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  1. No, the drawing show the horizontal deheadreal of Mk.IF or VIF, not from version Bristol Beaufighter TF.X
  2. Hi folks, the Revell Beaufighter Mk. IF model has been in 1:48 scale for a long time. Now I've decided to build the part. I have a lot of publications in my collection. SAM: Beaufighter and AJpress # 74/75 Bristol Beaufighter Squadron-Publ. # 1153 I looked at a lot of this in photos. I have the feeling that the Revell tailplane is way too small. Can anybody confirm this? I applied this horizontal stabilizer to several drawings. What is wrong? Drawing or component?
  3. 1:48 from Revell and also too from Eduard? My shop in Berlin has a one website with same rollouts from me. The kit is standing there....
  4. Well, since Januar 2017 I invested many time in my project J1N1-S Gekko. Now it is ready to take off to our next kit event in September 2017 in Berlin-Schönefeld. This model is easy to built, the conversion is simple. Only the picture and drawing was strong to find. All infos to this fact found on this sources
  5. The last three kit parts can you see here, in the moment only the markings are not ready, also too the little parts in front of the model and the wing antenna wire. Then - thats all. I hope I havn't forgotten a important detail? Yes, the ground is not ready in the moment ...well- I have many times to the next kit event in berlin - 4. - 5. September 2017 ... :-)
  6. In the moment I#m allone at home. My girlfirnd is on visit in Poland t a Golf Event and so I have more time for my model kit. Since two days I work hard for next steps and I see the end of my working on horizont. Also too I have make a airfild area within 45 minutes. Some more time I will invest in this part next days.
  7. Sorry of my long delay. The reason is very important for me. I started a new life section. I have a new girlfriend, new obligations. So my kit modelling was only a second party. Well, I have make some new steps in my life and also to on my model - please lock and I make no more words
  8. selfmade airbrush Japanese hinomaru. No decals in use. Underside Hinomaru
  9. In the moment I do think about the fuselage aerial. I must modifiy this part. I t is not correct in the monent, but I have a fine idea ....
  10. Well, after a long wait now I have make my next color work. The sun is shining and I have a good feeling today. In the morning I have prepared the canopy parts and now the complete kit with first navy green (one picture in sun shin and one in flash ligth)
  11. Thanks guys for your replys At the moment I am quite sick, an influenza prevents me from building. Next week more! with some litte modification I think these kit is a good basic: And also to I know this type from Revel (1972)
  12. My model is standing on own feets now. The canopy is absolutly very well fitting -WOW Same little parts for main wheels are ready colored, also too the axilary tanks.
  13. Fuselage antenna wire was made with copper wire, small self made plastic tube and cyanoacrylate
  14. I was surprised, the model is very large. It is greater as Bf 110 and has the same size as a Ju 88 -WOW All Tamiya-parts very good fitting. I have in my collection a engine set from CMK - very expansivly (only 39,95 € ). But I think the real money value is only 9,95€ It is absolutly bullsh....! But I will show here these poor quality and fit and what you can make better! Only the cockpit parts in progress! My own wing fuel tank is made with two plastiksheets, plastic spacers on all 4 corners a
  15. My latest kit model Ki-84 is not finished yet, but I'm already building a new model. Since many times I'm interesting on Nippon WWII Figthers. And also to on night fighters of all airforces. My kit collection has all three Tamiya-Kis from J1N1-S (early ans late versions) Nice parts are in the boxes. But I must building a slightly modified model. In my handbibliothek I have found some interesting foto copies. I the first moment I can't identified these. A US-GI was standing in front of a Nippon night fighter with his inch rule. Well, it was not so interesting, but I ask
  16. After a little delay my model is ready for take off. Now I must prepare only a snow ground and some little extern accessoires. But I don't know I can end these work in this year ....
  17. Well, my model Yak.1 is to be almost finished. Only exhaust pipes are missing. This is not a beginner model kit - this is sure! Many mistakes I found in the contruction description. Therefore it is not easy to built this model without pictures and technical literature. Otherwise this is the only model kit of early Yak-1 series. My second kit I will built as pre series model. In my collection I have two kits from Accurate Miniature Yak-1. These kits are to 1998 and these also too has many mistakes.
  18. The model stands out from its own chassis now. I use sanding pad for that, then the chassis is safe and small corrections are possible!
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