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  1. Things are progressing with this beastie but I've reached a bit of a stumbing block and that is...what is the best way to hide the fine join line between the engine halves, once cemented together? If I use filler I'm worried I might be left with a bit of a bulge, even after sanding. Any advice? Thanks Stuart
  2. Hi Cuprar, Do you use both Dove Grey and Polar Grey or one or the other? Many thanks flexi
  3. Thanks guys for the Halfords spray can tip - will definitely give them a try. Also, is there a Halfords spray can colour you would recommend for the light grey (for painting the underneath of the wings, flaps and trailing edges)? The instructions that came with the kit suggest a mix of 95% light grey (Revell colour 371) and 5% greyish green (Revell color 362), which seems a bit of a chore! Thanks flexi
  4. Thanks everyone for the guidance, much appreciated! The kit arrived this morning and having a quick look I'm surprised by the mount of "flash" there is (and how small the kit is!). Need to go and buy a rat tailed file me thinks.
  5. Dear modellers, Recent surgery has given me an opportunity to “get back into modelling”, something I last did, well, some 30 years ago. Along with the military stuff, I have fond memories of building airliners, notably Airfix’s Trident (BEA livery), a BAC 111 (British Caldonian) and a VC10 (BOAC). So, I thought I’d try one now……Revell’s Airbus A319, in British Airways livery, mainly because these beasties flit over my house every hour on their way into Heathrow. I would like to make “a good go of it” but perusing this forum has left me quite overwhelmed in terms of the tools, techniques an
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