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  1. Well done on your Viper! The Kinetic Vipers are much maligned in some circles but, they sure seem to build up into great looking models and yours is certainly a fine example. Mark
  2. I sure like the looks of that!... Well done, Mark
  3. Nice work!... The exhaust staining is spot on. Mark
  4. Thank you very much gentleman you all have been very helpful. Bobski, Thanks for your sticky on the Typhoon, very informative. Gary, You are correct the kit comes with AIM 120 B's Those photos of ZJ918 are absolutly superb. Those images really are the stuff of inspiration. Dave, Beautiful build. I hope mine turns out as nice. Cheers, Mark
  5. After reading this thread I took my ROG 1/48 Typhoon kit out and discovered that the markings for this jet are included on the decal sheet. There also seems to be just enough ordnance included in the box to configure it this way as well. My hope is to build this kit as close to OOB as possible. My question is, what else do I need to know to depict this particular jet at this moment? Are there any changes that need to be made to this kit to accurately depict a current Typhoon flying in support of Operation "Odyssey Dawn"? Thanks for your help, Mark
  6. Thanks for posting those pics... So inspired I took down my 1/48 ROG Tiffie to take a look. It was a pleasant surprise to find the markings for ZJ918 QO-L (the jet in the last pic) on the decal sheet. Fortunately that one seems to be configured without a second set of ASRAAM's and there are just enough AIM 120B's and ASRAAM's in the kit to do load it out correctly. Mark
  7. Kawabunga Mish...Brilliant build!... That surf board was an inspired touch... Well done. Mark
  8. Thanks Ian, Andy and Pompeo... I'm pleasantly surprised at the support for Armor subjects here and look forward to sharing my next "Heavy Metal" project with you all. Cheers, Mark
  9. Thanks everyone!... I completely agree with you about the Hasegawa Viper. A certain fondness for this kit has developed during the course of this build. After first looking over the fantastic Tamyia Viper the feeling was that all of the Hasegawa Vipers in my stash would have to go. In fact I was advised to sell or build the Hasegawa Vipers first because once I built a Tamyia Viper I'd never go back. Well I'm not so sure, I think I'm going to keep my Hase Vipers and build'em. They are fun and easy to build with very few vices and IMHO look great once completed. Mark
  10. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the encouragement. Mark
  11. Cheers everyone! I appreciate the encouragement. Mark
  12. This project was just finished for a local modeling club group build this morning. The deadline is today and the theme is "On or In the Water". Everyone naturally assumed I would be doing a float plane of some sort. So when I announced I was doing a "Tuna Boat" there were some surprised looks. What I didn't mention was, it's going to be a Leatherneck "Tuna Boat"... This is the 1/35 Academy LVTP-7 kit with a few accessories from the spares box done up in a faded Desert MERDEC scheme roaming the Delta corridor during a CAX at 29 Palms sometime during the mid 80's. A fun project that I started over three years ago, ironically enough, as quick armor build. Although over the years it has provided a nice diversion from my usual aircraft builds. So after dragging this project out for a few years it's finally done and it feels great to put this one in the display case. Semper Fi, Mark
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