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  1. Thanks Cookie, glad you like it Thank you Ben, it was fiddly! Cheers Steve, much appreciated As for the glue, it really comes in handy when scratch building tiny little things; it sets almost immediately and cures in minutes. This heavily impacted my game, as I no longer need to wait hours to go back and refine/sand/polish those small plasticard details (the same applies to tiny little kit details, obvs ) Thanks Terry, you're too kind You definitely need to get one of these kits - I ordered the J and D too, just waiting for the D to be officially released and then I can have them dispatched from HLJ Ciao
  2. Well, in that case you are more than justified, I'd never walk upstairs just to snap WIP pics.... She's looking gorgeous in her flat coat Also, great to know you got a new job! (another move, though.... ) Ciao
  3. Great job on the Pave Penny pod and the struts, Bill! The HUD is fiddly, but it really sets the model off once done - keep going Ciao
  4. Cookie, this is looking: a. much bigger, like 1/48 b. sooooo good! I love it! My worth of advice on pics: since you are in a poor lighting condition, avoid white backgrounds - they "suck" all the light from the model. I know the white stuff is the paper you use to protect your bench (I do the same) and how annoying is to place the model somewhere else to take pics, but the difference in the final result is pretty evident. This is not intended as a criticism, obvs, it's just a suggestion to allow others (myself in the first place) to appreciate your work even more Ciao
  5. Wow, that was some update! Impeccable decals placing, and those windows rubbers look ace! I almost kinda like this chopper too... Ciao
  6. Thanks Johnny, much appreciated! Yeah, about time you resume modelling (I still have to restart working on my museum build myself, BTW ... ) Alright, here's another small update - actually, scratch building the IP coaming with its central console took quite some time. Anyway, here goes: The central square rod had been reworked/shaped, the side voids filled in with plasticard and CA, and the reflector mount added in the form of two 0.2mm plasticard supports. Most of the gluing was done with TeT Fast Setting, with some CA added later to strengthen the bond. I think I'm getting the hang of this glue: very useful for small bits, on which you can start working without having to wait overnight to cure. More: I noticed from some pics of the real thing that there's a prominent cable on top of the coaming, so I reproduced it using some very thin copper wire, glued in place with CA I had to somewhat simplify its path though, because dry fitting it in its proper position showed an interference with the windshield, near the front of the central console (being the clear part overscaled in thickness, as one would expect with injected canopies). BTW, I had to do a lot of dry fit for the coaming/IP/windshield ensemble to make sure they fit properly. In the end, I had to shave off a small part of the IP on the top right, and at the same time carve out some plastic from the corresponding inside part of the coaming (using a Dremel ball point grinding tool). To complete the front fuselage halves, all I needed was to add some more details to the sidewalls, in terms of the canopy opening mechanism. For the Hase kit I have PE parts from the Eduard set. I did consider to "copy" them in some way for the FM kit, but they looked way too flimsy (I'm even considering not using them for their intended kit) and I went with some plasticard support and brass pipe instead: They should hopefully look the part once the tub is in and it's all buttoned up Next, a base coat of Tamiya Flat Black, airbrushed Same for the IP coaming Since I was getting dangerously close to joining the front fuselage halves, I thought it was about time to glue the WSO IP in: I also glued the nose wheel bay in place, right underneath the tub: this was previously base coated with Tamiya Flat Black, followed by a top coat of Tamiya Flat White. You can see how FM molded a great deal of detail inside it, so much that I didn't feel the need to add anything, Detail painting will be conducted in due course. Well, that's it for this update, all comments welcome. Ciao
  7. No, I'm not. Tony, she's one beautiful black lady. Irish sundried tomatoes... for some reason, that sounds odd to my ears.... Ciao
  8. Hang in there , Alain - my prayers are with you and your father Toom underside looking super smooth Ciao
  9. Too late, I heard you! Are you trying to confuse me, Tony? (more than I already am, anyway.... ) Isn't that starboard? Lovely job with them PE, can't wait to see some paint going on. There, I said it Ciao
  10. That is splendid! (I never thought I'd say that of a helo, but man!) Ciao
  11. Brushed on? That's really interesting, I have to give it a try
  12. Very effective! What did you use to thin them, please? Ciao
  13. Great to know you're both good now, and that you are back at the bench with this! Interiors looking the biz! Ciao
  14. Heater's sounds like sage advice, Bill. I'm sure you'll sort it, anyway. Ciao
  15. Cheers Terry, thank you -glad you like it Thank you CC, much appreciated You definitely must, Simon Thank you I don't know if it counts, you tell me! However, if you squint, you should see a couple of red dots here and there.... Thanks Keith, its' good to be back at some modelling! Ciao
  16. Lovely greeblering going on here, Tony Smart thinking on the fuse wire, very effective Ciao
  17. I hate when paint lifts happen You seem to have managed them properly, though - this build is definitely still fun Ciao
  18. You tell him! (you know you are going to give in, eventually, don't you? ) Ciao
  19. Ah, that might be something I'm gonna nick for my HAF Phantom - clever job! Ciao
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