same combo on the port side was most frequent configuration, also MG151 was operated with and without gunshield.
  2. Outstanding, especially TBM-3R, lots of possibilities for various Korean carrier and land based dioramas.
  3. Outstanding, at first I thought its not going to be riveted, but close ups show beautiful surface detailing After botched Trumpeter attempt in 1/48, this will be my go to Whirlwind.
  4. Airfix 1/24 does not have lapped panes, it has recessed panels, just checked what you said and went over my kit, no sign of lapped panels whatsoever, same goes for SH kit, all recessed panels.
  5. KH probably won't deliver, but to say that Zvezda kit is difficult to surpass is pardon my language-laughable. Zvezda kit is so devoid of detail, that its beyond belief a.)that its Zvezda kit b.)that its tooled in 1/48 and year being 2020. In my view by far biggest disappointment in the last few years considering tooling provenance, and its not just rivet detail, panels are missing and not consistent, not to mention first run having very very odd plastic quality ( especially transparent parts ), but latter can be remedied. Its accurate in outline, everything else will be easily surpassed. Discount tooling for some reason that is beyond my reasoning, prices in Central Europe equal or surpass 1/35 Academy AH-1Z, and quality of the Zulu Cobra is miles above Zvezda.
  6. I would be more questioning Revell why they were/are not capable releasing "Desert Storm Gr.1" under their own label, with all the "accessories" being properly done in plastic.
  7. Re.2000 is a mixed tooling, comprised of fuselage+wings that are short run and smaller details that are tooled differently. SH short run technology has very fine panel lines and in some kits like VL Myrsky they are exquisite, with some of the best surface detail in 72nd scale. Mentioned is short run tech, with D.H.Vampire they switched to more mainstream toolings, and they produce few new toolings yearly as complete " full run " kits. Of those some are good, some bad ( Vampire ) most mediocre, almost all due to quite heavy panelling. But even among them there is fair share of differences, P-40E has quite heavy panel lines especially on wings, on P-40K, although retaining previous wings, fuselage surface details are restrained and show that SH can do it, same goes for Do 27 ( again fuselage). Taking before mentioned into account, and finesse of surface detailing in Modelsvit kits, if they want long term profitability, Mirage III kits better be more like details found on P-40K fuselage.
  8. All fine, seems that tooling has not " been cut ", just one thing(panel lines-panel lines-panel lines) they need to be far better, surface details and finesse of mentioned is key if they (SH) want to have competitive and long lasting product.
  9. Thank you for the pics, no question first accurate Mi-24 in 1/48, but they truly skimped on detail,my subjective opinion. Nothing more than 1/72nd upscaled.
  10. The more tome passes the more I cannot grasp Zvezda logic behind this kit, they produced Pe-2 and Yak-130, without skimping on detail. Both of before mentioned don't have wide appeal as Mi-24 has, and if they did it properly (proper surface detailing ) their Hind would have been go to kit for decades to come. At the same time on european markets one can find superbly detailed newish and new Zvezda T-35,Boomerang, Pantsir kits for between 25-35 euros, mentioned have far more parts and are far more detailed than new Mi-24, as for savings, could have easily slashed half hearted attempt at Isotov's.
  11. Although Modelsvit Mirages are short run, and put up some fight during the build, none the less they set quality bar quite high for late III's, current mainstream SH tooling is still far behind quality of detail in Modelsvit kits, they should take all the time they need and try to surpass Modelsvit.
  12. Have to say looking into the box, nicest 1/72nd scale model kit helicopter in my opinion, truly outstanding kit and whole package, well done Clearprop!
  13. Also elated, but given AZ track record full of doubt, with their short run tech SH will be difficult to surpass, my guess it will be like their DH Comet, better than other kits at the moment, but not by a wide margin..
  14. Fair enough, just imagine how many kits one company would need to produce just to recoup tooling investment-not to mention make money using your numbers, I don't know about WNW, that is why I said think, but numbers related to costs that I wrote I stand by as someone selling and co-producing ( two kits) for/in the last 30 years.. For instance how many of the new Gloster Gladiators ICM would need to sell if lets say they cost app.20 euros wholesale, same goes for new Eduard Typhoon as both are made from highest quality steel moulds-not short run... Regarding market numbers, that is where you are again very very wrong, number of kits produced are lower than ever, rarely do large scale kits cross 10000 mark, usually far lower, 48th scale ones maybe up to 60000-70000, 72nd less than that, all mentioned through all of the tooling's life. Its shadow of former numbers when 32nd scale kits were selling between 50-70000 ( Revell, Hasegawa ) Please take everything I wrote as a sign of constructive debate, most important is the state of the hobby, which has never been better.
  15. Thankfully you are very,very wrong, modern toolings cost way less than you think, for instance tooling costs associated with Airfix Typhoon were 30+thousand pounds, most 32nd scale toolings 10-15 thousand, and today first runs rarely exceed 5-6 thousand kits, followed by smaller numbers in the long run. Tooling costs plummeted in the last 20 years, more so if you have in house tooling production ( Tamiya,Eduard,Zvezda,ICM etc...), that is why today we have proliferation of new kits and companies, because its cheaper than ever before. Regarding WNW, want to emphasize that due to its direct sale model, and relative late decision to use distributors they are probably sole model kit manufacturer that achieved extra profits on their products.
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