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  1. I'm not sure, I think to stay safe, I might stay clear Ok, how can I put more weight on the nose gear? And thanks for the advice, I will implement this. Did you mean Tony Bay decals you would prefer? I think I saw Twosix decals But I haven't made a purchase yet. British Airways have actually put an order for a number of these, to be precise 12. It looks amazing! It is a pretty big kit.
  2. I'd absolutely LOVE to do this!! Soooo much detail and colours in it!!
  3. Thanks everyone! Thanks Rob, I am using Revell little tin paints, Enamel paints I believe. The engines are sprayed in Revell Acrylic Model & Craft Hobby Spray and the colour for that is Midnight Blue - 15. The small tin I have is Humbrol Enamel Gloss - Number 15. Thanks everyone, this is a slow build as you will understand why when I do say my hello a little later today, actually studying to become a commercial pilot to fly one of these! The real one, wouldn't be able to fit in THIS one...
  4. Bit of a closer image, I really love the colour of these. Clean Aircraft! Next up, we have the engine front cowling bit's (Not sure what they are called, I should know!) But these are painted in silver, as referenced from photos. I was going to put a darker silver/grey half way through, again as referenced in pictures, but this will be very difficult to do.. I tried masking, it won't get straight, and also thought about dipping half of it in the paint but it may become quite thick.. So I'm passing on this and keeping it one colour: Closer up...: Now the huge number of wheels that were painted with absolute patience and precision. The way I painted these were to paint the inside hub part silver and then once dry, use a cocktail stick (Yes on each and every wheel, BOTH sides for 20 wheels) and dipping it in the black paint finely going around the tyre part of the wheel. After that I used a brush to get the rest of the tyre black. This took a long time but they look absolutely great!! This is the small structure that my dad made for me to make the paint dry when I had the idea of dipping it in the paint. I still have to finish building these wheels but they are ready to go, these wheel's and structure's are attached close to the wing root: And now, the finished Main Landing gear wheels! It does make me think that the ones on the real aircraft are really hugeee!! You can just see the brakes at the front of this image: And the front nose gear: The wing spraying is now finished, I'm keeping the leading edge slats the same colour as they pretty much look the same colour on a photo, I am really happy with how the colours have come out. The lighter grey is a simple light grey Tamiya primer, and did a perfect job, had to cut the masking tape to include the curve at the back of the wing as referenced from photos. The spray booth: The wings with the under coat, final colour: Hydraulic Actuator Covers for the flaps, again sprayed in the same colour: And the engines, now these are difficult, I've decided i'm spraying these as the paint runs up the small gaps by the masking tape, even though I am pressing it down. Spraying work's better! Here is the first blue bit of the new BA Livery I am now deciding to paint it in!
  5. My new paints! (Well some of them..) The workstation! With laptop for radio and facebook! My workstation again. And here we go, it's under way! The front nose wheel and wheel structure painting is complete and I have started work on the engine fan blades. I am planning on doing something special for the engines, stay tuned! Engine fan blades. First coat of white gloss spray paint on the fuselage. I have now put a light second coat on and will see how that got on tomorrow morning.
  6. Hi Guys, First post here I am in the process of making my first Proper model commercial airliner! In the past I have just put it together from the instructions, and slapped some paint on and hey presto.. it looked c*%$ So, I'm doing this properly now. I will leave a small 'Hello' in the introductions forums to say a bit about myself Many thanks, and I love the amount of commercial models on this forum! Especially loved the Airbus A330 conversion wheels! Couldn't stop looking at those last night! If I only I hadn't finished my wheels on this A380. Just to note, the kit is from Revell in 1:144 scale. It was a originally designed to be painted/decalled in the Airbus first flight livery, but I'm a huge fan of British Airways and they are taking delivery of theirs soon, so.. Why not paint it all BA! Enjoy! Always looking to learn and improve so I have lots of questions and queries, but please feel free to jump in and let me know what things can be done better. Thanks. So let me introduce you to the whale!... I went to my local modelling shop about 2 months ago now, to get these paints. I spent quite a long time in there and even took the model with me, the owner was very helpful and advised me to get these three paints: They are, 1x Silver (11) Humbrol Acrylic Spray Paint, 1x Aluminium (56) Humbrol Model & Craft Hobby Spray Acrylic and finally 1x White Gloss (22) Humbrol Acrylic Spray. Here are a few more pictures of the kit:
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