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  1. Does anyone know if a Swedish version of this kit is planned by the manufacturer?
  2. Thank you all! Graham you are correct. Many a project has been ruined by gorgeous resin that simply does not fit.
  3. I found a few photos of He.70Ks in Hungarian service 1938-1940, and they show a mottled scheme, particularly on the tail surfaces. I have found no such profile or drawing that shows such a scheme, and the wonder if it was an aberration? Thank you in advance for any information. (I have attached a wiki article- the mottled schemes are halfway down the article). Thank you again. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Heinkel_He_70_Blitz
  4. Neil I really enjoyed your build and finish, particularly the wing stripes. They appear to be painted on. The brake lines, bomb, ejection seat and details look realistic. Thank you for sharing this impressive kit!
  5. Beautiful!! I remember watching them as a kid, circling around my house.
  6. Hello, I am interested in adding some aftermarket details to my 1/48 late model Trumpeter Wyvern. I’ve read that the ejection seat is too small. Also I have read that the various resin is non-inspiring or better than the kit details. Can anyone suggest or recommend from experience the best aftermarket available for the kit? I am building it with wings down and campy open, brakes open. Many thanks!
  7. Greetings, I am interested in building a Hungarian He.70K in 1/48 and note that my options are limited to the Admiral He.70K, a discontinued kit. I’ve searched for them online for months with no luck. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where one might find one? Nothing on eBay for at all—thank you in advance. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/admiral-adm4801-heinkel-he70k-hungary-af--246955
  8. Do you think light sanding of panel lines would diminish the width?
  9. Hello gang, I am interested in building a photo reconnaissance version of the P-43 and was wondering if a dedicated photo recce version can be obtained with either the early version offering or the Chinese boxing? I understand that the first P-43’s were converted in the field with cameras but want to produce a “C” version. Thank you for any suggestions or response.
  10. Hello, I am trying to locate a dealer or seller of the EVA 1/48 Ca-133 resin kit. The company is EVA and all attempts to contact them through their Facebook page or suggested emails have gone unanswered. Any suggestions or advice for contacting this company are most welcome. Thank you. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235035166-148-caproni-ca133-resin-kit-by-eva-in-scale-kits-released/
  11. You have done wonders with a very basic scheme! Bravo! Did the Yugoslav Air Force operate MF’s, and if so, did they use the overal grey scheme? Sorry to high Jack the thread.
  12. I am thinking of full rockets plus the Eduard photo etch for the flaps. It may be a “project killer” and slightly inaccurate (flaps were seldom open) but looks amazing.
  13. Why was the opening of the gun bay such a chore? Did you use aftermarket? It looks great from here.
  14. Russ —beautiful kit!! Beautiful build and finish. As an aside, I built the navy version c.1989. At the time I used 12-15 shades of Gray to replicate the desert storm finish. Anyway, I stupidly displayed my A-7 conspicuously on a shelf in my condo, with several other kits. A disgruntled party-goer destroyed it and two other kits as she left a party! I will never forget her parting message, “look! Your planes can fly!” All the glue in the world could not put that SLUF back together again.
  15. I nearly fell off the bar stool when I saw this! Brilliant interpretation of hi speed silver! A hint of weathering along the main structure. Of all the Meteors I have seen in this scale, this one appears most realistic.
  16. There probably is no problem, just accuracy by Mars. The cowl covers are thin like the original whereas most kits feature thick cowls.
  17. Any problems in getting it to fit the nacelle? It’s simply beautiful in every way.
  18. Jurek! This is gorgeous. How did you get the subtle variation in the finish?? Looks real!! Did you add a resin engine? Thank you
  19. Wondering if the Koster “D” kit conversion would fit this “F”?
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