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  1. Sorry Martin, but having the kit in my hand cannot see how its better than MB5, its the same " quality", as for dihedral you'll find same problem with AZ kit as well, but yes its more accurate regarding canopy issue.
  2. Three PR.2 arrived , and yes its pure AZ limited run, so lowest quality of Czech limited runs (Kora excluded ), would like to ask why It could not have been tooled as their DH Comet ,this will be easily surpassed by anyone deciding to tackle the subject, aside from canopy issue, cannot see how this surpasses SH.
  3. V.Sulc( Eduard) annouced few years ago P-36 family, as for Ukranian, both ICM and Wingsy/Clearprop would be more than fine, AMG/Dora would shy away.
  4. This is budget tooling at its best, Mk.4's had slatted wings-most prominent feature, so in 2020 Airfix cannot go the same route Promodeler/Revell did with their F-86D - 22 years ago, congrats, truely well thought effort, no flaps and no slats on a 1/48 scale kit, not to mention panel lines...spirit of Matchbox found its new home, sorry guys but as I have soft spot for Sabres -this equals my dissapointment in Zvezda's new Mi-24V. This should be Series 5 or 6 kit-at best.
  5. November releases. https://www.eduard.com/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2020-11en.pdf 82103 F-6D/K 1/48 ProPACK 11145 ADLERTAG 1/48 Limited edition ( Bf 110C/D) 2132 ADLERTAG 1/72 Limited edition 7455 MiG-21PF 1/72 Weekend edition
  6. Unfortunately I have some reservations, as said by AZ this should have been somewhere in the middle between HQ tech and fully short run, expected something like DH Comet. From pics, this tooling is pure AZ/KP short run tech, anyone who had the opportunity building mentioned short runs will now that they are very , very difficult to assemble, with poor and soft detail, hope they prove me wrong.
  7. Their Tempest is excellent kit and such tooling quality Typhoon would be phenomenal, I have fond memories of Hasegawa's kit reaching the shelves in 1999, and still have 20+ in of the latter in the stash, not to mention that sooner or later they would downscale it to 72nd where both Airfix and Brengun could be improved. Special Hobby announced their Typhoon in 32nd scale, but that could be even decade away, not to digress further- I truly hope they will, especially that they announced both Mk.VI and Mk.II.
  8. ...as an engineer you do understand that model kit is a presentation of the real thing-not a pantographed copy, if you view things that way, you will no doubt decide to scrap panel lines and maybe scrap the whole idea, because of scale thickness of parts like trailing edges and canopies, I would not sign on those if I were you...enjoy the hobby, and cannot say enough how pleased I am with us getting Skyshark...
  9. Those of us who prefer rivets and those of us that don't both have valid reasons for it, lets enjoy the hobby...
  10. Depends on manufacturers surface treatment, some have highly pronounced rivets, some don't, we cannot generalize here, as far as I am concerned if done properly ( as small as possible) today's kit in 1/48 and larger scales without rivets looks toylike and bland, I applaud Clearprop's way, even in 72nd scale as seen on their Seasprite, again if done properly, as they did.
  11. Regarding cowling, just went through builds on Eduard's webpage and cannot see any bulge -its straight all the way...could it be some optical illusion due to photo angle of the part ?
  12. Because if their superlative Claude costs around 40+Euros, depending where you look, Emil will cost the same if not more, paying mentioned sum for model of that size I will never be ready. Wingsy Claudes are very nice kits, but quality wise they are in some areas behind Eduard for a price that is app 20-40% higher. As for later price reduction never happens.
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