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  1. hi there, thanks for posting your build, any chance of showing what marking options are included in the box?
  2. brilliant, i learn alot from you posts , but i would really like to know how you do the little spheres on your rigging, I have just received some ushi rigging in the mail today and will try soon
  3. Hi m8, have you seen these sets by begemot? http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/decals/beg/decal_beg_48004.shtml, I have no idea as to their quality though
  4. love the leading edge chipping, superb effort, & nice to see another returning to the hobby
  5. where was it?, maybe a mockup for C.T training
  6. This will be the main purchase of the year , cant wait, and theres a 1:48 ka-27 coming out to park next to it. The wife will frown many frowns this year.
  7. superb , as looking @ this has tempted me to see what else you have worked on, i was certainly not disappointed, your work is inspirational
  8. ty for the compliments paints were tamiya RAF colours , with homebrew chalk pastel sludge wash, post shading with tamiya smoke and chipping with humbrol metal cote, oil streaking with an old pot of citadel devlan mud wash
  9. Hi there Fourth build since returning to hobby and my first for the year, decals from the xtradecal sheet, masking tape seatbelts, whip aerial to be added @ later point. Thanks for looking
  10. nicely done I hope mine turns out as well as yours, I have yet to tackle doing aerial wire
  11. Oh I've just noticed this thread , will be following keenly. As a 10yr old I was allowed onboard with my scout group in 1988 in singapore, alas the only photo I have currently is this one I scanned from a book given to NZ forces personnel. I still have an ornate bell rope given to my dad made by a petty officer from Ark Royal. Would you happen to have any pics/info on the harrier parked on the ramp? I'd like to build one one day. I vaguely remember being allowed to clamber into the cockpit, or if not pretty close to it. They definitely resembled the images below but I'd like to build that specific aircraft on the ramp, I have the italieri 1:72 kit with 801 sqn markings in box.
  12. thank you ben_m, most definately getting this, looks like they've raised the bar
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