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  1. Lovely work! The Academy 1/72 Hornet portfolio seems to go from strength to strength; I would be most interested in your opinion of the new(ish) E. I found it a bit strange that they went all 'EzeeKit' with that and the F, instead of building on the strengths of their more conventional legacy birds. Especially as the Hasegawa ones are roughly the same money! It certainly looks a treat built up, though.
  2. Very sweet -the bikes look amazing, even down to the rear mechs and bar ends. So much so, they kinda eclipse the ol' ute!
  3. Animated emojis...that we should have lived to see such things!
  4. ...or possibly a towering Spinal Tap guitarist? That is a seriously wonderful and inspired piece of work.
  5. I could tell you how much I agree with that sentiment, but the universe ain't gonna last that long...!
  6. Thanks very much for this useful reference!
  7. You're on fire, Sir! Afraid my modelling efforts amount to a damp squib at present... I never liked the 'buddy' layout of 2-hole Hunters, it ruined the aesthetics of a fine airframe for me. But the tandem arrangement -WAAAY better!
  8. Oh yeah -where was that again...?! I imagine Magnifico will be a CG effort -not an easy catch, since we all probably have a very definite idea what he should look like. And maybe the most interesting character in the trilogy?
  9. Coolio! Nice work on the angled wing-fold, looks a bit Demon-ic...
  10. I know exactly what you mean -apparently there are two more 'episodes' that are partly/mostly the work of Gentry Lee. I think they may lean heavily on some of Gene Wolfe's Book of The Long Sun for their scenaria. A desperate example of hope over experience, I still look forward to seeing what can be done with the Empire stories -of COURSE Seldon predicted it, like he predicted everything! Edit: Duh, got the wrong Sun there. Sorry.
  11. Well, I don't understand how my comments impact on anyone's enjoyment (or otherwise) of this show, but since expressing a valid opinion here has caused so much bile, and I obviously don't have enough crayons to proceed with this, thank you all for your 'contributions' -I'll leave it there.
  12. Goodness, such a deal of spleen! For your information, I knew fine well who David Tennant was long before he debuted as possibly the most irritating Doctor in the history of this show -that was when I stopped watching it, despite liking a lot of Tennant's work before and since. The other luminaries Smith and Baker I had not heard of previously, because I watch very little TV in any case, and cannot believe I missed much. My issue is with the current practice of UK television producers lazily hashing up a rep company of actors regardless of their ability to contribute to a story, shoving them into a sausage-making machine that squidges talented and untalented alike into a flat grey sludge and calling it entertainment. Sadly, the once great BBC leads the world in this. Still, it clearly works for some of us.
  13. I think you just proved my point. OK, there are one or two exceptions (Cribbins, Duncan, Hurt, Glen -oooh, that's four) in that long and honourable list, but...the Corporation's basic model of 'quality' programming is 'Stick Toby Jones in something'. The rest are mostly reasonably competent jobbing actors, but more than anything their purpose here appears to be as familiar 'faces' rather than their contributing very much to the programme. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but as the magic and inventiveness of the first ever series (I know, the rose-tint of monochrome history!) seem as far off as old money, cars with starter handles and Jubblies, it's sort of sad that today no-one can do a bit more fire and a bit less slush. Dear God, I suppose I'll be wanting 'The Wednesday Play' back next!
  14. Esteemed Wife had to tell me (four times...) who this actor is, and I'm still none the wiser. The trailer to which Dave Batt refers augurs further BBC bland-out. From its gob-smacking beginnings in the early '60s, this show has become a repository for thumbnail performances(?) of BBC 'talent', in case we forget what they look like. I imagine the odious likes of Giedroyc and Perkins, David Walliams, various de-frocked Eastenders and probably Michael Macintyre will be appearing at some point... Thin Gruel Ahead: Please Lower Your Expectations.
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