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  1. Thanks for the reply, i’m glad you got your order sorted, I sent another email today so hopefully i’ll have a resolution soon. I’ve ordered plans for the Mogami after conversion, i’m starting with the 1/700 version but might do the 1/350 some day. Leighton
  2. Hi Has anyone had problems getting plans from Profile Morskie or even in communicating with them? I purchased emailed PDF plans from their website a month ago, they have taken my money via PayPal but I have not got the plans. Before putting this on the forum I have tried emailing them and private messaging through Facebook but have had no response. I don't know if there is a reason why I have not had a response for example changes happening in the company or a personal issue. It says on the website that the guy doesn’t live on the internet which is why I have given a month to try to get a response before asking more publicly for information. Any help or information would be appreciated. Thanks Leighton
  3. It's good news on the kit release... however a month ago I bought the KFS 1/24 432 so as to make the ambulance version - wish I had known about this one
  4. I bought the Porsche as well as Porsche kits with zimm are a bit rare. Got to say the detail is stunning and the zimm is very fine. I too thought that all Porsches had zimm, only found out the other day that 2 survived Normandy
  5. Some interesting stuff there, haven't a clue what the first thing is??? Do we need another MK IV though?
  6. Hasn't this kit been made in the UK rather than India or China, might that account for the differing look to the plastic - different factory. Leighton
  7. Algie75

    RAF Beret

    When issued with uniform after being issued with my plastic VR(T) commission I was given a beret and big nasty cardboard officers beret badge, this was only to be worn with DPM (which I wasn't issued with). Apparently only the army, RAF regiment and the French are allowed to wear berets (or so I was told - bit harsh on the French). On the other hand I did see a VSO wearing DPM with a No1 SD cap instead of a beret????
  8. I have the 1/200 Nelson with the scary Pontos etch. I have one of these waiting in my LMS when I have the guts to pick it up!
  9. I really like the PzII and the 'baby Tiger' is my favourite. This looks great, look forward to seeing the finished kit - might inspire me to finish mine Leighton
  10. Algie75


    Edited for stupidity - got panzershop and panzer art mixed up!
  11. Hmmm will believe it when I see it. The Chippie was a lovely aircraft to fly and I've been eagerly awaiting it's 'release' since Telford 2014. Won't hold my breath on this one. Leighton
  12. Looks really good, spot on. May build mine one day. Leighton
  13. Best of luck and you are a better man than me! I started mine and have declared the undercarriage rubbish and the kit unbuildable. If you've built MATV perhaps I could have some advice as I have that monster in the stash My solution for this was to buy the Meng version, salvage the necessary bits from the Panda box and I intend to have a ceremonial kit burning. Suffice to say sir, I am in awe if what you've managed to do so far Leighton
  14. Algie75

    Sherman 'Fury'

    I picked up the Italeri 'Fury' today. The tracks will need some work but it has full stowage and details for the film E8 Leighton
  15. Affinity models has them in stock - picked mine up today. You don't need to buy the separate track sets as these are identical to what is in the kit. The kit is stunning - levels of interior detail to rival the Trumpeter 1/16 King Tiger. Give Tim at Affinity a call or email him, I'm sure he'll sell you one
  16. I picked up my Nelson from Affinity Models in Stoke-on-Trent today, hull, 3 boxes full of sprues and a box I a assume has the deck and etch in. Big box but the ship isn't as big as I feared Leighton
  17. Looks lovely and I'm sure, after 100 issues is worth all of the £893 you'll pay for it
  18. Here is my St Chamond at the point of basic painting before any filters, washes or weathering. The tank name is a custom paint mask
  19. I have just painted mine, I have the running gear as blue, as shown in Ground Power 29
  20. Picked up this kit yesterday, no interior but looks like a good kit, started it today.
  21. Would a resin SBC update be something to request from Freightdog if there's enough demand? Leighton
  22. I agree that the kit is absolutely fantastic, the good thing about part E9 is that most of the clear part is painted, if need be the rest can be drilled and sorted with clearfix
  23. My replacement came through yesterday and it looks fine Leighton
  24. Mine has some runs on the part which lead it in places to have a milky consistency, I'll be taking some photos later to send to Airfix. To be fair I went back to my friends model shop where I got it from, his remaining stock is fine - might be that I'm just unlucky
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