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  1. 18 hours ago, Navy Bird said:

    I did. They fit really well, and they have the 5 degree from vertical splay angle just about right. Since the Tomcat Sunset scheme has Light Gull Gray fins with White rudders, I didn't think there would be a need to hold them off until after painting the fins and adding the stickers. I think I've done all my Tomcats this way, even the all-black fins on my other VF-31 Felix bird.

    I was in fact wondering if FM engineered them like the F-4 fin, so that you can actually paint it separately and add it in only towards the end of the build (I don't think I'll do that in my build, but it's something FM devises)



  2. On 03/10/2021 at 14:19, TheBaron said:

    Out of curiosity, what brand of decal film do you use?

    Apologies for the late answer, Tony - it's Mr. Decal Paper, a UK company. I bought it based on reviews, but haven't tested it yet.


    BTW, glorious update (as usual)  :clap: :worthy::



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  3. On 26/09/2021 at 23:01, hendie said:

    Wonderful.update and some real craftsmanship on display G. 

    Cheers Alan, much appreciated! :thumbsup: 


    On 27/09/2021 at 12:19, keefr22 said:

    They're coming along really well G, lovely work as usual!



    Thanks Keith, glad you like them :thumbsup:


    On 27/09/2021 at 14:14, billn53 said:

    Great progress! I have three of the Fine Molds kits, and am taking notes on your build. 

    I'll soon own three too, 'cause a J and a D are on their way from Japan - must be some kind of disease...  :rofl: Glad if this can be of any help when you build yours :thumbsup: Which ones did you get?


    On 27/09/2021 at 16:20, Spookytooth said:

    Nice work there Giorgio sir.

    All coming along quite swell.



    Thanks Simon! :thumbsup: 


    Alright, apologies for the lack of updates but last WE I was busy with refurbishing some furniture at home, and I managed very little throughout the week too. Plus this WE I was at a nearby Model show and contest, so not much time for modelling (I did get a bronze for my Lightning T4 and a Special Prize for the Italian Stuka, BTW).


    Some progress on the Hasegawa cockpit happened, anyway, so here we go:


    I mentioned earlier in the build that I was going to use the spare WSO IP from the Finemolds kit for the Hasegawa model. It is slightly different in shape though (Hase left, FM right)




    I'm not referring to the top part, Hasegawa instructions would have you to reshape it just like the FM one; it's the bottom part, that would not fit properly inside the tub and would not conform to the PE parts, which are designed for Hasegawa. The bonus feature on the FM IP is on the back side:



    A lot easier to add cables and wires there. So I went for surgery once more:



    FM top IP glued onto Hasegawa bottom IP





    I then brush painted white on the back of the pre-printed acetate sheet with the IP bezels



    so that they'd show up like this



    and while still on their fret, I brush painted the PE IP parts with Lifecolor Dark Gull Grey, in lieu of the pre-painted nonsense grey supplied by Eduard 



    If you squint, you should see the difference between part 15 (original Eduard's offering) with the other brush painted grey bits on the left of the fret ( a protective gloss coat was also brushed on)


    I then glued the relevant PE parts directly on top of the acetate bits, using Tamiya Gloss Clear as glue and Gator's Grip along the edges, to secure the bond



    While those were curing, I airbrushed the tub with Tamiya Flat Black first, followed by Lifecolor Dark Gull Grey and a very thin layer of the same mixed with a bit of Lifecolor Light Gull Grey



    Same for the side walls





    and the IPs



    All sealed with a gloss clear coat, obviously. I then started gluing the PE bits on the IP



    They need some refining, but they should look the part once inside the tub.


    That's it for the day, all comments welcome



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  4. 20 hours ago, The Spadgent said:

    In other news Covid has come knocking over the past day or so

    I hope it goes away leaving you guys unscathed. It is a strange thing, though: back in March 2020, when the real virus outburst happened around here, I caught it; then my eldest daughter in a couple of day, immediately followed by my wife. We isolated the other two girls and they lived side by side for the following 15 days. Result: my youngest daughter caught it but without symptoms (we only found out months later because they had their blood tested), while my middle daughter didn't catch it at all, despite of direct contact.... :shrug: 


    Back to happier matters, your Pony looks gorgeous! :worthy:  :clap: :clap: 


    BTW, watch out for what @gingerbob says about the canopy, he's 100% right about the sliding canopy and how it sits when open. I did a quick search and apparently Tamiya and Eduard got that right (in 1/48th scale, at least) - I don't know about this big beast, though...


    Take care

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