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  1. DR WHO is i think worse than ever,i stopped watching it a while ago and just catch a glimpse of it now and then,i will not be watching anything to do with the anniversary,instead i will wait with anticipation for the fan episodes of star trek phase 2,which is getting better and better.
  2. it apears that wh smiths are going to expand the model kit side of the business, but to what degree i dont know, lets keep our eyes peeled!
  3. i thought it was photographs of the real thing at goodwood or somewhere! it took my breath away.
  4. looked in at a very empty and quiet mz bromley today,on our way to do some food shopping,a bare and empty shop,not a nice sight.sadly i knew the upper management would do this eventually the day i walked in there and saw the staff being given r/c training i knew it spelt disaster......
  5. visited croydon mz yesterday and bromley mz for the last time today,bought a 1/72 airfix bf109 trop as a goodbye purchase,both shops looked pretty sad,staff cool though,rumour of a new shop in croydon opening,by who i do not know may just be a rumour, new model railway shop already open in sidcup,and doing very well by all accounts ,some old mz stock maybe sold on the old allders grounds in croydon,but most stock i believe will be resold to other shops.the end i suppose?.....
  6. went to coydon mz yesterday,and what as sad sight it was,kit floor shut and all stock upstairs, railway dept blocked off, and cabinets emptied ready to be sold very little in the way of kits to be seen its teir last day today i think, rumours continue that wh smith have bought the mz name,i dont know what to make of that tbh...i think remaining stock will be moved into the old allders store to be sold off.i will pop into bromley store today for the last time.
  7. keep it and buld it! i would sod what the collectors think! a kit is for building not hiding away in a collection collecting dust! besides it a classic.
  8. must confess ive got to get this kit,i would like a72nd one as space is a bit tight but this kit will do when funds allow ,its a amazing looking thing.
  9. been popping in regularly ,very little in way of kits and paint,closes on the 12th i believe.
  10. thanks for the info as i plan to do one of these soon,being a oob builder i will ignore the shape issues in certain areas, this looks acracking build by the way!
  11. this should be a long thread!
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