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  1. Ossington

    RAF Hudson OTU - code C3

    Hmmmm. Not a straightforward one this. C3 has links to 711, 785, 786, 800 and 815 Squadrons, but these are FAA units. (at Crail mostly and equiped with Avengers, Barracudas etc) Source: Combat Codes, Flintham/Andrews.
  2. Ossington

    Stirling rear undercarriage - what's out there?

    According to the AP, (AP1660A&B) tailwheel track was 23.5 ins. Tyres Dunlop 10X5.25 ins, 50 psi. Do you think Hurricane (or similar) tailwheel legs would do? https://imgur.com/a/8gxdiJl
  3. Ossington

    RAF bomb trolley colours

    ISTR an order forbidding the painting of squadron numbers on GSE (or even on the back of denims) as a security measure, Squadron codes being the prefered method to prevent inter- squadron pilfering.
  4. Ossington

    Air Cadets, 1/72 Sedbergh T21 Vacform

    I remember fittings for Gosport tubes. I never saw them installed or used. Wait, that was on T.III's not Barges.
  5. Ossington

    Whatever happened to Airframe Silver?

    I remember those. Dearer than normal paint. No way was I ever going to buy "Night" black or the usual greens and browns, no matter how authentic. What my childhood mind couldn't cope with was, "if these special and dearer paints are 'authentic' then what does it make the regular range"? just vague guesses at Brunswick green or admiralty grey maybe? I did buy Sea Grey Medium for my Merlin Beau conversion though. Very matt and went on like a dream, even with my 3d (denares) paintbrushes bought from the hardware shop round the corner. The existence of a Cockpit green was entirely new to me, as was, to be fair, actually taking time to paint the interior before slapping the fuselage halves together. German bombers were different though, the extensive 'beetles eye' glazing demanded painting so I bought Humbrols' Grau 02. How was this colour supposed to be also used as an exterior shade, alongside all the fuselage mottling? It took me years to realise that they got the shade totally wrong and it was an attempt at Grau 66. It took Almark's 'Modelworld' series to put me right. "A bit of dark grey mixed into Sky." I'm still under therapy.
  6. Ossington

    Id letter required: Sgt Dennis Noble, Hurricane, P3179

    I have checked the digitised record on the TNA, in AIR27/441/16, the Record of Events. P3179 was his "normal " machine, though he did fly V7366 on 14/8 and V7221 on 23/8. Alas, all aircraft are recorded by serial number only, no codes. Can't find it listed in the usual suspects either (Fighter Squadrons of the RAF, Squadron Codes etc. Doesn't Tangmere have a museum? If they have a log book collection, or at least relevant BoB photocopies, it might be recorded.
  7. Ossington

    Whirlwind canopy roof

    Best I could find in my collection. I think it is possibly XP404. Apologies for provenance. https://imgur.com/a/ALqSF4y
  8. Ossington

    Electric motor to spin prop- recommendations?

    Try one of those pound shops. This time of year they sell hand held battery powered fans. The motor might be a tad clunky for some aircraft (P-40B etc.) but they are cheap (£1) and come with brass stripping for the switch.
  9. Have you tried trench filling with superglue and talc? Run a bead a few inches long then spoon the talc on. Sand as soon as it dries, don't wait until morning, otherwise it will be harder than the plastic and you will sand shallow hollows in. Bicarb works too, but I think talc is slightly softer (and smells nicer). Micro balloons will feel yuckie under your fingers.
  10. Ossington

    SEAC Thunderbolt serial query

    You might find details of your grandfather in this document: AIR27/2426/9. Covers from May 46 to Dec 50, which might include his participation. 362 pages to go at. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D8420203 I can't see any aircraft/code tie-ins, but I'm looking at the down graded version. Once you know his posting in and out dates, you can check the monthly summaries.
  11. Ossington

    SEAC Thunderbolt serial query

    Using Google images, I have found a profile of KL173, MU-A. NM finish, Oct 45.
  12. Ossington

    SEAC Thunderbolt serial query

    After a quick look at the usual sources, all I have is KL187 forMU-M.
  13. Ossington


    Thank You. The best view of a late Harrier's vortex generators I have found so far.
  14. Ossington

    1/32 after market accessories to fit the old Revell Mel 262

    Correct. The Frog Kits were Hasegawa plastic reboxed. The Revell kit is just a Revell effort, from back in the day when 1/32 kits were designed down to a price, rather than up to a quality. Biggest fault are the air intakes, in the kit they are near to true cones, in reality they were asymmetrical top to bottom.
  15. About those windows. While digging into the loft for something I didn't find, I did come across "Scale Models" the Jan 1976 issue, where the Grand Slam issue was being reviewed. From C. Rupert Moore himself: "... the larger square window on each side of the fuselage should be moved back by .3 in.- this is an error also on the MAP scale drawings which should be corrected; a glance at any photograph showing this window on a full size Lanc. will show that the window is over the L.E. with its aft edge just forward of the centre line frame of the astro dome. The smaller window in front of these should also move back .125 in. to be correct." Back then the kit cost £7.99.