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  1. Hello guys. Just finished this Mig-29 in a Polish - Kosciuszko squadron markings. Kit is the horrible Academy 1/48 with some Eduard photoetcheds.
  2. Thank you all guys!! Thank you. The decals were made by a friend. Grass came from Noch static grass mat. Simple to use, just cut to the shape.
  3. Just finished this. A simple kit from Heller finished as a VARIG trainer:
  4. Here is my 1/144 Zvezda A-90 Orlyonok built as displayed at Russian Navy museum in Moscow. Been there 3 times on the last 10 years but never had a chance to enter the ship. My company during the build:
  5. Thank you guys! Some progress... After polishing i painted the white antennas: Started the weathering: Landing gear down: Almost there: Well, tomorrow is Republic holiday here in BR, i hope i can finish it.
  6. Thank you! I had to get back to work so this build was stopped for some weeks. Now i applied a gloss coat, automotive varnish. Then sanded everything, preparing to polish.
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