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  1. I didn't know that F8 fuselages were altered to accommodate an ejection seat. Is that why there is a fabric covered wooden fillet by the canopy rail area? I thought it odd when I examined the wreck of our ATC squadron Meteor nose back around 1973 ish.
  2. Thank You for those photos. ISTR that the Frog transparency was a solid blob. That trailing aerial fairlead is new to me.
  3. I have wondered about these windows ever since the Frog Avenger was released in the early 70's. Because of light reflection from the curved surface, it is difficult to find a good photo of the internal fuselage. Was it a dome applied over the standard rectangular window opening or was said opening enlarged to match the internal circle and thus cutting through at least two fuselage stringers? Also, thinking about it, this handy mod allowed an observer a better downward view of such things as freshly dropped smoke buoys, why was it not adopted by the USN? An enquiring mind would like to kn
  4. I figured that there would be enough interested army types to answer questions on this site. Can someone give me the manufacturer and designation of the genny please? The dataplate is missing but it looks to be the kind of thing made for a military contract. https://imgur.com/n2BSeWG
  5. You mean this thing? https://imgur.com/FZQEAYQ
  6. I've got one of those. I recognise the cover. I can't put my hand to it ATM, it's buried in the loft, but doesn't it have a Phantom picture in it? ISTR it's of a recce variant with poorly added roundels airbrushed on. Very unconvincing.
  7. Lack of potential sales I think. Maybe a Japanese or Israeli modeller would be less inclined to buy what is a special-to-country variant, though we British modellers are happy to model JSDF/IAF if the interweb and decal adverts are anything to go by. Personally, I want a 1/32nd RF-4B. How many were built? From the top of my head, about 30. And all for the USMC. Even more specialised, so I don't expect ever to get one.
  8. "Fighter Squadrons of the RAF" by J. Rawlings, Macdonalds/Crecy, p.310: Typhoon Ib (Nov 42-Jun 45) R8885 E DN271 M JP382 M JR128 S RB222 K R8933 F DN377 P JP601 L JR260 J R8978 R DN405 T JP973 E MN260 A Squadron code HF in all cases.
  9. The bottom (rear) edge did overlap the airframe when closed. There was a mod issued to slice off some 'excess' door, I think to avoid striking the the ground on landing, or to avoid strikes by stones etc. Hopefully someone on here will tell us when, and by how much.
  10. Coupla more pics... https://imgur.com/S82kDso https://imgur.com/YFd72PL
  11. Hu90 eh. Uh, ok, but what do you then use for Sky? Don't tell me - you never use the stuff for exterior purposes. "If it ain't Bomber Command, I ain't building it!"
  12. Red Lips! Not what I expected on a modelling forum! Ah, the smell of burning mosquito rings... You buy me dlink big boy?
  13. https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-48-avro-lancaster-b-mk-i-hk-models/ Link moved over from WW2.
  14. I tried to eyeball the colour decades ago for my Contrail TSR2. ISTR that it was a lot paler than 50/50, more like 90 white/10 blue or red. Somewhere in my stash I have a matchbox containing slivers of metal from the Vulcan scrapped at Newton circa 1974.
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