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  1. Oh my! That is spectacular. It has "difficult job" written all over it. Your persistence was well rewarded.
  2. Nice! I'm enjoying seeing some "nostalgia builds" of some of these older kits, building them just the way they are (nonexistent wheel wells and all). It looks good. I remember here in the U.S. Hawk did a simple 1/72 release of the prototype Javelin back in the mid 1950s. I enthusiastically rushed out to buy one after seeing one that one of my friends had - all of 98 cents back then . It was molded in top and bottom halves with the fuselage and wings all together and came in a square box with a painting of several Javelins (colored incorrectly in green and brown camouflage - like 1940 Spitfire Is) with air to air missiles attacking some Russian Tu16 Badger bombers. Like your Frog kit it had similar nonexistent wheel wells. Nostalgia, indeed.
  3. Challenges are what make modelling interesting. They let you take credit for a good build instead of the engineers who designed the mold. That's a good build. It came out really well and I like it.
  4. That will take quite a bit of work to rescue. I wonder if the patterns were cast from the old Aurora or Hawk kit from the early 50s. I was very lucky to get mine on ebay. The Collect-Aire kit was a rarity and usually topping out at auction on ebay at about $175. Then one day I looked and saw one on ebay being sold as a "buy it now" item for $99 rather than at auction and with free shipping as well. It took me about a second to have my mouse on the buy button.
  5. That is beautiful - a real airplane. And I think the images of it in flight look so convincing. Good work.
  6. Yes! That looks great. So clean. I really like seeing subjects like this that are off the beaten path. It makes me think of a dog coming into the house with a wing in its mouth. . Regarding the XF-90: a very advanced looking aircraft for the early jet age. It first flew in 1949. Its failure was probably due more to the inadequacy of the available engine technology at that early date in jet development. It was seriously underpowered. With perhaps another 4,000 pounds of thrust it could have been a useful airplane. This is mine, 1/48 Collect-Aire resin kit.
  7. Beautiful outcome on this one. Looks just right.
  8. Striking looking airplane. That was a great choice to make the prototype in bare metal instead of yet another camouflaged Beaufighter. Unique.
  9. Very nice. I like seeing these unusual subjects well done. That deep midnight blue looks great.
  10. First rate! P.S. I like it better with both wings extended.
  11. That's great. I love to see this kind of effort into making something unique that doesn't appear on everyone's display shelf. You look at that airframe and compare it with its competitor the B-52 and you see the past colliding with the future.
  12. Oh what an eyefull that is. It just melted my glasses. Looks stunning.
  13. That's a beautifully done model. Clean and subtle. I wonder if Lt. Niemeyer survived his experiences flying the Komet, every flight like playing Russian roulette.
  14. When I bring up a page with the listing of threads, the data that used to be on the right side about how many posts and who made the last post etc. is missing. Is this a feature or a bug or something I should perhaps have in my settings but have lost?
  15. What a beautiful model. Those postwar four engine airliners were a beautiful and elegant phase in aviation. Your model brings that back. Back in the dawn of time in the 1950s when my age was in single digits we lived only a few miles from the Lockheed plant and air terminal in Burbank, California. These airplanes, mostly DC-4 and 6s in United Airlines livery and more occasionally Constellations in TWA markings were an everyday sight and I never tired of twisting my neck upward to watch them fly overhead taking off or on their landing approaches, or of obsessively illustrating them in drawings and water color painting. My schoolmates used to tease me because no matter what I was drawing, even a house, there was an airplane in the background in the sky. We occasionally would go to a poultry farm on San Fernando Road in Burbank near the airport to buy a chicken and I never wanted to miss that excursion as it would take us past the airport and I would anxiously stare out of the car window hoping to get a glimpse of one of these airplanes on the ground at a closer distance so I could study their markings. Childhood memories from this beautifully done model.
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