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  1. I was talking to an author about the lack of Korean War books and he said the emphasis is always on WW2. So it is with modeling, especially in the large scale four engine. Still no PB4Y-2 in 1/48; the 1/48 B-29 by Mongram is ancient. No RB-45C in 1/48 except for rare resin. No Yak-17UTI trainer or the ubiquitous Sea Otter in 1/48; the C-46 has yet to be kitted in 1/48; plus no variants of the TBM Avenger such as the TBM-3R or the TBM-3S ambulance. I still say that in the last few years we've seen some great Korean War kits in 1/48 including: Airfix Meteor; A&V Yak-11; Ark La-9/11; and the beautiful ICM PO-2.
  2. What amazes me is that it's a major USAF fighter with a notable combat career, a Mustang no less, yet has not been kitted in 1/48 except for a very obscure kit that no one can find in a store. Wondering what other Korean types have been ignored? Yak-9U?
  3. Must be one of Magna's better kits!! I love the paint and weathering!!
  4. Hello, Many years ago I chanced upon a photo of a F-17 Felix Swedish Airliner in China, 1945-1946, apparently evacuating Swedish missionaries from the fighting. Again it was a causal glance and I forgot the source. There is no record of any B-17 airliners in China, which compounds the problem for me, as I search through sources. Does anyone recall seeing the same, or one like it? Thank you for any leads.
  5. Wow just wow. This is truly impressive! I love the look of the bare metal canopy frame plus the green camouflage sticks out. Love the flaps. You done Bill Bosworth proud!
  6. This is so impressive on so many levels. The swing nose truly makes for an interesting subject.
  7. I already have the Kompledt Zip cockpit kit for another kit. Wondering if that resin would fit. Also does anyone know how to pre-order or who might be carrying it? Thank you.
  8. Love the gray colors. Which product and shade did you use?? Weathering is superb.
  9. Any girlfriend who cannot appreciate a 1/18 An-124 is no friend.
  10. Hello all, I am interested in converting a B-17 to a postwar Swedish airliner. My sources say that the fuselage was lengthened to accommodate passengers in the radar operator's compartment. In looking at photos it appears that the fuselage was lengthened somewhere near the wing root, but I am not sure exactly where, and now I am beginning to think the nose only was lengthened. Can anyone shed some light on this subject, or perhaps some online drawings? Thank you very much.
  11. A Tupolev Tu-14 jet bomber. Straight-wing brute.
  12. Hell@ all, I am interested in depicting a Su-33 fighter in a Syrian diorama setting. Is there an alternative to the medium blue/dark blue disruptive scheme as commonly used on the aircraft carrier? I love the plane but dislike the naval scheme. I am partial to the lighter colors of the Su-27 from the eighties. Thank you for your interest. https://www.ruptly.tv/es/videos/20161209-005-Syria---Hero-of-Russia--Matkovski-talks-military-life-aboard-the-Admiral-Kuznetsov
  13. Beautiful work!!! Rivets add so much!
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