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  1. One of the best Wips on this forum. So much information. So much care and attention to detail which has resulted in one of the best models I think I have ever seen. Bravo. I look forward to your next one.
  2. You have done an excellent job there. Lovely scheme and the travel system for the rotors looks spot on to me. Quick question in regards to the rotor frame. On the real deal are the clamps that attach to the rotors got rubber feet? I ask as I would think that if they weren't the rotors would be scuffed/scratched from them. Anyway I digress. A stunning example. Well done.
  3. That is stunning. What an excellent effect the blurred ground gives. Really very impressed.
  4. Oh, how a story paints a thousand pictures. Nice Hog too!
  5. That is a stunning harrier. A job well done my friend. What colour is the underside? It looks like a shade I'm needing for a stalled build. Great work.
  6. What an inspirational build. i can only dream of producing a model that looks that good. bravo.
  7. Wish i had a mistress that looked that good. actually. Wish i had a missus that looked that good. babe when you read this you look far far better in the flesh.
  8. I really like them mate. what i really like is that every aircraft looks "clean". Ie they look more like a navy bird should. short flight hours over long maintenance hours. (due to carrier landings) very nice. be great to see each one on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
  9. hi pal. I had this happen with Tamiya paint. the solution for me was to thin it to about 70 / 40. I also use revell aqua thinners. Running at 10psi i get a very fine mist that i can control by varying how far the trigger is set. hope this helps.
  10. that's perfect!! exactly what i have been searching for. thank you very very much. Loubo
  11. cheers, i already have that bookmarked as my main reference point. Just not sure of its accuracy. Not that, that's a major concern really. to be fair, if i can do the job half as good as that fellow I'll be happy. I've never done scratch building to that extent before. thanks for looking though. It's very much appreciated. Loubo
  12. hi folks. sorry for a potential thread jack, but i reckon I'm as well asking my question here as opposed to starting a new topic. So i recently bought the matchbox 1:32 sea venom from BushBrit66, and would like to display her being worked on. The info that i cant get is how does the nose open? Is it vertically or to the left or right? Also does any one have any photos or diagrams of the radar? Thanks for taking the time to read, and an advanced thank you for any help or advice. Loubo
  13. Stunning build. is it just me, that now wants to see her all buttoned up and sat at CAT1 ready for takeoff
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