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  1. hello all, i have been tinkering with this crane conversion for a couple of weeks now. this is a 1/72 trumpy sdkfz9 that i will convert into a sdkfz9/2 10t crane version. i have the wespe conversion kit for this, but when looking online you see a very different chassis. i tried to create this by using scale drawings found online in a french forum of a guy converting the 1/35 scale brother of this kit. i converted the dimensions and started cutting and glueing. by adding a different piece every day you can build up something quite imposing. i am now at a stage where i can begin implementing the wespe parts and also start using more of the trumpy kit : ) thanks for looking, jw
  2. super fininsh!! great photo's
  3. thank you for the nice comments!!
  4. hello, this is the trumpy 1/72 sdahn 116 hauling a broken dragon stug. all in all two neat kits for their scale. both are out of the box with only a tarp added to the stug from tissue paper and a barrel to the trailer. now onto the famo to complete the scene.... thanks for looking, jw
  5. hello all, almost ready with this one, some small weathering to do and some other small parts to attach. this started with a cmk 1/72 conversion kit and i used a trumpeter famo. then i found a post on an other website by mr ron lebert and i was seeing a lot of things in his build that were not in mine. so scratched the complete aft ammo locker and various other bits. also a revell 88 flak was ordered to replace the cmk one. so 6 months later, this is finally on the home stretch . here are some pictures, thanks for looking, jw
  6. i used mig ammo productions, dunkelgrau. this bottle was in the early german colors set. i first painted the dunkelgrau. then mixed in cremeweiss for highlights and drybrushed with 502 abt. light sand oil colour. hope this helps.
  7. hi all, first model of the year. this is the 1/72 roden flak vomag. quite a beast in size. it even dwarfs a panther tank.... must have been quite a sight seeing these roll by. thanks for looking!
  8. nope no improvements. when we are done constructing, its primor time and then i will hand it over the the mini-maestro for painting
  9. Hi doug, I am also doing this kit. I bought it with my son as his first model kit. The cockpit and main gear bay are very interesting to say the least ; ). Makes quick progress though. Happy modding, Jw
  10. top notch scratch building martin!! great job on the interior. keep it up
  11. got to love the tracker. there was one at my school. not in to good a shape from the inside but still looking like a tracker keep it up!! greetz jw
  12. What a great finish!! Inspiration for my me410!
  13. Hi chaddy, I went to the uml stores and continental hobbies when i was in hong kong last year. All great fun and value. Pls check following link for more info. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/thread.jspa?threadID=2056109 Have fun, Jw
  14. hello all, After looking at the help you all provided me with, i came up with this. Quite pleased with were i am now. Even if it took 3 times and a lot of swearing after the primor acted up. Some surface detail was lost due to that but now it is almost finished. Thanks ahain for your replies, jw
  15. What a nice finished model! I love the hangar backdrop. Is that a printed out backdrop? Jw
  16. Back with a bang i would say! Great paint job, i love the suble wheatering on the white area's. Jw
  17. Thank very much for the tips!! Will keep you informed of the endresult. Jw
  18. hello, i think i have reached a bit of a bump in the road here. i am currently finishing a me410 nachtbomber. problem is how do you attack weathering black area's? the lower fuselage is black, as are the lower wings. what is the best way to weather these black parts without making them light grey all toghether? i have reached the same problem on a p-61 that has now stalled aswell. hope to hear from you, jw
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