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  1. One of the best models I have seen. It is an outstanding sample of discrete but effective elegance and well balanced staging.
  2. Who, me a progress ?...I have never done a step by step contribution to an English forum...from time to time I write for a Spanish magazine...on model railways!!! Anyway the magazine editor has just sent me an H0 boat...-a ferry by Artmaster..-.for me to do it. What it will turn out I don´t know...maybe a shipwreck!!!
  3. I will never be able to do such a nice wokmanship with wood!!! It looks superb!
  4. A joke detail in this dio. From my point of view, funny details may be an interesting extra . In this case, the ship´s boy is a bit drunk and he needs to hold onto the life boat to prevent falling out from the deck and the sea gulls are not willing to admit this interference in their pleasant lifes. It is now when we discover his hidden whisky bottles!! We can see the sea waves bouncing against the ship´s hull. In the end... modelling is fun!
  5. Dapol is a wonderful British manufacturer yet not widely known here in Spain. I´ve been browsing through Barry´s photos after your mentioning it. This guy really knows what is an outstanding shot!
  6. This is an example of a texturization technique with an H0 locomotive. You can observe its grainy rusty look.
  7. oops! maybe things will be easier with a close-up....
  8. Ok Chewitt, you asked for it, but let`s do it a bit more funny.... Where is the beers crate?
  9. Thank you so much for your comments folks! The kit is from Artitec, the Dutch manufacturer.
  10. It took me the whole summer afternoons but I hope you find it was worth the effort. (1:87 scale) [/img]Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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