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  1. Just started the Italeri kit, so this page was really interesting. The main thing I saw is just how shiny the black paint is that they used!
  2. I just spotted this thread as I'm starting on this kit after a break of about six years from modelling (amazing how persuasive being stuck at home can be). Probably not the easiest one to tackle but I figured if I screw up I won't be disappointed. I'm actually surprised how well the fuselage halves went together with all that gubbins inside!
  3. That is niiiiiice. I am normally bored by spitfires (in model form at least) but this really makes me want to go and buy one (in 1/32 of course...)
  4. Nice gannet! How does this kit compare to the Trumpeter one? I have that and I think I'll give it a go after seeing this!
  5. I feel your pain Filler, I've been having the same problem preshading with Humbrol matt black. The paint comes out spattery and it's almost impossible to get a thin line. I have tried thinning the paint to almost pure Humbrol thinners but I have an additional problem in that the brush WILL NOT respond consistently to the trigger position. It will mostly spray fine for about 2 secs then the paint flow will cut out. If I pull the trigger further I will get a huge spurt of paint and then a consistently large volume of paint. Thereafter it will be impossible to get a fine line, just bucket loads
  6. It's just the icing on the cake that the models turned out so well!. It's been said twenty times on here already but the difference between patience, perseverance and attachment to a creative pursuit, as opposed to the transitory gratification of computer games seems to me to be a salutory lesson in childhood development and therefore society as a whole. You evidently brung her up well sir, she'll go far no doubt!
  7. If it's any consolation, the cockpit on the Raiden is tremendously visible - it was on the 1/48 one I recently finished, thanks to a wide opening and large glasshouse. So in 1/32 the detail you are striving for will be well worth the effort!
  8. Nice, the DH. 2 is lovely especially! I haven't used EZ line before but it certainly looks the part.
  9. Let the attrition begin... only moved the damn thing 10 feet and already lost the aerial mast and broken an undercarriage leg! Glad I got the photos in early. Still that's modelling I guess, if you're like me you've broken most of the small parts at least once before you've even finished it and then it's downhill from there...
  10. Thanks Tbolt, that would be a real bonus! Shall I PM you with some details? I'm guessing the 'buffalo' was added later, Superscale must have ballsed up as their drawings had the invasion stripes and the reference photos I used were later that year, August. To be honest, I found the accuracy generally poor, the 'no step' flap panels were the wrong shape, the data was in an Arial kind of font instead of stencilled and mostly too big to fit on the access hatch whose contents it was describing! Thanks all for such kind words, it's really amazing to get positive comments from modellers who s
  11. So you noticed then I may get another set of decals and strip the noseart off with masking tape (hell, the fuselage bars came off easily enough) and replace them the right way round! Initially I did it on purpose as the decals had the word 'buffalo' prominently on the port side where it's clearly not in photos of the real plane. Didn't check whether they were 'handed' though and just assumed they'd view the same on either side!
  12. I guess I was swayed by the fact that every photo I could find of existing aircraft has silver oleo legs too. Do you know if they were finished in OD from the factory or left bare metal?
  13. I hope someone else does soon just to put me out of the misery of suspense! Also from pictures, the gear legs should maybe have been olive not silver but I must confess I went with what some other modellers had done...
  14. Haha, well the loose end is supposed to be 'hanging' over the top of the buckle but I think it needs to be bent more as I suppose the material was quite flexible. Will remedy if the superglue holds up! Also, it won't take long for people to notice but there is another glaring error in the finish but I haven't the heart to correct it (and I can't unless I get hold of a Tamiya kit of another set of decals...)
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