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  1. Thank You Guys! Now that is why I read this forum!
  2. Just thinking in pixels here, nothing removed from the sprues just yet, but I've been wondering. The best 1/32 110 out there is the Italeri kit, but it is an early version. I have been waiting for them to release a G, but it hasn't happened and I don't think it ever will. I have this kit in the stash but also two Revell/Hasegawa 109's. (I was going to build a 109Z a few years back, but the references didn't match up and that enthusiasm died quickly). Now, can I combine two late 109 fronts to the 110 to make a G? Is it more involved than that? I know Messerschmitt took that route to make t
  3. Years ago I thought that a 'two seater Freedom Fighter' was the same as a Talon. Just needed different paint, right? Nope. biggest difference, and I didn't see it for decades, was the skinny bit in the middle area rule that the Talon has, never mind the height of the intakes etc. Don't go there, as they say!
  4. Going with my failing memory, and I haven't seen the article for many years, but even as an 11 YO, I don't remember the photo that accompanied the article having fern leaf roundels. So many photos back then were tiny. Remember Photo Page? About 20 pics and minimal captioning crammed onto one page. Looking back, it was a terrifc resource.
  5. https://imgur.com/dRffSZw I first found this scheme in a copy of Airfix Magazine, circa 1968. One day, I'll build that I said to my youthful self. Two 1/32 vacform Avengers later (one Combat Models, one I.D.) and both abandoned when Trumpeter announced their kit, I have yet to actually buy one and make a start.
  6. Silver/aluminium paint above and yellow/black TT stripes underneath.
  7. Best I can come up with is this. Wrong time frame I know, but... https://imgur.com/0BH5AmJ
  8. The flaps were moved to 'down' but not to any particular setting. It was possible to drive a rag-top Land Rover under the wing (while towing a bowser to refuel GSE) under some Jags, but it would snag on those set to 'extra low' Don't ask me how I know this.
  9. I've another shufti at my chosen subject, VP120, the Clyde test bed. It does look more like a standard Martin Baker seat to me. https://imgur.com/Uc83tjF
  10. Thank You for that steer. I always knew that the Gnat had its special-to-type seat, but not its provenance. Also, as it happens, I used to work on Mu-meters. If the central tyre needed replacing, it had to be dragged up and down Coltishall's runway until it was bald first (this gizmo matched the difference between the central tyre grip to the outer pair to give a reading. They took forever to settle down for a reliable and repeatable trace on graph paper. Always happened when the SATCO wanted to know if the runway was sufficiently clear of ice to use.
  11. https://imgur.com/kCATJn9 https://imgur.com/Tp6YUl5 Any help?
  12. I've got early Wyvern mania this week. Apparently my machine has a ML ejection seat fitted. I can find lots of stuff on early Martin Bakers, but nothing on Marcel Lobelles. Does anyone out there have a decent photo or drawing to share please? I haven't removed the sprues from the Trumpeter bags yet and already it's teetering on the Shelf of Doom. Help!
  13. To be fair, I don't think the 1/24th Harrier is at all bad. They are incised rivets and can be disguised with a coat of primer and some sanding. ISTR that the 'mottle' had to be added to prevent vacuum suction when removing the plastic from the moulds. That said, car bodies are smooth...
  14. The worst model I ever came across for rivets has to be the original, 1968, Frog/Revell Shackleton. My memory if it is not just domes, but each one was slightly elongated away from the skin. Think tiny udders. Yuk! Odd, considering the rest of their range was noticeably smoother than other company's efforts.
  15. Does anyone have the definitive dimensions of the nose and tail cones please? I've seen the overall fuselage length quoted before, but not how it is broken down.
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