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  1. One really has to have lack of social intelligence to release Heydrich's plane as a subject.
  2. Hope they also decide to tool new wing, instead of ancient C.Airframes one, truely odd given that both new fuselage and smaller parts sprue are excellent.
  3. Given subject popularity, lack of competition, fair pricing and possibility to corner the market-biggest design omission( lack of detail) in 48th scale in a long long time..maybe since Hasegawa's Raptor.
  4. AMX is supposed to be new tooling, B 206 was result of bad research thinking one can easily transform ESCI's tooling into B.III, parts were even tooled before they prudently decided to pull the plug. Aside from B206 and Jaguar I cannot remember that eventually ( after years ) they did not release what they announced. Far bigger problem is that Italeri sits on numerous toolings without re-releasing them for ages, then finding themsevles surprised when the subject is done by other brands.
  5. Kit is in Italeri's catalogue( does not mean much as such) so sometime in the future its going to be released, if someone does not beat them to it.
  6. Great news, meaning at least higher quality plastic.
  7. Price of Italeri's Spitfire will be in between Weekend and Profipack editions, and Eduard is far, far superior kit, it will only make sense for someone who cannot obtain Eduard for different reasons-price aside. For all of us waiting F-5A in 72nd, and new tooled F-35B in 48th, first has been postoned and is now June release, Lightning II coming in July.
  8. i think somebody has lost the plot at Eduard, and at the same time I truely do think they are the best model company in the world today-from quality to pricing, but Rosie The... pricing is outrageous, I don't recall any 1/48 accessory being so expensive comparable to the price of the model its designed to complement.
  9. Had a good look at these two boxings in Moson Show this weekend-highly surprised to see resin replacement nose section( instead of new short run plastic sprue ), and the quality( in my opinion) is not up to today's standard.
  10. Their prices were high before all the latest madness, now paying 24-26€ for smaller single engined fighter with end opening flimsy box-good comparison with IBG, how can they do it better for 20€ max( D-9), and even that is expensive. Arma's products were always overpriced( my own opinion).
  11. Whatever they release they will sell( subject wise), but their prices are getting out of hand.
  12. Superb kits, but wish more decal options from the period when these Zlin's entered production, so 1950-1970's , way too many schemes of today's planes, especially goes for latest Z-126 boxings. Would prefer more factory schemes from the production history. Hope this leads to Avia C-2 or better known as Arado 96 ( in my view most important/ forgotten LW aircraft )
  13. Starfighter should be Revell not Italeri.
  14. Great news, is it just me or CAD show bit longer nose than it should be.
  15. Predator( and MD 500 ) should be Academy+there are rumours from S.Korean trade for at least 3 years that AH-64A-E was to follow AH-1Z, but no more info on that.
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