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  1. Hi all, I guess my question has two parts: firstly will thinners for artists' oils always dissolve enamels also? I had coated my Airfix Typhoon in Humbrol Satin Cote and left for 24h before I started to wash over the panel lines with thinned oils. In places the oils were a little heavy so I thought running a rag gently over with a little oil thinners would help... UH OH! The Satin dissolved into gooey globs all over. You know that awful moment when you think rubbing more will make it better but of course it just makes it worse. Sigh. Secondly, the satin was over 2 coats of future protecting the colours - if I try to take the whole satin/oil lot off will that be enough to stop the paint underneath getting damaged? What is best to use, white spirit/the oil thinners/something else? Many thanks, I'm desperately hoping this isn't terminal, I was really pleased with the paint up until this point...
  2. Brilliant! Great model, an unusual scheme and nicely done. I'm new to photographing too and have been taking mine in the garden but I think ironwork is right, the foliage tends to break up the model a bit and lose the detail so I'm going to try plain white backgrounds with some suitable lighting.
  3. You achieved that in Tamiya acrylics? With a brush? Bloody hell, I couldn't even get that paint to cover detail parts nicely, let alone a whole model! Hats off. I'd have gone back to the enamels for brush painting but you obviously are up to the challenge.
  4. It took that long for someone to come up with the goods. It's terribly clean on here
  5. I was just about to say the same - the slightly 'blotchy' effect of the top camo in particular is fab, it just lends the plane a brilliantly 3D look and no doubt mimics the way paint deteriorates very well. I also prefer the semi-gloss finish to a matt finish. What did you use for the brown weathering Spikelhund?
  6. Cheers. I kind of pinched your idea of the two-colour cockpit sides. It's a bit of a guessing game. In the end I thought the combo of green with silver (well humbrol 56 claims to be 'alu' but ends up looking a very drab grey colour) spaceframe tubes was pleasing to the eye, though the panel and sides had to be black from all I've seen. Had a bugger of a time with the gunsight - when the fuselage was pushed together it got crushed and didn't sit square. Repeated poking saw it eventually come unstuck and had to do some keyhole surgery through the spinner hole to re-glue it!
  7. Lovely. Ever since my dad told me he was once engaged as a small subcontractor on the TSR2 project - making landing gear parts I think - I have been fascinated by the plane. Shame history was against it probably even before it got airborne. Am I correct in thinking the white paint was a special compound in an attempt to minimise heating of the airframe (and crew) after a nuclear attack?
  8. Well this one was ten years in the making. I started it and then went to university, New Zealand etc. and only finished it last month! I must have had a very relaxed approach to sanding and filling back then as the seams are awful but I painted it up anyway. I did attempt a scratchbuilt engine rear/oil header in place of the incorrect 'dimply' wheel wells. Historical accuracy is out of the window - I had some EagleCals decals for a D-11/13 and I really liked the scheme so did it despite the kit being a D-9. Paints are all humbrol/xtracolor enamels and some oil wash, with white for the fabric control surfaces. Radio mast long broken off in storage and haven't bothered to replace it! The decals sheet reckoned top colours of Dunkelgrun and Grauviolett on the wings although I reckon that is rubbish considering the fuselage colours so went with Grauviolett and Lichtgrau. Feel free to correct my wild guesses! Thanks, Chris
  9. Thanks Rob. It is a lovely plane to do. Yours is 144th? That must be quite a challenge! I have no experience of dioramas but I guess you have to start somewhere and this is a good subject so I think I'll go for it. A few oil drums and ammo boxes etc...
  10. Bang on. The liberator's davis wing had a high loading which made it more difficult to control, especially with an engine out etc.. Besides which, the fortress is just more pleasing to look at which no doubt helped!
  11. Hi all, Have been following the other excellent Typhoon build and decided to have a crack at this ingenious little kit, even though I don't generally do 72nd. It's going to be standard except I've decided to keep one cannon bay fully open and the other with the door open just a crack as if left by a hurried ground crewman. Yet to decide how to achieve this exactly! Anyway, have got as far as cockpit done and fuselage together... The only problem so far has been a HUGE gap between the lover halves of the radiator cowl (last photo, with lots of filler). I couldn't decide if I'd just not got everything sitting right inside or if it's just that way regardless. Possibly should have left the flap out and the just cut the pins off it to fit later.
  12. Lovely! I am just about to post up the early stages of my build of this - I can guarantee it won't be as smart as yours! I was following your build closely (although before I became a member on here so couldn't post) and I'm quite relieved to see it go together well!
  13. Fantastic, if you hadn't mentioned the canopy fit I for one wouldn't have noticed. Makes me want to try a Mosquito in 8th AF PR colours with the bright red tail surfaces. Would never be as smart as this one though!
  14. Two days????!!!!! How on earth do you achieve that in two days, surely the paint has hardly dried haha! Brilliant.
  15. Oh and does anyone know where to get seatbelts for these? Would really help the cockpit a lot.
  16. Thanks. They're the kit decals all round including the dials, as I haven't built up a collection of aftremarket things yet, just concentrating on not ballsing up at the moment!! I was amazed how well they came out with enough solvaset and a dob of clearfix to make them shiny (doesn't really show in the photo, sigh) I really enjoyed the pit on this one as it's so huge and can be seen easily when built up. Used hairspray to chip the paint off, shows better in this pre-finished shot, as does my efforts at wiring...
  17. Lovely! Is the camouflage sprayed or painted? I like the 'frayed hard edges' but they look almost impossible to get with an airbrush...
  18. Out of interest, I have had a look at the 1/32 kit Hasegawa do vs this one and the cowl on each is definitely a different shape, the 1/48 is a more consistent curve to the nose whereas the 32nd kit is flatter and then curves more sharply close to the spinner. Hard to tell which is a better representation but I think the 48th kit is actually more pleasing visually. Views?
  19. Are those a couple of Matchbox B-26s in the back there? I did one of those as a kid and loved it (and I'm 'only' 28 )!
  20. Very nice job. The spinner and prop really make it!
  21. Thanks guys! Although I just noticed having found another (much smarter) build on here that I forgot to put the blue/red stripes on the landing gear doors! Back to the bench...
  22. Hi all, Just started modelling again after 10 years and this was the first kit I attempted from fresh (after finishing off a Tamiya FW190 D-9). It was a bit of an experiment in as many new techniques as I could cram in so it's fairly rough around the edges (not just the intended weathering)! No aftermarket bits besides some copper wires, a couple of sprue knobs in the cockpit and brake lines. Attempted homemade weighted tyres with the original wheels (never again!) and sawed the canopy apart. Apologies for the terrible outside photography. Any comments appreciated! Chris
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