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  1. Excellent work friend!. Weathering, lights and shades looks very good!. Regards! Rodolfo
  2. Yeah!, excellent work with all those little details, I saw your WIP too, great!. Regards! Rodolfo
  3. Excellent work friend!. Those all details are very good and the figures looks great too! Regards! Rodolfo
  4. Nice work, the weathering looks very good! Regards! Rodolfo
  5. Thanks for your kind comments friend! Regards! Rodolfo
  6. Thanks for your kind comments friend! Regards! Rodolfo
  7. Humbrol - How To Use - Decalfix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7Ywau87mo4 Regards! Rodolfo
  8. Hello friends! Two days ago I finished the figures for my Stug IV, one of them is I fell and it broke 2 fingers Regards! Rodolfo
  9. I am using it on the Vallejo and Tamiya with a coat of Satin Varnish (Vallejo too), no problems!. It is important to shake the bottle very well. Regards! Rodolfo
  10. Hello friends! Here is my old tip! Please click on the images for a best view, thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MASKING EASILY SKIRTS OR SHURZEN: 1.- Scan the scheme of the armor and open it in your editor. 2.- Select the skirts / Shürzen only and crop the selection. 3.- Save the image in JPG or JEPG. 4.- Import the image in your Corel Draw - (I am using my old Corel 9). 5.- Adjust the real size of the plastic piece to the design and print it. 6.- Ready the design for to working. 7.- I used Tracing Paper 50/55g.and cutter for green color. 8.- I used Tracing Paper 50/55g. and cutter for brown color. 9.- After of airbrushing the Skirts / Schürzen are ready for weathering!. (You can use a similiar programs too) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Regards! Rodolfo
  11. Thanks for your kind comments friends! Regards! Rodolfo
  12. Hello friends! This is the Tamiya kit Tiger I Late - "Limited Memorial Edition". Add-ons included Voyager PE's, Tracks of resin from Lion Marc, hooks and some tools of J. Peddinghaus, Archer transfers and barrel gun metal of Jordi. Resin figures. Tools to make a Zimmerit are includes in the Voyager set and I have the Tamiya ones. Preparing the way for applying the Zimmerit. I used the tools and the Polyester Putty of Tamiya. Paintings: Humbrol, Tamiya and Vallejo - Pigments MIG and Mexican mark ATL/Rodin and AK Pigment Fixer. Mudguards front and rear, antena, support of MG and some hooks they can be moving. Here is the Tiger Late 007 finished. In a different focus I the Tripulation looks with a different uniforms which they used in past ocassions. (The shiny of the figures is caused for the potence of the 500 watts of my lights, in a normal view it not is visible.). I hope you like my work. Please click on the images for a best view (1300 pix), thanks!. My work step by step at: http://rtvmodelismo.com/Project/Tiger-I-Michael/ Regards! Rodolfo
  13. Thanks for your kind comments friend! Regards! Rodolfo
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