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  1. If the very front of the wing (right at the leading edge of the root) is attached to the fold-down ammo door when open (like in the pic above) then its the 6-3 wing.
  2. Ossington

    RAF Serials

    The Air Min would deliberately break up number allocations to make it difficult for a foreign power to calculate how machines of a particular kind were in service. Whole sequences ("blackout blocks") would be omitted to make precise calculation problematical, it being difficult to prove a negative. In peace time the practice was abandoned because it suited government to advertise numbers ("the RAF is to receive a further batch of XXXXX in the next decade. This secures jobs at*****") and I can't see future wars lasting long enough to design and build a new fleet in sufficient numbers to warrant its return.
  3. Ta Da! On page 58: One of 137 Mosquito XIII's delivered between Sept 43 and Jan 44. Served with 29 Sqn, then 51 OTU. To 4857M. No dated given. Block commences with HK363 and ends HK534 if you want to compare against similar machines.
  4. I get the Stonehenge bit (both the old stones and possibly an outline of the WW1 aerodrome, if lucky, but where else does it fly over? Which ranges and which nuke bunkers? The website don't say.
  5. Do you have more details of the crash? Was it a burned-out wreck or was it in one piece? If it was reasonably whole, maybe you could try: www.AviationArchaeology.com they can search the USAAF Accident Report File for you. It will cost, but If you are very lucky, you might get in return a download including a photocopy of a photo with enough detail to infer markings. Then again, some of my requests have revealed nothing more than a crude location map, and sometimes not even that. It all depends if photographs taken at the time made it into the file. You'll never know without trying but it is probably the only avenue available to gain more info after this length of time. I have found that any attempts by witnesses to aid crews etc. do tend to get recorded though. To me, this kind of historical information is beyond price: I just need to know. £20-30 for a few typewritten pages is still less than a visit to Maxwell Air Force Base. Good luck, Milan
  6. I must admit, I didn't read the article before linking it. Once I saw the first picture I thought that this forum would appreciate knowing about it. Could do with an after-market spinner at least.
  7. Ossington

    4:1 Scale Typhoon

    Details here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7176437/Airfix-model-Hawker-Typhoon-thats-four-times-size-original-plane-goes-display.html
  8. Can't help you with your serial/code combinations. Closest I can get is: AH916 XV-U AH934 XV-W AH942 XV-S (all Mk.IIA's) JDR Rawlings, Coastal, Support and Special Squadrons, p.11.
  9. The guy with the F-4 nose at Newark Air Museum has a pair. If no drawings appear, then maybe he will let you pass a tape measure and calipers over them.
  10. Ossington

    New Big Hellcat-FYI

    Oh No! Not a potential Fatal Flaw! Unbuildable!
  11. Thank You. Don't see many Hellcats with D day stripes.
  12. Nice! I've never seen a Giraffe used to refuel before. But a bit of a cheat though, the engines aren't running! Right-Click-Save-As...
  13. Is it something like the underside colour of German Starfighters? A dullish silber?
  14. Some museums don't allow tripods. They state "elf'n'safety" but I suspect in reality that they think some commercial skulduggery is afoot that will somehow deprive the museum of revenue. That said, I have always wondered why places like Cosford don't sell CD's of their exhibits in close-up. (The Hornisse and Dinah are available elsewhere already) After all, we aren't allowed entry into such as the Lincoln. (Radium dials! Exposed surfaces and edges! Sloping floor!) but they could help themselves with a little extra revenue here methinks. I'd buy anything that had interior and engine views (Stuka, 110, 111 etc.) especially if in the middle of a deep restoration. I got some pics of Cosford's Lysander a while back, but don't live close enough to visit it every week for a few months to see it in complete strip-down and reassembly.
  15. Try "Discovery" the web portal for the National Archives. Some 862 Sqn Operational Record Books have been digitised. the free viewing pages have been downgraded, but I can make out serials for Spitfires PA911, MB938 and PA867 used during Jan 1944 for instance, under AIR27/2204/2. No codes were noted alongside the serial however, but try going through every month, you may get lucky. 861 Sqn lists both. (AIR27/2201/2)
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