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  1. foxmulder

    1/48 - Chengdu J-20 by Trumpeter - rumour

    The test built (pictures here) was for 1/72.
  2. foxmulder

    Falcon Heavy Success!

    ?? I think you are severely underestimating the design changes when three of the rockets are brought together in the Falcon Heavy design. That simultaneous landing of two boosters was a great success. It will be in historical documentaries regarding space travel in the future as the moment of 10 fold cost reduction. They overshoot Mars to showcase the reach of the system. their intention was never Mars orbit. The main objective of the mission was to qualify the Falcon Heavy & Falcon 9 second stage for long-coast missions like direct Geostationary Injections to allow the vehicles to compete for Department of Defence missions. Which was successful. Frankly until this launch I've always been skeptical of SpaceX but now I really think they deserve the hype.
  3. foxmulder

    Falcon Heavy Success!

    That simultaneous landing of the boosters was .............. EPIC. It was a historic moment.
  4. What is so horrible about the decals? As far as I can tell from the pictures above, I think they look okay.
  5. oh man, I wish this was 1/48. I've never heard this company do they do 1/48 models too? Maybe in the future..
  6. I understand, I was just being greedy I am a satisfied customer of GWH just excited about the future plans. Su-35 is an exceptional subject to choice so keep up the good work.
  7. Flanker family or completely new subjects? For the long term, are the guys down at GWH thinking about 5th generation planes at all? News are out about J-20 being introduced officially in PLAAF.
  8. For me, the fit was very good with one exception the nose cone. Nose cone had a significant step where it attached to the lower fusalage. So I would very much disagree that the fit is horrible. Far from it. Some parts click to each other. Flaps, one the most prone areas for fit problems, go together perfectly. Apart from the nose cone I did not use any putty. As I wrote earlier, instructions are bad but at the end I had nothing I could not have figured out.
  9. I agree but still the kinetic box can be developed. In my opinion a single box can easily cover J-15 with minimal additions. Kinetic offering does not have enough missiles for a fully loaded aircraft. Additional a2g weapons can be added. A better instructions can be drawn. All little stuff and not that much of a worthy endeavor but I will buy more Su-33/J-15s. If it is the same price with Kinetic I will consider.
  10. ?? What are you talking about Tiger?? I have just finished F-15J from GWH/pitroad and the fit is perfect with only but only one exception: I was not able place the exhaust/engine assemble flush to the fuselage. It was sticking out around 1-2mm . Now, I am not even sure this is a design error because I forgot to dryfit test it before I have brought whole fuselage together so maybe I did smt wrong with intake, I do not know. So, I solved it buy brute power: I cut the exhaust/engine assemble into two. First I attached the compressor face side to the end of the intake then the exhaust part to the end of the fuselage. This solved the problem. Other than this, the fit is literally perfect. I used zero putty. I almost felt some parts were not even require gluing, they were "click"ing to each other so well. With the exhausts you do not glue them anyway. They snug fit
  11. Apparently not by GWH, but original designers of Kinetic Su-33
  12. Su-33 is confirmed not to be in development by haneto at aRC. Apparently the render I shared was from the guys who originally designed the Kinetic Su-33. Now they are upgrading and trying release under another company name.... However, haneto hinted GWH will develop other flankers.
  13. Apparently, GWH is coming with a huge plan for flankers: Su-35 render: PLUS Su-33 render!!!
  14. They have habit of releasing many variants of the planes they produce so I expect many flankers from them.. Chinese, Indian more Russian .... Greedy