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  1. I have anEmirates 777-300er to finish putting the decals on before I start the BA788 but it shouldn't take to long to put the decals on it.
  2. I live about 45 miles southwest of New Orleans so I will definitely be making a plane spotting trip to watch one of the flights land. I'm excited that we're starting to get bigger planes over here. If you ever get a day or two in New Orleans let me know and we can meet up to planespot and drink a beer or two at one of the bars on Burbon St.
  3. Thank you guys so much. I'll be ordering the kit within the next few days so it'll be waiting for me once I return from work in mid April. I wish I could be there to watch it land.
  4. In honor of British Airways starting a non-stop flight to New Orleans again, I want to build a model of the first 787 to come to my hometown. It's expected to land today at around 7:15pm or 1915 in 24 military time. The problem is I can't find the registration number for the aircraft flying the route and I'm in Ohio for work so I can't drive to New Orleans to planespot the landing. If anyone in here could help me get the aircraft registration it would be greatly appreciated. The London-New Orleans flight number is BA225. Thanks in advance everyone.
  5. Thanks for the information Bootneck; and what a very nice build you have going there. I tried educraft's LC39 Launch Complex paper model and failed miserably at it. I tip my hat to you and anyone else who can build a paper model. I've taken a look on their website and found that they have different scales to the stairs. I intend to use them on the Fixed Service Structure. If you could tell me which stairs you used for your LUT it'd be greatly appreciated. The LVM set is WAYYYY to far fetched for me. I don't mind spending 100-150 USD for this kit but they want the same price just for that one
  6. Nice build you have going there Trojan. Do he produce Virgin Atlantic decals also?
  7. Does anyone on here know of of moulded stairs I can use to enhance this kit. Ive seen Plastruct's styrene stairs but I don't know if they would be to scale with the new Revell kit
  8. The axles are broken. Not all of them though. It's complicated because if I drilled out the axles I'd have to re-drill every axle. Two wheels on the same side of the left main landing gear broke off and two wheels on the front of the right main landing gear broke off. Along with the front landing gear snapping in half.
  9. Thanks for all the encouragement guys. The struts survived but the wheels didn't. I don't know what to use to soften the glue to where I can pull the struts out. -Tyler
  10. Bad news on this one guys/girls. While moving my model desk to another room she fell. The fuse and wings survived the fall but her landing gear didn't. After an hour of deliberations on what I was going to do with her; she's at a stand still until I can get her some more landing gear.
  11. Thank you for the link but I already ordered mine from Wonderland models. It was about the same price at £80-£85. It totaled out to be $130 USD. I also am bidding on one on ebay and it ends tomorrow which im currently the highest bidder. I want to try to get two kits. Maybe 3 if I'm lucky.
  12. I'm thinking of scratch building the MLP for this kit but if I do a true 1/144 scale MLP then the shuttle won't line up properly so I'll have to keep the same Revell MLP height the a true 1/144 length and width.
  13. Why are QF decals so hard to find. When I build my QF A380 last year it took what seemed like ages to find a set that was in stock.
  14. I don't mind doing a what if because I think it'll look pretty cool to see a Virgin Atlantic 747-8.
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