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  1. I only met him the once, but what a wonderful man. We were discussing vacforms at the Nationals, I think it was at Stoneleigh but certainly something like thirty years ago now. I've been married twenty four, and it was quite a while before that. I explained that I had bought lots of ID Model 1/32 kits but had the occasional difficulty in finding references. Who, for instance had photos of the Wyvern cockpit? Would Yeovilton be amenable for me to clamber over her to get some? Well, it turns out, that he has some already and posted them to me. I promptly lost them somewhere in the stash- until this morning. I still have the kit, somewhere, part started and stalled ever since despite the odd picture coming to light since in the 4+ and "From The Cockpit" series. Best I don't post the pictures back then.
  2. He of the great Spitfire knowledge. He didn't used to live in Marlow, Bucks perchance? I'm having a massive loft clear-out due to impending building work and have come across some correspondence from over 25 years ago. Are there two Edgars out there?
  3. Dear Ossington, I’ve got a Maintrack Models kit no 72:22 Fairey Barracuda V conversion for a Frog/Novo kit. I was going to do it myself then I saw the Special Hobby 1/48 Barracuda, 1/48 is my preferred scale. Regards Keith

  4. I'd like a copy of the conversion too, please.
  5. This is new to me. Have I missed its announcement at Nuremberg, or similar? Just found this from Antics... https://anticsonline.uk/N450/N483/N619/N1850_revell-monogram-1-32-scale-plastic-model-aircraft-kit/108538788_Revell-03851-Hawker-Tempest-V-Aircraft-Kit.html Hope it's true!
  6. Phew! I thought I'd made a FU when the image didn't come up directly. I used to be able to do this. What happened? At least it must be visible to be commented upon. Maybe these lines were a trial limited to just a few squadrons and abandoned promptly.
  7. I found this image in a library book today. https://imgur.com/V0e3RhH 91st BG Osnabruck, 1943 as it happens. I have never noticed those (white?) lines before. How common was this? Do they appear on B-24s?
  8. I don't suppose dates will matter much to you, but it arrived at Binbrook on 24/10/43 and departed for Faldingworth 23/8/45, but back again 6/9/45. Left again 7/3/46. (Air-Britain The Oxford, Consul & Envoy File)
  9. Oh, Binbrook Station Flight was allocated CG as a code, though there is no record of it being used. (Michael J.F. Bowyer and John D.R. Rawlings's book)
  10. According to Air-Britain's N1000 to N9999, it served first at 15 FTS, then to 14 FTS/ 16 PFTS/RAFC/Binbrook/Faldingworth/Binbrook/Faldingworth before being Struck Off Charge 18-3-49. Like the reply above, I'd go for DG/DE over Yellow.
  11. I'm sure I have a Damned album with Peter Jones's voice on the run-out. (He of the radio version of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, circa 1977-78ish) saying "Nibbled to death by an okapi" on repeat. Machine Gun Etiquette? Sorry for the thread drift.
  12. Maybe, just maybe, Airfix will re-release this Wellington kit with the most massive ASV array ever. Something they found in an old Boscombe Down/Defford file that we don't know about yet...
  13. So someone named Townsend was involved with mould production and wanted a subtle way to be imortalised. A bit like how production staff at vinyl record manufacturers would scratch their name onto the shiny bit at the end of the grooves?
  14. I want to build a TTTE craft, specifically ZA330. It was painted grey (or greys) before its loss in Jan 1999. There don't seem to be many photos about to prove this though.
  15. When I were no'but a lad, Tornados were painted in two colours: Dark Green, BSC381c:641 and Dark Sea Grey, BSC381c:638. Sometime around 1990, just as I was looking elsewhere, they turned grey. I assumed at the time, at last initially, that they has simply deleted the green and now used just the one colour overall, the same grey as previous. Was that the case? Or were all grey Tornados now painted in two shades, the Dark Sea Grey 638 AND introduced the new Dark Camouflage Grey, BSC381c:629? I've been squinting at old photos and can barely make out any difference in tone, allowing for sunlight, thrust reverser dirt etc. If the new scheme consisted of two similar colours for top & bottom surfaces one wonders why they bothered. Has anyone kept track of these changes please? I know that within a few more years, they went to Medium Sea Grey overall, but that's for another kit... Yours hoping to use the one aerosol.
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