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  1. A 1/24th Harrier Ladder would be appreciated. By me, at least.
  2. I think it was sun caused internal reflections. Heinkel III had similar.
  3. Shame. You got me really interested there. I was almost in the loft. I take it that there was sufficient power generation on board not to need a wooden windmill. I made an Airfix Avenger into a TT following an article in AM about 1970. It's still my go-to scheme should I ever pass a Trumpy kit for sale at a price low enough to tempt me.
  4. Was it 1969, or later, maybe 1972/3? Anyone know the serial of the first one treated please? Is there a 231 OCU buff out there? Anyone with record cards that log this kind of thing?
  5. A Catalina target tug? Please let it have Black & yellow stripes! Got a photo?
  6. Dunno. You best bet is to look for photos of other Lancasters built around and prior to 6/6/43. 61 Sqn Syerston, DV232, QR-K. I've only ever seen the one photo of it. Hopefully someone on here might help to zone it down.
  7. I think that the RP craft were identical to the standard JP, other than the paint. It's not as if they flew with just one seat or any obvious mods, is it. This print shows the DME rods under the wings (were they still painted yellow?) but it could just be down to using identical illustrators templates: Airfix Magazine, June 1970, https://ibb.co/8cFRsc5
  8. I don't trust that Towbot! We need at least two guys with chocks, at the ready!
  9. Oh no! It's Fatally Flawed! I wanted 3 & 4 spoke wheels, an 'E' wing and a pointed rudder. Bah! Mind you, I'll still buy at least one. I get the feeling from the pics that it's not as slick as Tamiyas, despite the larger scale, but still, we are kit builders not kit assemblers (aren't we?) A low back XVI looks feasable maybe. C'mon, if it's a "Down To A Price And Not Up To A Quality" kind of kit, ( like the early Revell 1/32's were) we won't have to pay Border Models prices. The aftermarket guys will take up the slack I'm sure and we can cross-kit with the early Mk. I and V to our hearts content. Well done Airfix! for taking me up on my suggestion to do a IX a few years back, before the Hellcat was announced. A complimentary kit would be nice...
  10. Some ORB's are a joy to read most are middling to utter rubbish. I curse those who did not record serial AND code, half curse those who only mention one and roundly condemn those that recorded nothing but the weather. You'd think a plane crash causing death or injury would also be worth recording, along with a precise location, but not always. The blandest one I can think of, offhand, is 93 MU, the bomb store by Swinderby railway station on the Notts/Lincs border. A huge physical effort from hundreds, throughout the war. This place had known difficulties storing chemical weapons but all we get is sports fixtures & inspections. Back then, people just did not think this kind of stuff was worth recording.
  11. I don't recall matt white being used. However, some Shackletons were matt, except under the wings if not all the undersides, in gloss. I think to bounce a little more light around. Helps to look more like a cloud when approaching a surfaced sub.
  12. Try looking through the Sqn diaries for the time. You might get lucky with serial and code combinations, but a lot depends on the compiler. AIR49/257 and AIR27/1643 should give you a flavour but without a date for you incident, I can't zone you down any further. https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_q=294+Squadron&_sd=&_ed=&_hb= Good Luck.
  13. Some of the Kitmaster rail subjects did not survive when Airfix took them over. I suspect the 0-6-0 diesel shunter & Stirling Single, along with the coaches went for scrap. Dapol did release the 0-6-0 steam loco but a fire in the plant destoyed the mould apparently. any ne know more?
  14. https://ibb.co/TYygptk I thought I had a photo of this mod in my Lanc file. I hadn't, so went hunting. This image is from the Late W. Taylor's "Royal Air Force Winthorpe 1940-1945" p.30. It affects the transition panel between the rear of the outer nacelles and the wing leading edge. A series of chord-wise reinforcing strips rivetted to the upper surface. I think it was introduced on high-hour B.I's or at least on high-landings HCU machines. Maybe it was a 'quick fix' and subsequently replaced by panels with interior and thus not visible reinforcement? It doesn't seem to be that common in photos, but few shots are angled to show it. Were they on Admiral Prune? Sorry I can't paste the image up directly.
  15. Aft. I won't affect the measurement. Re-tread Harriers differ in this area to new builds. Some aircraft have a 'boxy' transition compared to the more 'faired-in' type. Sorry, but I don't have the registrations to hand.
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