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  1. swordmodels.cz is the only relevant webpage regarding news about their models, although there is no rule as such, after first pics of the sprues appear on mentioned webpage, release date is more or less 1-2 months away.
  2. Caribou was in my opinion the best kit Hobbycraft tooled, and would like someone to re-release it, Kitech sold their toolings( like Revell's Rafale and Sabredog) to other companies before, as well as issuing them under their brand. Btw, would like to see HC Beaver in both scales again, and Allison Mustangs in 32nd scale as well.
  3. On one hand surface detail is definitely superb, on the other does Eduard truely not have slide moulding technology that would enable them to tool one piece more complex shapes ( like upper cowling), two part flaps!? Secondly I'll be waiting for proper review before buying bulk, still remember two Gustav fiacsos and comparative pics do show major discrepancies between Tamiya and Eduard....will be interesting.
  4. Just Eduard or Revell boxing as well? Any link?
  5. Moson is week away, no pics of the sprues...is it Supermodel re-pop or else?
  6. As someone who was also shifting trasport boxes at the time, can say that in 2009 and later, majority of Tamiya and other far eastern manufacturers were bought via Asian online shops unlike Airfix. Prices being substantially lower than through local distributor. In my opinion aside from first release, Mosquito re-pop is a sales flop due to Tamiya 32nd kit., which brings me to say that in my long term ( 30+ ) years od dealing with Airfix-they don't listen, nor customers nor distributors/retailers.
  7. More than likely they will produce Swedish Skyraider boxing, in fact I am quite sure of that
  8. Their former distributor in Germany Glow2b has taken over company assets(brand+tollings) plans to re-issue numerous kits and more importantly is planning brand new French oriented aviation, automotive and maritime kits in the future ( as those were main Heller business lines ). They are already setting up new kit development section, comprising former Heller employees and recruting new ones. All mentioned from Glow2b letter to their business partners. Time will tell....
  9. Airfix/Heller most likely
  10. True that, quite bias and not as objective as the author of the " review" would like it to be,too many "probably, slightly, I doubt, most likely, almost certainly, unlikely etc... I know that Eduard botched many decals, and have no doubt that majority of the decal options are not 100% correct, but what source for Aussie Spits is? Regarding Eduard 1/72nd Spitfires( and 48th ones ), my biggest and only rant is concerning two piece upper cowling, in my view made that way to facilitate Brassin single piece drop in replacement sales, I don't like resin, and such major components should be made initially in plastic.
  11. Got three(and won't end there)!....in my opinion-the best 1/72nd scale jet kit on the market today..comparing to their 1/48th kit nothing is missing, truly superb.
  12. Render is for 48th scale kit, and I truly hope they don't simply downscale before mentioned, because fuselage is app.1,5mm too high, but still in 48th scale making visually front end ( firewall forwards ) too blunt, especially spinner which is in scale but too wide/too large diameter.
  13. I truly miss Gabor's posts because they were highly informative and I hope he will post again soon, as for certain company bankrolling "reviewers" or better said " inside the box viewers", one does not have to have outstanding powers of deduction to come to the same conclusion ( not speaking about this thread ), that is why forums like this have become my only and true source for unbiased info regarding model kits.
  14. That is true, and way too thick canopy is another niggle, but unfortunately its still the best kit of Mk.I, while I am not so content with Tamiya's 1/48 kit due to lack of rivets, aside that, for me its superb representation of Mk.I, and hoped that we would see 32nd kit ahead of 72nd one. While Eduard produced truly superlative Mk.IX-XVI in both scales, for some reason 72nd ones don't snap together as their 48th scale kit, would be interesting if Tamiya issued Mk.IX in 72, but they better make Vc before any other, cursed subtype in any scale.
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