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  1. You could try emailing Harold( AMS resin), although he mainly sells via Sprue brothers, he has been known to cast additional stuff,he may also be able to tell you if he has, or is due to cast/ ship items to them soon. Don't forget to include the hyperlink/ description of the item in question.. hth
  2. There is an ACMI/ RAIDS in 1/32.... AMS resin..... available from Sprue brothers in USA
  3. Personally... I like it... a break from the norm... The author is a damed good modeller
  4. I wouldn't put too much stock in what that guy says... he's known for being a gas bag. ...
  5. In the blog #88, it states long nosers are planned... I doubt they will have any difficulty shifting them, all their Telford orders and extras went.... They also have quite a number of orders for the J already made for delivery next month, via Volks USA/ Japan Also, loads of others on other sites already are wanting to dump the Academy in favour of ZM....
  6. they will , as stated in the Old Man Blog.....produce all short nosed, S, being the next.. then C/D and E,F,G... Eventually, the Spey versions....
  7. If that is true, then more than likely Jeffrey may consider it as a future project... There was a Kent based shop advertising it, with NO PRICE, but wanted at least a30% deposit, before they had even got/ ordered it...
  8. not when you consider Hasegawa's last release of an FGR2 recently, topped £75.00 for a repeatedly reboxed old kit..
  9. The Merc will most likely have the new OM series lump combined with a 48volt system......( more to go wrong.....)
  10. Typical journalists.... The article is about the MH, the naval SEADRAGON, yet sports a picture of the CH, Superstallion.... Wish they'd get it right either way...
  11. for WEM, try Sovereign Hobbies,as, they acquired the rights when WEM quit the Uk
  12. The AMK upgrade will be die cast metal, so no worries..........
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