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  1. When initially speaking about Tempest project V.Sulc was saying Tempest Mk.II was slated for Royal Class with Mk.V, and released as stand alone item by Special Hobby first!... both Mk.VI and Mk.II will be totally new toolings, in the last few years there were numerous slated releases from Eduard that have been either put back on hold or scrapped.
  2. In my opinion one of untapped markets, especially in 1/48 scale where aside from Planet Models and few one off manufacturers, gliders and especially Third Reich ones are very interesting and non existent, I applaud AZ for doing Rheinland and have so many others on my wishlist. What I would give for injection 1/48 Reicher, Habicht and Kranich
  3. PF,PFM,Bis, Bf 109, Tempest and Mustang were cited numerous times.
  4. Whatever they release it will sell if they improve overall quality and finesse of toolings and equally important improve quality of manufacturing process ( both styrene and injection molding) As for subjects, please new 1/24 Spitfire Mk.I and 1/48 Buccaneer.
  5. Pic of bygone era, they( Dragon) were supposed to release host of 1/72kits in 2009-2010 timeframe(Spitfire Mk.I,B Stuka,AH-64D etc..), both as plastic kits and pre made collectibles, unfortunately their gree..pardon 100% price hike in 2008/9 eventually slashed their revenue, coupled with dwindling government subsidies and number of programs ranging from mentioned to Star Wars were slashed.
  6. Can say finally, after two dozen late marque Spitfires in stash and 6 built,only one want/need= please one piece upper and lower cowling-I dont want Brassin replacement-please proper plastic one piece cowling-charge more but...make it one piece..and in plastic☺
  7. Also hoping it will be UK injection molded, quite big difference quality wise to what " Made In India" for now implies.
  8. Hasegawa A-1H " U.S.Navy "( BP6 ) is this year back in their non limited catalogue, so for at least next three years it will be widely available, as for Sword, as much as I like them they are still short run manufacturer, and their kits don't exactly fall together. I still think they are the best Czech short run manufacturer, but in the last few years their kits are not what they used to be.. Ever since they ended their collaboration with Eduard, cockpit detail is non existent, and overall quality differs from one release to another. Anyway, bought four AD-4W's and looking forward to more obscure versions.
  9. There was no two seater concept, and Huma is OOP for 25+years.
  10. Junkers EF.128 finally, it was a true Luft 46 concept, that was viable at the end of war, but why two seater!?
  11. Although GWH MiG-29 family is superlative rendition of the airplane, and if Eduard boxes something it will probably be some limited edition comprising before mentioned, totally new tooling taking current level of surface detailing on Eduard kits-would be ecstatic!
  12. Will buy multiples, although in my opinion missed opportunity for what seems extinct Dual Combo boxings ( A-2/3+5 JaBo).
  13. Airfix did not change wholesale prices recently, my bet would be your retailer.
  14. Both have been announced as work in progress on Czech forums several years ago, both P-36 and P-40B, Wildcat is a novelty. So far Mr.Sulc announced as work in progress following... Early Merlin Spitfires and Seafires Hurricane Mustang Mosquito F4U-1 MiG-15 New Fw 190D Me 262 Mig-21F-13/UM F-4 Phantom ( was cancelled?)
  15. Wheels, exhaust...for now, comparing Daco sets to the new Kinetic, they did not copy the sets-detail is different, now what I will say is highly non objective but to me seems like copy of Hasegawa with added avionics bay...will see in few days.
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