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  1. MY GRAND FATHER SERVICED SKALSKI,S SPITFIRE! Hi Cromm, Thought I would give you a little something in return for your hard work on that beautiful Kite. My Grandfather (in-law) Dennis (92 yrs) who is alive and in good health serviced Skalski,s Spitfire in North Africa. He worked with Skalski as his first posting to a front line fighter squadron. Dennis remembers the whole squadron arriving with the Spitfire MkV Trop at the very first front line airbase with the rotation pilots arriving by lorry - the rest they say is history! Sadley Dennis does not have any photos of this
  2. Hi Graham, Thank-you for that compliment. I thought I better cover 145 sqd PFT as well as his Burma campaign as this timeline is also generating some interest "especially with our Polish friends". These people are not with us forever and Dennis spent 6 hrs in Hull general on Tuesday after falling flat on his face! BUT still answered the 6 questions yesterday from a member from Poland...what a trooper! He is genuinely chuffed from the Britmodellers attention! Regards ian
  3. CORRECTION - question 2 in brackets is correction. 2. Were the aircraft actually assigned to individual pilots or was it more like any pilot flying any aircraft available? "In 145,s case the 12 allocated VTrop Spitfires were on the whole shared amongst the 16 pilots. The 16 pilots were split into 2 groups each 6 doing a rotation. In Skalski,s case ZX-1 & his deputy Krol ZX-6 these aircraft were assigned to them as "their" aircraft leaving the remaining (14 PILOTS OF 16) for rotation amongst (THE REMAINING 10 SPITFIRES) Dennis looked after these 2 aircraft". Ian c/o Dennis
  4. Hello Britmodellers, My Grandfather (in-law) was with 145 Sqd (PFT) in North Africa. This thread is too help with a little real life account of a young English Flt Engineer looking after Skalski & Krols Merlins as his first assignment. The entire ground crew were English and were a close nit bunch working hard to keep the Spitfires working. I have included Q&A (Blue text) from Polish members to bring dialogue up to date. Please feel free to answer the questions i have for Brit members...I know Brit members know their history and if this little input helps with any 145 Spitfire builds t
  5. Enjoy from my grandfather who ended up at broadway 175 miles in the Burmeese jungle keeping Spits working. Much motor info and images when you click below link. Click link http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234948039-81-squadron-spitfires-mkv-to-1x-burma-inc-broadway/
  6. I have released some new images of ww11 Spitfire V to mk1X . These Images are exclusively for Britmodellers to research new Spitfire builds especially the Burma 81sqd mk1X. Much more info on the link below from the WW11 section of this site. my grandfather worked on spits with 145 sqd polish in n.afrika and 81 sqd from n.afrika to Burma ending with broadway deep in the jungle. Hope you like the images and let me know if you liked them! Photo link http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234948039-81-squadron-spitfires-mkv-to-1x-burma-inc-broadway/ regards Ian c/o Dennis (flt engin
  7. Hi all, This Spitfire thing is truly thought provoking and always stirs the emotions like no other aircraft. I think I will release Dennis,s personal images from ww11 when I work out this photobucket thing! Britmodeller forum has been a great source of info for Dennis and myself. As a token of respect to members that have helped me and to others wanting some images of Spits in the desert, field and jungle watch this space in the near future...regards Ian c/o Dennis
  8. Flt Engineer Dennis Hawkings 81sqd Malta-Burma & "Broadway" forward airbase Hi, just picking up on this thread...I have spoken with my G/Father Dennis (detail above) about the paint schemes and he said simply dark brown and Green with a bluish underbelly. I have recently ( 1 week ago) talked to him about life with the kites and he said that some kites came in tropical colours when they were rushed through to Kangla. They had a sqd sprayer, he could spray a kite in a couple of hours, he was ordered to drink a pint of milk a day for his health! He had a full spray suit with helmet an electr
  9. Hello, Newbie question...What kit ? where from ? I,ll work out the "how" when I attempt it.! fantastic job, Are there custom transfers out there so you can play around with different squadrons eg: 145 (Polish) (N.Afrika) and 81sqd "ace of spades" Mk1X(Burma). I like this scale as I want to produce a diorama for the desert and another for Burma "Broadway". The Broadway one depicting 6 Mk1X,s (Dark Brown,Green red spinner) with ground crew preparing pilots for taxi. I am getting info from my granddad who is detailing the strip for me eg: 100 octane barrels stored in trenches safeĀ® from straffi
  10. Likewise, keep in touch, Dennis and his wife are treating my wife and I to a brunch soon which is testiment to his health. Hope I have a good health at that age (90yrs young). He is getting rid of his car (wise move) so they dont have to worry about driving. I have mentioned my wife and have voluntered to do their weekly washing and shop so we will be getting weekly updates on Spits, living in tents, Burma and so on.... best Ian
  11. I will make a note of the attacking aircraft "Oscars" not "Zeros" that Dennis mentioned, I think he mentioned a night attack (or early twilight) as they discovered a Spit with a broken back after a shell burst, again I need to clarify with him. I visit him next week and I think he took a photo of it (with a broken back) I will try and post next week after a scan. I am more certain now that he was indeed posted to Broadway, again, i,ll mention it next week. I,ll also mention the desert camo turnaround replacements. regards Ian
  12. Steve, Many thanks for your prompt reply from N.Z. I will make a note of the books you mentioned. I also find it interesting that they could operate in these hidden away areas in the middle and far east with the basics to keep the aircraft "tip top". Quite often they were releived when they had a spare aircraft to "savage" unquote! and sometimes it was beneficial to not tell the pilots what was happening under the bonnet! as often it was make do and mend. All the lifting was by hand (wing lift and jack for wheelchanges), patching grass runways with rubble and soil, sitting on wings and tail wi
  13. Hello Russ, My Grandfather worked on this very Spit "FL D". He wrote "D" for Doreen (with pilots permission) for your information. He was with Sqd 81 Spits,Hurricanes & later Thunderbolts for their ground attack role in India/Burma. I could do with making that model... Best regards Ian
  14. Hello Gents, May I pick up the thread of your conversation (7th November 2011). My Granfather ( in law) has pointed out to me today that his name or signature "D.S.Hawkings" is written on the xmas menu in your post. He has just past 90yrs and is fit and healthy I can report to you all. In fact I have just last week taken him and his wife to RAF Coninsby to see the Spits - He loved it! He trained on Blenheims & Hurricanes in the UK (1941 training). After 6 mths he travelled (sailed vis cape horn) to Algiers and worked with Spits on Sqd 81 from Mk1v to mk10,s in North Afrika, Malta,Sicily,It
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