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  1. Ossington

    1/72 lockheed p38 droop nose RAF decals

    I have seen a letter in an old Air Pictorial that mentioned a P-38 (it must be this one) in PRU blue overall with "high altitude" roundels, which I assume means type B above wings and on the booms. Oh for a photo.
  2. Ossington

    Converting a P-38F to a Lightning I

    667 Lightnings were scheduled for delivery. AE978 to AF104 were diverted before delivery, remaining in the States AF105 AF106 AF107 arrived in Britain, were examined and returned to USAAF 1/7/43, 10/7/43 and 2/12/42 respectively. Anyone know where they were stored after testing but before being passed over? AF108 to AF744 again remained in the States. AF221 was a Lightning II (more like an early US Lightning) it flew at least once in RAF markings (I have a photo somewhere) but, having not been paid for, remained in the States whereupon Lockheed painted over the roundels with stars and used it for torpedo testing etc.
  3. Ossington

    Salvaged WWII bomber parts

    I've just had a quick shufti in my 1942 Chorley. Most likely candidate is Halifax II MP-B DT550, of 76 Sqn. Sgt. GG Sawatzky RCAF and crew all killed.
  4. I remember the false floor as being 1/2 inch plywood with square holes to allow access to the tie-downs, each about 6-9 inches across to allow for mis-alignment. They were painted with dark grey non-slip. The colour was the exact match with the outer fuselage grey, but took some ferocious stirring as it was "paint-with-sand-in it" Each lasted about a year under Gurkha boots before it splintered too much, but were replaced sooner if a cab was needed for VIPs.
  5. I've been looking into this, particularly regarding the Mk1. Best I have so far is just this image from AIR10/9010, Bloodhound GSE. I'm still on the lookout for THE document though. Maybe there is something in the Bristol promotional files department? I hope this thread trawls something. I've been hoping that I would come across something civilianised (like the side loader) or maybe a transporter in a scrap yard, since I was a child. https://imgur.com/a/ELXs7
  6. Ossington

    Vickers Wellington X 3170

    Could be. But it's printed as Wellington I OP:R - L4227 in Bowyers/Rawlings "Squadron Codes 1937-56" p.80.
  7. Ossington

    Vickers Wellington X 3170

    Grubbing about in the usual sources, I have found: KJ-A L4381 -L R3212 -H LP430 -E Z8808 OP-R L4227 -J N2750 -K LP978 -P JA129 TX-E R1661 -V LP707 If you want to visit Kew, these files are a good start: AIR29/642 & 644. AIR50/475. Be prepared for disappointment though. You may find lots of weather reports and sports teams results but I have never found a comprehensive breakdown by Flight, serials, codes and aircraft mark. Such information was not considered to be worthy of note, alas. You might truffle some combinations though, especially if the machines were involved in ops. Your machine was X3120, a 1c. All the crew are buried in Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth Cemetery except for the rear gunner, Sgt. PN Lister, who is buried at Arnold Cemetery ( I presume the Arnold referred to is the northern suburb of Nottingham).
  8. Ossington

    Blackburn Palouste Airborne Air Start Pod

    That picture of the Gnat starting with a podded Palouste is the first time I've seen the pod kind connected to an RAF aircraft. During my time at Valley, the Gnats used only the trailer type, as did the Arrows AFAIK.
  9. Ossington

    Original Airfix jet provost T3

    Thanks for the photo. Norwich has changed a bit.
  10. Ossington


    I remember them. Lots of roar and howl as they disappeared into the distance at each end of the runway but nice when they crossed. how I miss the F-104 today, a joy to listen to when in the circuit.
  11. Ossington

    Blackburn Palouste Airborne Air Start Pod

    Thank You for the pics. Dunno why the RAF didn't use the podded version. I was on exercise at Honington once (about 81) and had to go across the airfield to a Robin hanger to retrieve some GSE. Among the stored Houchins (old, petrol 25 Kva's [ we used the diesel variety normally] were racks of Paloustes, complete with hampers. Maybe there was a plan for the FAA to return one day?
  12. Ossington

    Ground Equipment color in the seventies...

    ISTR that Germany went dark green about 1974-5, then it spread rearwards to the blunt end, except for glider GSE. The colour was a dark green but very quickly it was superseded by IRR green. My memory was of both colours being identical. However, brand new IRR green always had a sheen, wether sprayed on or brushed. It was unstable however, quickly going flat matt and fading within 2-3 years to something akin to slate grey-green. It always looked like it needed a repainting even if there was insufficient rust underneath to warrant repainting!
  13. Ossington

    Airspeed Oxford - general 'hack'

    Maybe some BAT flight yellow triangles? There were a lot of them, they were co-located with OCU's/HCU's and I suspect many a pilot would find an excuse to visit his old squadron.
  14. You Gem Ian! Is there a list of Lancaster mods somewhere? Or maybe a message from the various group HQ?
  15. Ossington

    Wellington BH-V Markings Question

    Nice of you to record a flight of Fairey Battles dispersed to Winthorpe (Notts) in 1940!