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  1. Is it something like the underside colour of German Starfighters? A dullish silber?
  2. Some museums don't allow tripods. They state "elf'n'safety" but I suspect in reality that they think some commercial skulduggery is afoot that will somehow deprive the museum of revenue. That said, I have always wondered why places like Cosford don't sell CD's of their exhibits in close-up. (The Hornisse and Dinah are available elsewhere already) After all, we aren't allowed entry into such as the Lincoln. (Radium dials! Exposed surfaces and edges! Sloping floor!) but they could help themselves with a little extra revenue here methinks. I'd buy anything that had interior and engine views (Stuka, 110, 111 etc.) especially if in the middle of a deep restoration. I got some pics of Cosford's Lysander a while back, but don't live close enough to visit it every week for a few months to see it in complete strip-down and reassembly.
  3. Try "Discovery" the web portal for the National Archives. Some 862 Sqn Operational Record Books have been digitised. the free viewing pages have been downgraded, but I can make out serials for Spitfires PA911, MB938 and PA867 used during Jan 1944 for instance, under AIR27/2204/2. No codes were noted alongside the serial however, but try going through every month, you may get lucky. 861 Sqn lists both. (AIR27/2201/2)
  4. Ossington

    Phantom FG1

    Off the top of my head: Remove/omit/fill the catapult hooks at the intake/wing junction. Slice off the fixed slat on the leading edge of the tailplane. It was an add-on, there is no need to extend the LE to compensate. Replace the nose wheel door. The navy version has a row of lights that land variants don't. I think the nose wheel leg differs, but can't recall the difference. Is it one, not two torque links? Lots of people on here know a lot more. Wait an hour!
  5. I think US/USN usage was before the late 50's. Hellcat and B-17 drones are reputed to have used dayglo well before then. Second line and training units seem to be the early adopters.
  6. The only Harrier to fit your needs is the ancient GR1 from Revell. It's been around since about 1971 and does not look too good these days without some cockpit & seat work/engraved panels etc. and the smoothing in of that fairing before the front intakes. An easy mod with a little Milliput or layers of filler, the model being designed before the prototype shape was finalised. I think it is being re-released later this year. An AV-8C is an A but with small improvements, the main exterior one being the fitment of "slime lights" (those yucky yellow strips for formating with) Your model should look good in white with a blue stripe!
  7. Just realised you posted back.

    Try getting in touch with guys who are more local to DA than I am. A good place to start is:








    Sorry that your visit to the Archives didn't provide what you need. I know the feeling! Like all these searches, it can be fruitless for years (decades!) until you meet the right person. Someone has an old log book with just the entry you need. Good Luck.


    1. Brenden S

      Brenden S

      Thanks for that. I completely forgot about that I posted on here.

  8. All I can tell you is that it was coded GT-R when at 156 Sqn. There might be something in the 1667 HCU file at the National Archives, ref AIR29/614/3. Brace yourself for disappointment though, these things contain weather reports, sports results, listings for the station cinema etc. rather than codes. One day, I'd like the IBCC to have a cross reference of code/serial combinations from donated log books. They are working on tabulating their donations, so it could end up as quite a resource. Give them a try, you might get lucky with an entry from someone who trained at Sandtoft. I imagine most crews went on to One Group. What does the grid ref convert to on a modern map? I have aerial photos around Owston Ferry when researching the bombing decoy. Good Luck.
  9. Have you tried investigating from the home base airfield angle? Someone might have something photographed at Down Ampney maybe? Try the Airfield Information Exchange website (if you haven't already) Possibly local history sites in the Cotswolds?
  10. Plate over the gap in the wing upper surface so it continues to meet at the centre-line in a shallow V. This was the true cockpit floor. Make two new side consoles deep enough to meet this new floor. Job done!
  11. Icy horizontal rain, perpetual hunger and holding onto wing tips while others took off! (Lindholme 74-5. Just checked my F3822, always to hand!)
  12. I've just tried to get into my GSE pdf, but it won't open. In the meantime, if you input "Low Pressure Pneumatic Servicing Trolley" into google and hit 'images', you should get something. You can park one of these next to a Chipmunk or Bulldog as the RAF were still using them at Newton until 1980 at least. Very early models (the 1a) were fitted with metal wheels the 1b indicates an upgrade to pneumatic tyres, as per the trolley acc. They were pigs to start, with an updraft carburettor. It was usual to leave the jubilee clip on the connecting rubber hose between air filter and carb loose. That way a piece of quimwipe soaked in petrol could be stuffed in to get it to fire, using a starting handle set just a little too high up to be comfortable. Happy days!
  13. Does anyone out there have a Vulcan painting AP to hand please? I'm after the height, width, stroke and ideally positioning of the "XH558" bit. Did they ever differ? I know it was different (smaller) for the early prototypes. TIA
  14. Ossington

    New Airfix P51

    I think its disgusting. A pox on all their houses. Occasionally at airshows I see tacky trinkets like "Red Arrow" key rings, erasers and mugs etc., or generic "Bomber Command" tat. Presumably there is someone out there lacking in graphic art skills but sending sketches out to China and getting a container load of cheap crud by return. I don't consider it illegal, just in poor taste, but the way these corporations are monetizing designs so old sickens me. A Boeing Mustang? Pffft! Always puts me in mind of that slimy lawyer (not Lionel Hutz) that Krusty the Clown uses.
  15. Oh Bug**r! I bought one recently (original with Air France decals). I don't normally get drawn in to kit collecting (as opposed to I'll-build-it-someday) but I figured that Airfix would never reintroduce the original kit as it was produced before the first prototype was finished. With no droop snoot, it's basically a travel agents window mock-up model. Serves me right!
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