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  1. Kinetic cooperated with Italeri on their M-346, but what was stipulated regarding timeframe of Italeri's boxing I don't know.
  2. Jaguar kits ( GR.1/3 and T.2 were planned) were cancelled when Kittyhawk kit appeared.
  3. V.Šulc, CEO of Eduard said at least few times on modelforum.cz and ipmsnymburk.com that Eduard will produce their own 72nd scale Mustangs no matter those of Arma, this has also been written here at least five time in different topics, somehow this has become less forum, more of a chat
  4. Quite right, Eduard once ( until Czech MiG 15 Dual Combo in 2013) released 1500 kits as Limited Editions, later the numbers went to 3500 per catalogue number for kits of Eduard provenance, which in 2021 is not in any way " Limited Edition", Hasegawa 1/48 in limited edition rarely went over 2500. Regarding mentioned " Southern Star" boxing, truely odd that after going so much into Spitfire detail and history( Mk.II D.C) three major theatres/battles of war are covered by 1 boxing, truely, truely odd.
  5. Expected separate MTO box, separate Malta box, and separate Australian box, and again too close to latest " The Sweeps" release in my view.
  6. Hornby itself cited Typhoon tooling(a-z) in 1/24 cost as 38000£, first and last time they publicly announced tooling costs.
  7. From online info( ipms nymburk) this went from short run to full mainstream tooling using current SH tech.
  8. I would really like that to be true.Lets hope so.
  9. Its not perception, unfortunately its a fact, kits coming from India have poorest styrene quality of any mainstream manufacturer today, by far. Regarding detail, compare Bucc pics with any 48th.scale kit of comparable size issued in 2021 or before, lack of surface detail( will get it exactly as shown on CAD pics-no more no less) is beyond me, I gained at least some of my myopia numbers pouring over Bucc pics, this kit is underdetailed by a long shot, cockpit, wheel bays, weapon bay, very simplified, again getting back to omitted surface detail. All well if you put it as Series 8 kit, but not as Series 12 with two latest price hikes in less than half a year. This is half hearted/ budget tooling for premium price. I truely want a.) good Bucc kit b.) Airfix to thrive..none of which is happening with current Hornby policies.
  10. Long overdue subject,will buy multiples, but new pricing for Series 12 is eye-watering.
  11. More than happy, in " my ideal" Airfix catalogue/portfolio aside from announced Mk.IX.c, there should always be Mk.I.a, Mk.V.b and Mk.V.c in 24th scale, as a kid stocking model shop shelves in mid-late '80 remember quite vividly both talk and sales indicating that 24th kits and few oddballs like B-1 and AH-64 were biggest earners for Airfix and retailers alike....
  12. My sincerest apologies, did ask and now received the following, both toolings-Zero and Wildcat totally new toolings, unrelated to any other manufacturer, first new Academy 1/48 toolings in a while. CH-53 not Italeri but Fujimi.
  13. Its 8 years since first announcement in 2014 about MiG-15 family in 48th scale, good thing is that we are back to three/four totally new toolings from Eduard yearly( Zero, Wildcat, S 199 anf 21F-13), there are plenty of announced subjects that are in the pipeline Me 262, Mosquito, Hurricane, F4U etc..etc..
  14. Regarding Zero and Wildcat retail list for 2022 " new tooled-cooperation", cooperation with whom aside from Eduard?..., if that is not the case than what are the odds of two mainsteam companies releasing the same two subjects in the same year?...Academy sends before Nürnberg detailed info on quaterly releases-we'll know for sure in 2 weeks time.
  15. Way too much work to do 206B.III, and due to sloopy research they thought they could pull one out of stock ESCI -58A, and even did sprue with cable cutters and new instrument panel-its cancelled. Biggest mourning on my part would be Jaguar in 48th cancellation.
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