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  1. ironwork

    Panther SchmalTurm

    More blending for a graded effect is also added to the large soldered areas of hull and turret. An here we are now
  2. ironwork

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Thank you Guys @ Simon : oh….what a surprise… Subtle streaks added on sloped sides. Somewhat like the oil-dot technique, but on smaller areas, because although these paints dry slower than acrylics, they are faster than oils. For the blending I used a water-wet brush, this way the gradations have a sharper streaked effect.
  3. ironwork

    Panther SchmalTurm

    The same paints are used for subtle drybrushing, further altering the Whole
  4. ironwork

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Some steps ahead compared to so cal acrylics. P.ex. because they're really water-only paints, or because they're also blendable.
  5. ironwork

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Now it's time to differentiate some areas, applying different methods : - directly covering the base paint of engine plate, mufflers… with thin coats of altered tones. - altering some spots thorugh a wet on dry blending of other tones over the base paint - blending wet on wet different tones Therefore, the same paint used for painting, takes place of oils into the weathering process.
  6. ironwork

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Thank you Soeren Now a very light coat of some different mixes of minium. And metal on some smaller parts. This model should represent a what if panther, hurried up to the battlefield directly from the building plant.
  7. ironwork

    Panther SchmalTurm

    Wheel hidden sides are now painted with a thin layer of minium Now the whole wheel assembly is turned turtle, and the outer sides are primed with Chromatic Primer, together with hull.
  8. Hi all Sirs, here my latest cat in progress. An old 1/35 Dragon reference built from the box, so let's go straight to painting. At first, a dark priming to all inner wheels side and hull spots
  9. ironwork

    M4 Sherman - painting & weathering

    Hi Guys, and thank you for resurrecting this old topic @Ripaman : did you see the P & W free course ?
  10. ironwork

    ME 109 E4n - Airfix 1/72

    Thank you much Guys. Some more pics. This kit availed me to win a master gold prize at the Italeri event in Bologna. (being awarded by the commander of 6th Squadron of Ghedi, flying on tornado planes, is not a daily business...)
  11. ironwork

    ME 109 E4n - Airfix 1/72

    Some pictures of the finished tiny beast
  12. ironwork

    ME 109 E4n - Airfix 1/72

    The very last effect is some oil leaks from the engine. Given the need for subtlety, a filter & wash, black tone, was used.
  13. ironwork

    ME 109 E4n - Airfix 1/72

    The last "shape enhance" actions are made with cold ageing filter, subtle touches into some recesses and wing joints
  14. ironwork

    ME 109 E4n - Airfix 1/72

    The thickened light grey mix is spread and feathered over gun bulges, radiator edges and so on to add shape. And thin touches of the samre paint to subtlely simulate scratches.
  15. ironwork

    ME 109 E4n - Airfix 1/72

    The light grey mix instead, is used to mark some detail edges, thus adding to shape.