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  1. Ossington

    Vulcan serial question

    Does anyone out there have a Vulcan painting AP to hand please? I'm after the height, width, stroke and ideally positioning of the "XH558" bit. Did they ever differ? I know it was different (smaller) for the early prototypes. TIA
  2. Ossington

    New Airfix P51

    I think its disgusting. A pox on all their houses. Occasionally at airshows I see tacky trinkets like "Red Arrow" key rings, erasers and mugs etc., or generic "Bomber Command" tat. Presumably there is someone out there lacking in graphic art skills but sending sketches out to China and getting a container load of cheap crud by return. I don't consider it illegal, just in poor taste, but the way these corporations are monetizing designs so old sickens me. A Boeing Mustang? Pffft! Always puts me in mind of that slimy lawyer (not Lionel Hutz) that Krusty the Clown uses.
  3. Ossington

    BOAC Concorde from Airfix

    Oh Bug**r! I bought one recently (original with Air France decals). I don't normally get drawn in to kit collecting (as opposed to I'll-build-it-someday) but I figured that Airfix would never reintroduce the original kit as it was produced before the first prototype was finished. With no droop snoot, it's basically a travel agents window mock-up model. Serves me right!
  4. Ossington

    All the HK Lancaster questions you want to ask: just here . . .

    Regarding plastic crew. I suggest the figures supplied with the early Revell Spitfire and the Beaufighter.
  5. I appreciate his frustration. He wanted turreted .5's or 20mm throughout his command but had to wait for the Lincoln and Shackleton to get them
  6. I didn't know of any animosity regarding Halifaxes, other than failure to improve known issues quick enough but he certainly had no time for the Stirling, or Shorts.
  7. Ossington

    A-10 artic scheme

    I was rather hoping that "arctic scheme" meant dayglo wing tips and tail! Oh well.
  8. Ossington

    Fairey Battle TT

    I have both. The Baughen book is an excellent reappraisal of an aircraft having to do more that should have been expected of it, directed by people who didn't appreciate the speed of modern warfare. The A-B book helped me on background research of local aircraft crashes. For the modeller, I recommend the superb plans and photos in: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/SearchResults?sts=t&an=huntley&tn=fairey+battle&kn=&isbn=&n=100121503 I think it was meant to be the first of a series of monographs, that didn't take off.
  9. Ossington

    Airfix SAM-2 reissue

    Was it 1/76, not 1/72? Personally, I'd be more tempted to buy a brand new version in 1/72 rather than the legacy re-issue, even though it was something I didn't get round to buying at the time and have always regretted.
  10. Ossington

    Pilot Figures 144th Scale

    How about searching under "N Gauge seated figures" I doubt if you will find anything wearing a helmet or bonedome but you never know. The pre-painted ones are dear and best avoided but I image something should suit from our railway layout brethren. A daub of paint should do to 'de-civilianise' them.
  11. Ossington

    Avro Lancastrian

    So all Lancastrians had shallow, parallel- with- the -roofline bomb bay skinning, like the early Manchester then? Except that they didn't open. How was the mail/luggage accessed then? An external hatch or an internal one cut into the bomb bay roof?
  12. Ossington

    Avro Lancastrian

    Mk. I & II Lancastrians had seating arranged along one side so that passengers face the inside wall of the fuselage, whereas in Mk. III & IV's the seats are arranged in single rows with an aisle in between. Seven seats on the port side and six to starboard, to allow for the entrance door. Length overall, all versions, is given as 76 feet ten inches. Don't know the split between the nose and tail alas. Source: Aeroplane Spotter, Feb 7th. 1946, page 33. ( I just happened to have scanned that issue last night)
  13. Ossington

    Bristol Bloodhound Missile

    There's a sideloader at Cosford. I passed it last week, parked on the way up to the restoration centre. I took some photos, but imgur has died on me. Anyone suggest an alternative please? It may be a different model from what was used at the time, I can't remember the details. Try a websearch here: http://www.mhsz.ch/fileadmin/luftwaffe/Fuehrerdaten/_11 BMPG (UK)/Newsletter_Issue_4.pdf
  14. Ossington

    information on 1/72nd Bf109E decal sheets

    Copy and paste this into google: almark decals 1/72 A14 and hit the "images" button. Is this the kind of thing you're after? Dunno about current availability, but it might help.
  15. Ossington

    New Phantom Book on its way

    Just got side tracked on another forum about A-4 slats. Tommy Thomason is going to release a book about early Phantoms in the Naval Fighter series. More info here: http://www.ginterbooks.com/NAVAL/NF108.htm Better fish out my dayglo stash and assemble it in one place ready!