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  1. Well done Fox. A difficult subject because of lack of reference material. And a difficult build because of a poor kit. Great job in the end, looks great.
  2. Thanks Louie. Not quite what im after though. Thats a cardpress model of the jackdaw when he gets it. My ultimate goal is a realistic model of its final iteration.
  3. Thanks for that brief concise answer Dave. Does anyone do a plastic kit of a brig? Thanks.
  4. The last couple of weeks ive been playing assassins creed black flag. Absolutely love the game. Since im not getting one of the collectors editions, i wanted to build my own model.Instead of doing a figure of Edward. I figured id do the Jackdaw. His ship. I need help identifying what kind of ship it is (Its claimed to be a brig, which is looks similar to, but, you know what computer games are like) The next step is identifying a good donor kit to start from. Heres a picture of the Jackdaw. Thanks for any help guys.
  5. Is this the kit that comes with the funny rigging jig? It has grooves that you run the string through, then glue and paint, then cut it out. Great job so far. Its making me want to try another tallship again.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place. Ive just ordered some fabric seatbelts for my 48 scale rhino. (Hase F-4E 1:48 30th anni) and i was wondering if anyone here has used them before? http://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/Photo-etched-parts/Photo-etched-set/Aircraft/1-48/F-4-seatbelts-grey-FABRIC-1-48.html The set comes with a fret of PE and another one of fabric. Im not sure what to expect when they arrive, but im looking forward to trying them out.
  7. http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/virtualtour/cockpits.asp Theres a B-36J near the bottom of the page. Might help with some of the interior stuff.
  8. Paulo. I mean this in the nicest way possible. There is something wrong with you. This is fantastic. First of the big birdies to get its wings yeah?
  9. Like this? This one looks like its been used for ejector seat trials.
  10. WIF battle damage? Got bounced by a couple of migs, missile took out the rotodome, migs got chased off. (i think about this too much lol)
  11. It seems fine, it managed to survive an earthquake with no serious damage. To give you an idea of how hair trigger it was, the gun in the nose cone and the aerial just behind the cockpit snapped off during previously mentioned earthquake, and now it wont sit on its nose gear.
  12. Nicley done. As for weight in the nose, i packed the radio operators compartment with lead and it was a hair trigger on the tail sitter.
  13. Self healing mats are AMAZEBALLS, however they dont smell all that great when new. Kinda like rubber. However ive had mine for several years now and despite turps being spilled on it (earthquake, unsecured jar of turps, melted model parts) and covered in paint, it still performs like new. If i had bought a newspaper every time a pad of it had worn out (through being sliced up etc) i would have spent more on unread newspapers than i spent on my mat. It pays for itself in no time flat.
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