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  1. I've been away for quite a while Jockster unfortunately but I'll take a look at the Queen Mary 2 Kit, thanks!
  2. Has anyone made this at all?
  3. Great news this, have only just seen this! Would be awesome to get BA Cityflyer colours for it
  4. Hi Guys, I'd like to start this thread up again if possible, as I have been very very busy recently I have really not been able to finish this. I will explain... I'm currently training to become a commercial airline pilot. I have already completed all my 14 ATPL Exams, which were done in September of last year. After this I completed my hour-building and started on the Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME-IR), both of which I passed first time and now currently hold. I am now waiting for my MCC/JOC Course to start in mid June which I'm really looking forward
  5. Hi Guys, Sorry to bring up an old topic, but this is absolutely awesome MJBRAND787. I have actually started and stopped my BA A380 but I wish to start it up again. I was just wondering if you could answer a few questions I had: - How did you manage to paint/spray the back blue curve at the bottom of the A380? Viewed from underneath it does seem to curve together and I have struggled with this. Could you possibly lend some advice? - What did you do with the windows? Are they filled in at all or just left open? I see them as black in your pictures so I assume they have been filled in? Many t
  6. Hi Guys, Ok, I'm soooo sorry I haven't posted here for quite a while, my life has just been completely manic and it, the model, is still way off from being finished. At this moment in time, I haven't re-started work on it as I purely don't have the time now. However, I WILL finish it... But I really am not sure when and how long it's going to take me. My flying theory, learning and exams are priority at the moment along with all the other sorts of hobbies I am doing such as Photography, Music, Karting etc! Sorry guys but I think this one is going to be a bit of a wait but I really really ap
  7. Just what I was looking for, many thanks!
  8. I'd absolutely LOVE to do an Air Canada Boeing 777-300! I have a real nice Air France 777-300 (Gemini Jets I believe) small put together model at home which is my favourite but I want to make one, obviously it would probably involve a conversion which scares me.. alot!
  9. Another British Airways kit for me then, looks nice! I'll be racking up a nice BA Fleet soon!
  10. Hi Guys, Does anyone know of any good model shops in Cornwall please? Currently on holiday down here for 2 weeks as I have a holiday home down here and wouldn't mind popping along to one to see what they have in stock. Many thanks, Tristan
  11. Ok guys, small update, down on holiday in Cornwall at the moment and I've taken all my modelling stuff with me so: - Wings glued together and navlights, landing lights glued in place. Waiting for decals to be put on and engines finished. - Front nose cone fully sprayed and touched up, need to wait for the back now. Need some good advice please. The back under belly of the plane is blue and is round at the end. How would I mask this up with a nice curve? Here is a picture:
  12. Thankyou! I love doing my model stuff out this table, although this is the breakfast table where we have most meals, but as you said natural light and space is great, I do tidy and clean everything before meals though if it is on the table! I'm not sure my parents are happy with me modelling on their though, although my dad finished his McLaren Mercedes F1 car, will upload some pics in another thread, it looks amazing!! He was doing it on that table so I have an excuse! And I thought I was being slow! It is slow progress at the moment but this is my first proper model I'm doing 100% perfect
  13. UPDATE: Ok, so my decals arrived yesterday, they look really nice and I'm looking forward to getting them on the aircraft! I have now started with the blue paint on the fuselage, and so far it looks really nice.. Here are a few pictures: Also, I have now got the paint off two sides of my engines, really easy to do with oven cleaner, and came off with a simple scrub. These are ready to be re-sprayed, so I might do these soon.
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