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  1. You may find something, or nothing, in the crash report at the National Archives under reference AIR81/11866. Alas, it is not visible online, and it may be dear to purchase.
  2. Not easy finding pictures of any wartime Finningley aircraft. Someone decided to junk all of 18 & 25 OTU's memory post war. Alas. Very little between Wellesleys and 616's Mosquitos.
  3. If it looks like its had a blanket draped over it, then I suggest it's got a self-sealing covering. Think of two layers of sorbo rubber with a semi-sticky gel compound in the middle. Should a round puncture the tank, this compound expands in the presence of petrol to close up the leak. Not need post-war and on todays air display machines, though I suspect the many wartime build tanks in the supply chain would have been used up until the Tempest retired.
  4. NA3T Transport Photos. com has a pic of XL390, at Finningley, 1969, whilst with 617.
  5. About time someone wrote the book on British propellers. all the firms, all the models (with scale drawings of course) and all the usages. Does the Manchester prop match the Typhoon? Even if just the Vulture Tornado. Enquiring minds need to know!
  6. Lightning T.5's have dayglo bands and T.4's yellow apparently (I haven't checked but that is how it's supposed to be). The differing reflectance on the wings in the above picture is due to enamel type paint used on the metal leading edge and cellulose dope on the fabric surface from the main spar rearwards.
  7. True, but the concrete frame layout does suggest similarities to British Bofors towers.
  8. Anyone look into the possibility it was to be an elavated flak position? Is it situated somewhere with a clear view, not withstanding post war vegetation.
  9. S'funny that. Sometime around 72-5 I had to request four missing Halifax radials, propellers and exhausts. Missing they were, honest!
  10. I have always assumed that the Scimitar tanks are identical to standard length Hunter tanks. Is this actally so? Would make modelling them easier, if it is.
  11. I thought the walkway areas had that sand-in-the-paint stuff applied. Any 'erk lineys about? Any single colour applied overall would appear different due to differing light reflection from a stippled surface.
  12. Check out a motorway road sign. That's the colour.
  13. That 'Raspberry Jam' preservative looked and felt exactly like that, for the longish term preservative for primarily unpainted surfaces. It dries waxy. Remember that Merlin Halifax fished out of a fjord and on display at Hendon? Same stuff.
  14. Was it true that early in squadron service ( I left in 85, so a little out of touch) that it was usual to plug in a hydraulic rig and cycle-through all the control surface permutations as part of the Built In Test Equipment set up. (BITE was seen as quite innovative at the time) Somewhere, a wing swung forward (or back) and whacked a hangar wall.
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