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  1. Odds are quite low, something along those lines was already hinted by Mr. Šulc in Czech forums where some people were speculating about a BoB limited edition kit(s). Translated quote (square parentheses provide context from the question that was being answered):
  2. In the editorial of the January issue of the Eduard Info it was mentioned that there won't be any rivets on the puttied parts of the wings, but the rest of the airframe will be riveted. There will be panel lines though as their opinion is that the borders of the surface panels were distinguishable. And if you don't share their opinion, you are free to fill them in
  3. I am not sure that the render is 1/72 scale kit. Mr. Šulc was asked "when will the time come for the Bf-109 family in 1/72 scale?" few days back in the Q&A thread at modelforum.cz and his answer was this (translated to English): "Regarding time, do you mean when we start constructing them or selling them? Construction will start this year and I would like to see them in stores next year, around the time of Eday. I don't know which version will come first, we will decide when the time comes." Then someone suggested to start with G-10 and Mr. Šulc replied that he is tempted to start with G-6/AS, but that's about all of the discussion. Edit: He also mentioned that E variants won't be included in this project, as they require more significant redesign.
  4. I asked about MFN specific parts twice, once in modelforum.cz Eduard Q&A thread and once personally at Fishbed kit launch event in Prague, and the answer in both cases was the same -- there won't be any MFN specific parts in plastic and they most likely will be done as additional resin and PE. Since MFN will only be released as Weekend Edition later this year, I really hope they will include the parts there too. Unlike the 1/48 scale version which had all the needed parts in plastic, the 1/72 scale kit is just a plain "grey" MF. On the other hand, even if they are not included, all the needed details can be scratchbuilt quite easily.
  5. It is not a Hauler/Brengun kit. He is just using Hauler services for etching the P/E parts.
  6. Really? Foker D.VII, MiG-21PF, MiG-21PFM, Z-37 Čmelák, VBŠ Kuňkadlo... Those are 1/72 new tool kits that should be released in some way this year. Bf-109K, Spitfire V, II, I... Those were already presented in September at Eday, either during the talk or even in pictures (renders).
  7. Miniwing has released a new tool 1/144 scale plastic injected kit of the Czech built Aero L-159 Alca advanced light attack aircraft. Currently used by the Czech Air Force, Iraqi Air Force (one of the key weapons during the battle of Mosul) and American red air contractor Draken International. It is available as the following releases, covering all the current users of the aircraft (also see the attached picture for profiles). Miniwing #323 - "Czech Air Force" special boxed edition. Contains plastic parts for one aircraft, PE with antennas and resin parts - 1x Plamen canon pod and 2x Mk.82, GBU-12 and AGM-65. This kit contains 4 decal options from various eras of L-159 service in the Czech Air Force. The remaining Miniwing releases are so called "budget editions". The the kit comes in a bag with instructions, decals for one aircraft and PE with antennas. Resin parts are not included: Miniwing #324 - "Iraqi Air Force" - L-159A no. 5605 of the No. 115 Squadron, Balad AFB. Miniwing #325 - "Czech Air Force" - L-159A no. 6054 of the 212th Tactical Squadron, Čáslav AFB (choice of two variations of the scheme from two different years). Miniwing #326 - "Grey Draken" - L-159E N258EM used by Draken International. Miniwing #327 - "Arctic Draken" - L-159E N159EM, the first L-159 delivered to Draken International and painted in "arctic aggressor" paint scheme. As I have cooperated with Miniwing on this release, providing not just the decals, but also the PE and most of the resin set design, I am also releasing two limited edition kits based on the Miniwing plastic, with special decal options and each also including the resin canon pod. JBr Model LE005 - "Prototype" - allows you to build the prototype used by the Aero Vodochody factory for flight testing and avionics and weapons integration. JBr Model LE006 - "Spitfire" - this edition includes decals for the 212th Tactical Squadron bird no. 6053 painted in RAF Spitfire paint scheme, commemorating the patron of the squadron, general František Peřina, the first Czechoslovak ace of the WWII and the fourth highest scoring Czechoslovak pilot of the WWII. This model can be build both in either the static display version (with full RAF insignia) or the in the regular duty marking (with incomplete RAF insignia and Czech lo-viz insignia).
  8. Well, it is authentic -- at least when it comes to Vietnamese side of the story... See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phạm_Tuân
  9. A bit more info from Mr. Šulc's post at modelforum.cz (translated from his post in Czech): "It will be released and manufactured by Eduard. We took over (bought) the design from another company, which had put the project on hold when Mr. Muzikant crossed his path with them with his one. The design was good and after small adjustments -- such as changes in the engraving technology -- the progress should be quite fast. If everything goes well, it should be available for the first time as an "entry ticket kit" for the modellers participating at next year's ModelBrno. If not, it will be at Eday."
  10. Actually the same question was posted by two different people at two different forums roughly at the same time. The answer in the IPMS Nymburk forum contains a little more info. 23.07.2018-23:16 - Vladimír Šulc Dotaz na Eduardy PFM a PF vydáme v průběhu příštího roku. Přesné termíny ještě nemáme určené. R a Bis budou pravděpodobně o rok později. We will release PFM and PF during the next year. Exact release dates are not yet determined. R and Bis will probably come the year after.
  11. PF, PFM and most likely R should be released very late next year, bis is supposed to eventually come too, but without any given time frame of release.
  12. There is no such thing as a Czech version of MiG-21MF (not counting in the MiG-21MFN, which was an upgrade carried out on 10 Gorky produced MFs in 1999/2000). The current Profipack (Interceptor) is a machine built in Gorky. Royal Class edition contains one set of sprues for each of both Gorky and Moscow (Znamya Truda) produced MFs. Znamya Truda MF Profipack will be released sometime during autumn, and will be labeled as Fighter-Bomber.
  13. I have one profipack and one OT set, both bought during a pre-sale event in one of the model stores in Prague (so most likely pieces from the initial production) and one OT set bought about a month later. When compared, the later OT set has less sink marks than the earlier bought kits. There still are small sink marks on the stabilizer, but wings are OK. There is one more thing you should be careful about though! Multiple people confirmed that the nose cone in their kit was not completely molded -- the tip was round, not pointy. One of the examples was actually shown at Facebook few days back, built by some modeller in the Malian markings. Fortunately all 3 kits I have are OK. Most likely it was an initial production issue and is now gone, but if you encounter this, I'd suggest to contact Eduard and ask for replacement.
  14. One built specimen is presented here - https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=119896
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