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  1. Very nice! And the Dagger in the link provided by luis pacheco as well! I'm really starting to like the shape of the Mirage III-family. Perhaps I'm gonna get two kits, the Mirage III E from PJ to get the ladder and make a FAA Mirage III EA, AND the Dagger from HPM! Thanks for all the good info guys!
  2. Nice! Very nice! :-) Don't need any extra resin parts and great to get the right decals right away. But it would be nice to get the photo etch ladder provided in the PJ kits. I'll have some serious thinking to do...
  3. Great, thanks Giorgio N! When I look at sprue scans on the III E and V BA both kits have choices of noses, with at least one example with the pitot tube mounted lower. I guess it's there for use in a Nesher/Dagger? Or are there other versions with lower pitot tube but were the nose is noteably different from the Dagger? Good picture of sprue in here: http://www.hyperscale.com/2012/reviews/kits/pj72020previewbg_1.htm /Jesse
  4. Hello all, my first post at this great forum! Maybe this has been discussed before, but I didn't really find exactly the answer I wan't from prevoius threads. I want to do an Argentinian Dagger A during the Falklands/Malvinas war in 1/72. I plan on getting the PJ Productions injection molded Mirage III E or Mirage V BA/BR. I know the Dagger/Nesher is a copy of Mirage V, but how similar are Mirage IIIE and Mirage V BA/BR? So the main question, if I want to do an Argentinian Dagger in 1/72, is it best to buy the PJ Productions Mirage IIIE kit or Mirage V BA/BR? Are there any differences in the
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